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Casa Verde Dine Out

We had a family dine out last Aug. 19 and I just got the time to upload this pics, so very sorry this is soooo late… hehehe (lame) 84 more words


Chicken Curry Ala Noypi

My mom cooked this on my request for Jr, he loves chicken curry so much.


Computer Fundamentals Class

That’s my Computer Fundamentals class, just a bunch of different individuals. We had a Powerpoint Presentation at that time and a Present presentation, hence the “ATTIRES”.


Sinugbang Baboy Pinoy Style

This is how we roast pork in the Phil.

And it looks like this when it’s cooked…

Then you got to chop it to bite sizes… 12 more words


A Whole Different Kind of Macaroni!

A whole different kind of cooked Macaroni, I cooked this with tomato sauce and soy sauce for flavoring and then it has sauteed ground pork and carrots and the usual onions and garlic. 11 more words


Mac-Spaghetti Pinoy Style

I love pasta so much I experiment on them. This is what I call Mac-Spag Pinoy Style.


Guso or Seaweeds!

This is a favorite noon-time dish or sud.an for most Cebuano’s. It’s called Guso or seaweeds. If you ever decide to visit Cebu, do check this local, shall we say “delicacy”. 43 more words