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Create a Custom grid in PHP with Datatable

/***********Create a Custom grid in PHP with Datatable*************/

// Add HTML Code
<table class=”table” id=”tableTestId” cellpadding=”5″ cellspacing=”5″ width=”100%”>
<th align=”center”>ID</th>
<th align=”center”>Column1</th>
<th align=”center”>Column2</th> 126 more words


jQuery Selectors

Selector Example Activity * $("*") Select all the elements of page #id $("#test") id="test"  .class $(".test") class="test" .class, .class $(".safi, .test") 696 more words

JQuery Introduction

JQuery is a simple JavaScript library. Its primary goal is to make use of JavaScript easier on the website. It’s tag line is “Write less. 169 more words

Jquery Smooth-Scroll


 * jQuery Smooth Scroll - v2.2.0 - 2017-05-05
 * https://github.com/kswedberg/jquery-smooth-scroll
 * Copyright (c) 2017 Karl Swedberg
 * Licensed MIT

(function(factory) {
    if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) {
        // AMD. 1,029 more words

Event Handlers versus Event Listeners

A number of ActionScript classes feature something called events. An event is raised by an object when a certain occurrence happens. For example, when someone hovers over a button symbol in a SWF, the Button.onRollOver event is raised for that particular Button instance. 529 more words


Drug Shoppy

This project is related to medical. In this project a special concept called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has been introduced.

Advantages of the project:

  • User can scan the medical prescription given by the doctor and can easily get all the details of the medicine.
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Remote PC Meet

It’s an online project, by using which we can control ‘n’ number of computers using any smart world (mobile, tab, etc). 


  • Command Mode.
  • User can send command through mobile.
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