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Form Validation and Submit using Semantic UI and JQuery

Bootstrap, despite all the effort to make it easily understandable, always relied heavily on its short hand notations for css classes. This seemed okay, until Semantic UI entered the race with its near perfect usage of natural language. 361 more words


Teach your app to beat you at Tic-Tac-Toe

As part of the Front-End Development curriculum for FreeCodeCamp.com I was required to build a Tic-Tac-Toe web app. I worked and worked on it adding responsive web design and a simple user experience. 485 more words


jQuery Revelations

A few posts ago I lamented how there are so many things you can do with Javascript/jQuery, but most of those things are inappropriate for modern websites or are otherwise useless. 121 more words


Rem - AI Chatbot for mental wellness

Tonight was the night of our Alpha Camp project presentation. It marks the end of our 12 week web development course and we will soon be embarking on the next chapter of our life – back to work and reality! 298 more words


Converting a JavaScript date to the short format (US)

Messing around with JavaScript / jQuery, the date object I was getting back was the Ajax call was being returned in the format Year-Month-Day (2017-06-02). I wanted it Month-Day-Year (06/02/2017). 45 more words


Creating an HTML table using jQuery

Last month I battled how to create an HTML table using jQuery. It sounded simple and definitely possible to me but it took some time to get it to work. 156 more words


How create same height HTML block using jQuery?

Hi Friends,

If you are facing box height related responsive issue then you can use given below HTML for make all box in a same height… 117 more words

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