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Hello 036 Summer Students!

  • “Laney College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex or sexual orientation, marital or veterans status, national origin, or disability.”
  • Welcome 036 students.
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How to crop a raster image selection in Illustrator

Sometimes only a small portion of an artwork or photo image is desired. This works great in cropping a small portion of a photo to remove all the excess photo that comes with clipping masks.This method has a few steps, but it is good to know.  107 more words

How To Work With Adobe Illustrator

Pen-F does Keystone Compensation

Funny isn’t it, how our brain interprets what we see, but a photograph needs some help? When we look upwards at a tall building, the top is further away than the bottom, so appears smaller, but our brain compensates for this, and it all looks ok.   421 more words


Lessons in photography: RAW versus JPG

I have stressed the idea of shooting raw-files rather than jpgs in my first article in the section “Lessons of photography” already. And you might have heard this over and over again from others as well, if you are still shooting jpg. 686 more words


Photo Fail at the Taj Mahal

I recently visited the Taj Mahal. One of the most breathtaking moments is when we enter the monument complex via the entry gate. Till we enter through the gate, the Taj is not visible due to its walls. 175 more words


Tips to Improve your Efficiency Online

With the help of the Internet people all over the world can easily keep in touch as well as streamline their everyday routine task. Still there are some points that have to be considered while working on web sources. 417 more words

[ESSAYS, ARTICLES, BOOK EXCERPTS ] Indian Middle Class Subjectivity post 1947

Select Pages / Book Review by Frank F. Conlon of Henrike Donner (Ed.). Being Middle Class in India: A Way of Life. New York: Routledge, 2011 in Journal of International and Global Studies Volume 5, Number 2… 2,607 more words