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My Ukulele Collection!

UKULELE COLLECTION – Find out what ukulele’s I own and which are my favourite’s to play!

Ukulele Videos:

As you may have noticed, a lot of my videos feature a ukulele – but a lot of different ukulele’s have appeared in my videos over the years! 49 more words


PERFECT SUMMER DAY - Official Music Video!

Here’s the Official Music Video for my song Perfect Summer Day!

More Music Videos:

Hey guys, I’m very pleased to be able to present to you my new music video! 116 more words


Gymnocalycium morroense JPR 92-100/238

Gymnocalycium morroense JPR 92-100/238

Argentina: Sierra del Morro, La Morena, Córdoba 34 more words


Just for Laughs Festival 2017

Every year in July, there is the Just for Laughs Festival (Juste pour Rire) that happens in Montreal. This year was the 35th anniversary and coincidentally I had come to the amazing event back in 2012! 481 more words


Gymnocalycium nataliae JPR 625/2146

Gymnocalycium nataliae JPR 625/2146 *

Argentina: West of La Sola, San Luis, 950m

* JPR 625/2146 = RER 195 17 more words

2.1. Gymnocalycium - Gymnocalycia (aka Ovatiseminea)

BEYOND THE SEA - Ukulele Cover

Beyond The Sea is classic song that continues to stand the test of time so what could be better than taking an epic swing big band song and recording a ukulele cover of it in front of the sea. 77 more words