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how to link in a page with React Router v1.0.0

I want to link to a specific section section of a page with react router a lot like how anchor tags would work in html. However, I couldn’t find solutions with React Router version 1.0.0. 83 more words

cycle2 (or any slider) delay for two sliders eventually sync up

I have two carousels set up using cycle2. They are presented side by side with each occupying 50% of the screen width and 100% height. I’ve included a video below of what it looks like. 159 more words


Crud operations in ajax not working

Using ajax in php I am trying to perform crud operations….
But unfortunately, my selection, insertion & updation operations do not work. Only deletion works fine. 207 more words


Drag and Drop javascript dynamics elements

I’m trying to do this:

When user drag a new Card to the Board, javascript clone default Card. Now, I want to able drag this Card and move (not clone) it to other section of Board. 271 more words


Jquery Delay and more

i to make a Storytelling Website like:


1) Would you guys creat every Object in CSS or would you do it Frame by Frame in Photoshop? 314 more words


How do I take the innerHtml.text() and format it when inserting it into a .txt file?

I’ve taken this and added a line to it to remove all the html tags.

My question is this: How do I format this to look nice in a text file when there is a ton of data, dynamically added to the table I am pulling from? 214 more words


Send array to MVC controller via JSON?

I am trying, and struggling, to send an array via JSON to a MVC controller action.

Here is what I have and what i’ve tried… 391 more words