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JQuery autocomplete - limit search results

By default, JQuery autocomplete would pull and display all matching results. In order to restrict the number of results so that the menu doesn’t go crazy long, I found a… 56 more words


Bootstrap carousel that does not cycle with Images Centered

Getting a bootstrap carousel that does not cycle is a matter of setting:


To get an image centered in the carousel, add this css to it’s containing div: 8 more words


How to: ReactJS basics

(by AXDS)

ReactJS is a library developed at Facebook. It uses a concept called a Virtual DOM that renders nodes based on state changes. It performs mostly on the client side, but can be rendered server side. 554 more words

Symfony twig and javascript

Its kinda tricky passing parameter on javascript

for example:
var id = 1;
url: ‘{{path(‘method_name’, { ‘id’: id}) }}’,
type: ‘POST,
success: function(result) { 46 more words


Preventing Double Form Submission

form action="#" method="post" class="myform"
 input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" class="msg_button" 

                                // hide the submit button 
                                // submit the form
                                return true;


Codecademy "jQuery" notes

The “jQuery” class track was my first Codecademy class where everything is new to me. It was a lot of fun!

I’m very amused that the “new HTML” has ditched a lot of the mechanisms of the “old HTML” yet they’re all together in one big bucket of HTML. 232 more words


Breadcrumb using jquery


a + a:before {
content: ” >”;
/* content: ” \0020 \f105″; */
color: #D2322D;

a:link {
textcoration: none;

/*a:visited {
textcoration: underline; 110 more words