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Ailee – SAKURA

Ailee – SAKURA
“SAKURA” es un single digital publicado por la cantante Surcoreana Ailee, es un cover de la emblematica canción de la mitica banda ikimonogakari. 454 more words


Ladybeard makes music debut as lead member of pop idol trio Ladybaby (no, seriously!)

Oh, Ladybeard. Your antics have given us so much joy over the years here at RocketNews24. Who could forget the time you gracefully modelled the boob shirt… 256 more words


To the Songs That I Love

Dear Songs that I Love,

I have terrible tastes when it comes to music. I probably fell for you just because you have a… 387 more words

This Post Shall Invite Snide Remarks Of Ridicule

Improving Japanese with Music + Lyrics

アカイト 歌ってみた【りぶ】 

AKaito “RED THREAD” by Singing Rib

What better practice when learning a new language than listening to music? I´m sure everyone will agree it´s a fun and great method to improve our listening skills (especially in terms of accents and new vocabulary.) I found this song when listening to my… 257 more words