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Gymnocalycium parvulum JPR 92-108/258

Gymnocalycium parvulum JPR 92-108/258

Argentina: Mina Clavero, Cordoba, 800m 19 more words


Culture week - Just for Laughs


Montreal is a beautiful city as many people know. It has a vibrant culture and so much diversity. But did you know Montreal is also one of the funniest cities in Canada? 163 more words


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My favorite song I’ve discovered recently, is from Jpr a progressive house Dj who is on the cusp of doing some great things in this year. 87 more words

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. chubutense JPR 92-62/142

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. chubutense JPR 92-62/142 *

Argentina: Trelew to Gaiman, Chubut, 100m

* Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. chubutense (Spegazzini) Papsch 1996 = Gymnocalycium chubutense (Spegazzini) Spegazzini 1925 17 more words

2.1. Gymnocalycium - Gymnocalycia (aka Ovatiseminea)