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Invoking REST webservice from JQuery using an AJAX call

Below code helps you to understand how we can Invoke a REST web service on click of a button using JQuery and AJAX.

Note: In Java you can Invoke REST web service using ApacheHTTPClient library. 150 more words


Breadcrumb using Java/JQuery, HTML and css (SharePoint)

Requirement: To create the breadcrumb which shows the location of the current page on top and user should be able to navigate to any parent page from the current page. 335 more words


Related Selects with jQuery AJAX Post in ColdBox

Let’s create a related select form elements using jQuery AJAX post in ColdBox in this quick tip. That is, the available drop down values that are shown in the second select element is dependent on the user selection of the first select element. 689 more words

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JavaScript Frameworks & Vanilla Goodies

Starting with Vanilla JavaScript
While I’ve done a lot of work utilizing the jQuery library and more recently a strong amount of JavaScript Frameworks activity…  I’ve done a lot with native JavaScript development (otherwise known as Vanilla JavaScript). 835 more words


Group Alarm (iOS, Android)

March 2015

Group Alarm allows a group of people in the same chatroom to set up a server-based alarm to wake up at the same time. 127 more words


Getting started with jQuery

What is jQuery?

  • JavaScript library
  • Lightweight
  • One of the most used JavaScript framework
  • Work with :  HTML, CSS, AJAX and has effects and animations

How to get jQuery? 218 more words

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jQuery Plugin Collection

* LED Display-Style jQuery Countdown & Clock Plugin – ClassyLED

ClassyLED is a plugin for jQuery and Raphaël JS library that allows you display a countdown timer, a clock, or a random number in a vector shaped LED display. 367 more words