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jQuery - How to check the undefined value ?

	if (typeof value === "undefined") {
		console.log("value is undefined");

Day 54 - Express and Sockets!

Okay, I just want to start by saying sockets are awesome! I love sockets. We used sockets for a single day at the Dojo before moving on to MongoDB, but man did they leave a good impression. 961 more words

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Day 52 + 53 - Callbacks, Closures and Node as a Server

On Day 52 (Tuesday of MEAN week 1), I took a day off to take my wife to the DMV for her driver’s license (She never learned in China so she just started when we came to the states). 1,322 more words

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Failure to :hover

So I wanted to share a curious example of failure with you; an instance where a series of “aha” moments during debugging were each followed by slumped shoulders and an “aww, man.” It happened during the coding of the “Random Quote Generator” that is part of the intermediate projects on… 734 more words


Add custom jQuery script to Wordpress theme

How to add custom jQuery script to WordPress theme ?

Code for functions.php to add jQuery script from file to theme directory and js folder: 58 more words


How to create AutoComplete TextBox In ASP.NET MVC 5

Here we are going to implement Auto Complete TextBox using Jquery and Mvc 5. Simply follow following steps.

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015… 595 more words

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jQuery Interview Question

  •  What is jQuery?

jQuery is a fast, lightweight, feature-rich client side JavaScript framework. It has provided a much needed boost to JavaScript. Before jQuery, JavaScript codes were lengthy and bigger, even for smaller functionality.

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