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K-pop vs. J-pop


wooh! i heard this news that JAPAN ENTERTAINMENT S want’s to beat k-pop star. it’s look like japanese stars wants to be famous like k-pop stars. 84 more words

Bleach Opening 3 (Ichirin No Hana) (Rewritten In My OWN English Lyrics)

You’re no different than I thought before.
You’re no better and…I don’t know if I can take anymore.
You’ve betrayed me once again, I’ve abandoned my soul, because I’ve given up on love. 360 more words


Bleach Ending 7 (AKG) (Rewritten in my own English lyrics by me)

Now what have I got left, that’s in this vast emptiness of me.
Run away.

Trying to run away my legs get so tangled and I fall, I gotta get up. 345 more words


How Crazy (YUI) (Rewritten in my own English lyrics by me)

I’m feel like I can read the thoughts of everyone I see.
People turn around to stop and stare at me. I can see the pity deep inside their eyes (its gone quiet) 629 more words


I Remember You (YUI)(Rewritten In My OWN English Lyrics)

I wish I knew how to say the words I have to.
But it’s not that simple for me to just go living on.
The smell of fresh air, reminds me why I’m here, but is there any point in living without your loving? 398 more words


Tonight (YUI) Rewritten In My OWN English Lyrics

I can’t believe a word out of your mouth.
A lie!
A lie!
A lie!
Honesty is not your strong point.
A lie!
A lie! 310 more words