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Introspectives #14

For a long while, I was content with JPGs as the given for photo format until recently when I switched to shoot in RAW & JPG, whereby I can now see the limitations of the JPG parameters and enjoy the scope for ‘developing’ the RAW files in the way I envisage their final result. 300 more words


RAW vs JPEG (JPG) – The Ultimate Visual Guide

Shooting RAW vs JPEG is a question that every photographer faces at some point. There are many articles out there that cover the topic from the basics of size and quality, to all of the advanced technical details regarding color bits per channel, compression, firmware DCT processing, etc. 8 more words

Kapan sebaiknya kita memakai file RAW?

Di kamera digital sering ditemui pilihan untuk memilih format RAW, alias file asli keluaran dari sensor. Beda dengan file JPG, kalau file RAW ini apa adanya data dari sensor, belum mengalami proses pengolahan apapun sehingga masih perlu diolah lagi di komputer menjadi file lain. 491 more words

Kamera Digital


* Instructions *

Max 10 pages of PDF files to images Gig.
Several pages of PDF files with extra carriage! Contact me with any questions you have before ordering… 55 more words


Spesifikasi dan fitur kamera yang perlu anda ketahui

Sensor dan megapiksel

Sejak dahulu, prinsip kerja kamera yang paling mendasar tetaplah sama, yaitu membentuk gambar/foto/image dengan menggunakan bidang peka cahaya yang bernama sensor gambar (dahulu media yang dipakai adalah film).   918 more words

Kamera Digital

Jean Paul Gaultier: Random Faves


I find myself remembering visiting the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris, for those of you there now please go and visit, you won’t regret it! 98 more words

Carpe Diem

Seize the Day with this neat stitchery from Maike’s Hobby Blog. Here is the direct link to the original article here.  She has mounted it in a quilt block.   57 more words

Cross Stitch