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1) How to get difference between 2 days in days using Javascript

var noOfDays = (finishDate - startDate) / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24);

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Dynamically Changing the child list item background color on the click of parent list item using JQuery

This article is basically focused on how we can change the child list item background color on the click of parent list item using Jquery. 252 more words


var Time=showTime();

function showTime() {
var timeNow = new Date();
var hours = timeNow.getHours();
var minutes = timeNow.getMinutes();
var seconds = timeNow.getSeconds();
var timeString = “” + ((hours > 12) ?

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Input field is not focusing inside Bootstrap modal

Imagine a scenario, on a modal you’re using autofocus html5 attribute to a form input that is inside the modal but it’s not focusing the input element ! 65 more words

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Code-Sample: AJAX using jQuery - done(), fail() and complete()

In this Code-Sample, you can see how you can use ajax function of the jQuery to make request to server and get result back.

  • done() will be called if the AJAX request is successful. 173 more words
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    jQuery(제이쿼리) : .addBack()


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    Day 2 : First official jQuery conference in India - Bangalore

    Do read about the Day 1 of the conference, if you haven’t already.

    If Day 1 of the conference saw some exciting talks, Day 2 could only get much better. 562 more words