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Rocking Out with Babymetal

This past July my roommate and I drove down to Seattle to see the J-pop band Babymetal. We had literally about 8 hours in Seattle, and we made the most of it. 510 more words

8Tracks Playlist: Japanese Favorite

There are lots of Japanese performers I enjoy, but often, it is nearly impossible to buy (unless you are willing to pay for overpriced CDs and overseas shipping) even watching the videos online can be difficult as many are region blocked. 403 more words

내 이름은 샘입니다

(inb4 “ur a Koreaboo”– I have a Korean minor, studied the language for 3 years. Doesn’t mean much, but it’s something!)

(Pictured: Myself and my kick ass KCON team, posing for our hand-made photo booth) 305 more words

First Post

Namie Amuro – Dear Diary / Fighter | Album Review | Music News

Japan’s longest running pop star, Namie Amuro, (hence the word Pop star, not singer… check!) is set to release her single from the Death Note movie, … 590 more words

Music Review

Utada Hikaru – Fantome (2016) | Album Reviews

She’s back… Utada Hikaru. The iconic Japanese–American songstress, composer, producer, and vocalist. It’s fair to slip her into all of these roles because, whether you do it on and off as a musician, Ms. 660 more words

Album Reviews


This is it, y’all. This is the review I was born to write. Following a lengthy hiatus, Utada Hikaru is finally back. Ever since the final moments of her… 1,155 more words


Throwback Tuesday (J-POP Edition)

Every Tuesday I will post some of my favourite Japanese songs from the past! 18 more words