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Change - ONE OK ROCK

I’m taking a short break from K-POP. Here’s ONE OK ROCK’s new music video. It’s less rock but still cool.


Song Review: Da Pump - U.S.A.

I love a good comeback. And I don’t mean “comeback” in the new promotional cycle sense (though I obviously love those, too). I mean an honest to goodness resurgence in popularity after years of increased obscurity. 313 more words


Ogata Haruna Graduates from Morning Musume '18

Today Ogata Haruna of Morning Musume’s 12th generation graduates. it’s rare that I write about a girl graduating H!P but I thought Haa-chin deserved it. 465 more words


Hello Project Song Ranking (Jan-June 2018)

Can you believe that it is already June! Half the year has already flown by! We have already received new singles from each active Hello Project group, excluding Country Girl, and the two new groups set to debut later this year. 122 more words


Kenshuusei Debuts: New Group Members Announced!

There has been a lot going on in the Hello Project world lately. One of the most significant announcements relates the two mysterious groups set to debut later this year. 445 more words


Inaba Manaka Joins Juice=Juice

This was probably the biggest and most shocking news recently in the Hello Project world. Yes, you read the title right. Inaba Manaka, a former Country Girls member, is the newest member of Juice=Juice! 555 more words


フェアリーズ (Fairies) – 恋のロードショー (Koi no Roadshow)

Inoue Rikako | Nomoto Sora | Ito Momoka | Hayashida Mahiro | Shimomura Miki

RONGU RAN kettei
Miren kokoro

Kyuu ni shoudaku yoginaku sareta… 316 more words

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