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Jquery AJAX example with Servlet

JQuery is a very popular java script library. We can implement AJAX technique using JQuery’s built in AJAX API.

In previous post, we learned how to use java script AJAX with Servlet application. 792 more words


SharePoint REST API : List Items CRUD and Namespaces

The SharePoint REST API was Since 2013 introduced and offers Endpoints for almost all needed Operations on all levels(Sitecollection, Sites, Lists, Fields, Permissions, Document, Items…etc.) 457 more words

Office 365


Chugging along in the Intro to Javascript course. Am just about to start section #15 out of the 22. Everything still feels very clunky and weird to me in JavaScript, but I am trusting the Skillcrush peeps who keep assuring me that soon it will all become clear (or at least, clearer). 210 more words

jQuery: utilizando múltiplos seletores

Algumas vezes podemos ter 2 classes similares que necessitam receber alguma alteração dinâmica via eventos do jQuery, como o exemplo abaixo, no qual 2 classes diferentes iriam receber uma classe com estilos específicos, que deveria aparecer somente quando estas forem clicadas. 138 more words


How to on click yotube video play in popup

<a href="JavaScript:Void(0);" data-toggle="modal" data-src="” data-target=”#testimonial” class=”d-block video-link video_btn”><img class="d-block w-100" src="” alt=”” width=”100%” height=”100%” />


var $videoSrc;
$(‘.video-link’).click(function() {
$videoSrc = $(this).data( “src” ); 58 more words


Antiforgerytoken in AJAX post ASP.NET MVC

Here’s an example of how this might work.


public class HomeController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index()
        return View();

    public ActionResult Index(string someValue)
        return Json(new { someValue = someValue });
} 99 more words