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Generate and Download .ics file for an event using jQuery

Here is the code to generate and download the .ics file for an event using jQuery.

var todayDate	= new Date();
var msgData	= todayDate.toISOString();
var startDate	= e.start.toISOString();
var endDate	= e.end.toISOString();

var icsMSG1 = "BEGIN:VCALENDAR\r\nVERSION:2.0\r\nPRODID:https://www.google.com/\r\nBEGIN:VEVENT\r\nUID:https://www.google.com/\r\nDTSTAMP:" + msgData + "Z\r\nDTSTART:" + startDate + "\r\n";

var icsMSG2 = '';
if(endDate != '') {
    icsMSG2 = "DTEND:" + endDate +"\r\n";

icsMSG3 = "SUMMARY:" + title + "\r\nEND:VEVENT\r\nEND:VCALENDAR";

icsMSG = icsMSG1 + icsMSG2 + icsMSG3;

    window.open( "data:text/calendar;charset=utf8," + escape(icsMSG));
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Jquery increase value


jQuery("#high").on("click", function() {

var oldValue = jQuery(".input-text").val();
var newVal = parseFloat(oldValue) + 1;
var price = jQuery(".price-ext").text();
var price1 = <?php the_field(‘price’);?> * newVal; 92 more words


Jquery Fading Elements In a Div Or Page

Hello friends….In this tutorial i will show you how to fade each and every element in a div element or a page.
*Remember…  it is not fading all elements at once… but fading each and every element one by one. 193 more words

Catch event on "type" of input element with JQuery

I tried to catch event of input element whenever I type something, using “change” event handler is not exactly what I want, this handler only recognize event until you focus out the input field. 85 more words

disable browser vertical and horizontal scrollbars using jquery

HI All,

In this post we will take a look how we will disable horizontal and vertical scroll bars for the html document in a webpage. 40 more words


Jquery overlay not in full height


this is how we will set the overlay height using jquery if you are having issue with Jquery overlay not in full height

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jQuery(제이쿼리) : .prev()


위 주소에 방문해 보세요 ^^; 직접 만들어 보았습니다.

jQuery 를 예제 위주로 다루는 제이쿼리 공작소 입니다.