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Day 33

The first thing that made sense to be today was regular expressions. This is really important to me as I know how damn useful they are in Ruby (as well as in other languages). 238 more words


Javascript Quick & Dirty Dynamic Numeric Evaluations From Dynamic Content

I’m writing a help page for a lottery order form to confirm to specific gaming standards. The page has to show odds for a given set of games that are offered on the order form. 1,008 more words


Day 32

Today we carried on talking about AJAX and did some more practice with it. The benefits are obvious so it’s good that we’re getting our hands dirty and practicing as much as possible. 211 more words


Checking if any control in view has changed in ASP.NET

The typical way to check for whether anything has changed in the view when you’re navigating away from a page is to bind a method to the change event of each input and to set a flag if this has happened. 605 more words


$(#SharePoint).jQuery(); pt. 1

Note: This may or may not turn into a series of posts that may or may not be sequential. Either way, I will link them together should there be more. 343 more words