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ASP.NET Repeater with jQuery Dialog Popup : Reading Data from a WebMethod


This blog will take you through the steps to call a simple WebMethod to get the details of one record shown on a Repeater and show the retrieved details on jQuery Dialog popup. 754 more words


Autocomplete textbox with JavaScript CSOM

I have searched on the internet about how to create an auto-complete functionality in SharePoint. Of course, jQuery UI was the solution with an Ajax request to REST service. 717 more words


Page 62 - How Many Elephants

This was my very first AngularJS app! When Richerd gave Mack 24 hours of ‘I’ll hack together anything you want”, Mack came up with this trivia game based on elephants. 193 more words


Page 60 - Custom Music Player

When I made Color Picker, I never thought I would be using the jQuery UI slider again and again!

I recently made a billing page with a slider for Trippeo: 461 more words


ASP.NET Repeater with jQuery Dialog Popup


This blog will take you through the steps to create a ASP.NET Repeater and show the details of a particular row on jQuery Dialog popup. 1,581 more words


Rounded Button for jQuery ColorPicker


In this blog, we will explore the trick to replace the default square ColorPicker Button with a rounded one.


One recent requirement lead to this research, where rounded button was needed instead of the default square one. 824 more words


Web development #6: Getting interactive with JavaScript

We’ve come pretty far by now! We’re almost there actually. After reading this post you should be able to create pretty awesome websites using the full web development stack! 2,944 more words