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Bootstrap Tab Active On Hover

/*   $(‘.work-flow-navigation li > a’).on(‘hover’, function () {

JQuery Plugins

jQuery plugin for YouTube Video ( jquery.poptrox )

A lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery

Adds lightbox galleries to jQuery. Heavily customizable, easy to use, and built to support images, videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove), Soundcloud tracks, IFRAMEs, and AJAX content. 68 more words

Web Designing

Author's Note: HTML5 Streetmaps

“A good programmer looks for ways to create ‘layers of abstraction’ that hide the complexity of the lower layers of a given software language or library…a better programmer eliminates the need for programming altogether.” … 210 more words


Just Released! HTML5 Streetmaps

Check out my latest script – HTML5 Streetmaps – available NOW at codecanyon.net! Click here!

What is HTML5 Street Maps?

This easy to use library allows non-programmers (and programmers alike) to create a wide variety of customized streetmaps using straight HTML (no javascript coding necessary!) Create custom streatmaps with the following mapbox/leaflet built-in features: 53 more words


jQuery Ajax

XMLHttpRequest: example

ActiveX for IE5 and IE6: code

XMLHttpRequest Object: Methods & Properties

Call Ajax:

  • $.ajax(url[, setting])
$('.confirmation').on('click', 'button', function() {
  $.ajax('url', { 
    success: function(response) { 
    data: {"confNum": 1234 / $(".ticket").data("confNum") },
    error: function(request, errorType, errorMessage) {
      alert("Error:" + errorType + "with message:" + errorMessage);
    timeout: 3000,
    beforeSend: function() { ... 389 more words