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Miners' Days Wrap-Up

by Yaz Shanndar

(Quantar Core)  Crews are still cleaning up in Quantar Core after the completion, yesterday, of the three-day Miners’ Days Festival.  The festival had a schedule filled with activities and events — and a list of awards that was just as long. 178 more words


Projected Revision Stats

Three weeks ago tonight, I received an edit letter outlining all the major (and minor) changes I needed to be thinking about as I revise my YA novel. 128 more words


Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum v. brachypetalum JPR 92-25/64

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum v. brachypetalum JPR 92-25/64 *

Argentina: General Conesa, Route 53, Rio Negro, 100m

* Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum var. brachypetalum (Speg.) Papsch 1996 = Gymnocalycium gibbosum var. 23 more words

2.1. Gymnocalycium - Gymnocalycia (aka Ovatiseminea)

Gymnocalycium parvulum JPR 597/2053

Gymnocalycium parvulum JPR 597/2053

Argentina: Balneario Abuela Tereza, Córdoba, 1263m 16 more words


Gymnocalycium parvulum JPR 461/2067

Gymnocalycium parvulum JPR 461/2067

Argentina: Niña Paula, Córdoba, 1227m 16 more words



A new poem now on Blue of Noon

And I am very pleased that the new poems I have written exploring the Statheron and the Palimpsest can be found here: 84 more words