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Imaginative and Innovative Web Developer to Find

 Are you a professional web designer looking for a top web design company to hire you? Well, you have certainly entered and taken a step in the right direction here. 122 more words


JQUERY $(element, plainObject)

I ran across this article and a set of interesting jquery syntax:  $(‘<li>’, { text: formatItem(item) }).appendTo($(‘#products’));

So after stumping a few folks and searching the jquery documentation I figured out what exactly it is doing mostly. 117 more words

Prototyping for User Testing – Jordan Gulbronson – Winter Week 02 PPJ

This week I spent much of my time completely focused on development. Relaxing over the winter break has given me a new excitement for the project and has allowed me to shift some ideas, making them more impactful for our visitors. 188 more words

Member PPJ

Use AJAX to access JSON from a Struts2 Action class

If there is a use-case wherein a HTTPRequest invokes a Struts2 Action class to perform an action & its output is then to be received by an AJAX function on the target webpage, for e.g.population of data rows in an HTML table, then this is one approach to do it. 311 more words


Lotus Image Crop plugin

For live demo https://bemineni.github.io/app/lotus_imagecrop/index.html

Lotus Image crop jQuery plugin. A plugin that you can use in your web page to visually crop an image. Once the user finishes his selection, we can retrieve the width, height, x position, y position and zoom values to crop the image using any of image processing libraries like pillow, imageJ, and Magick++ etc.. 65 more words

Dream come true with WebSphere Commerce version 9 for Developers

In case you missed it, WebSphere Commerce Version 9 was announced at NRF and it is filled with some goodies for the IT and developer. The technology stack is very impressive and IBM can finally say the entire WebSphere Commerce product is entirely based on standards and micro-services. 55 more words


kenalan dengan jquery

oke, masih dengan pak tani. kali ini saya akan membahas sedikit tentang jquery. apa itu jquery..? kapan jquery digunakan..? apakah perlu belajar jquery…?. saya tidak bisa menjawab, namun yang pastinya hampir semua para petani yang serius dalam bidangnya akan sedikit banyak menyentuh yang namanya jquery. 442 more words