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Rounded Button for jQuery ColorPicker


In this blog, we will explore the trick to replace the default square ColorPicker Button with a rounded one.


One recent requirement lead to this research, where rounded button was needed instead of the default square one. 824 more words


Web development #6: Getting interactive with JavaScript

We’ve come pretty far by now! We’re almost there actually. After reading this post you should be able to create pretty awesome websites using the full web development stack! 2,944 more words


Angular Sortable Dynamic Collection

Here’s an example of a sortable (ui-sortable) on a dynamic collection that I’ve worked out. I’ve wrapped this in a custom directive for a collection of widgets that can be re-ordered. 396 more words


A custom datepicker tag for Grails based on jQuery-UI

When designing input forms within a Grails application it is sometimes necessary to handle dates. Grails offers a specific tag that one can use in a GSP page to handle dates: … 217 more words

Object JavaScript – Building Stateful jQuery UI Plugin Using Widget Factory

In this post, you will learn step-by-step to build your own custom, reusable, testable jQuery UI widget.

You will extend the jQuery library with custom UI code and then use it on a page. 1,052 more words


Day 44 - Write or Else

A wonderful little page called Write or Die by Doctor Evil has saved me countless times. I’ve used it when trying to rush a rough draft for an essay, brainstorm, and to win… 192 more words


Object JavaScript – Code Walkthrough of a jQuery UI Widget

In the last post, Building Stateful jQuery UI Plugin Using Widget Factory, you were introduced to the working structure of jQuery UI Widgets. You learned that it uses the… 1,686 more words