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Bellevue Rheinhotel Boppard - A Weekend Getaway

Nestled between both sides of Rhine valley in Germany’s prime riesling region, is a gorgeous little town called Boppard, just shy of ten thousand residents. The major hotel in town is the… 1,356 more words


Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones

Eddie Bravo was on this podcast too:

Alex Jones is a commentator on politics and is regarded as a conspiracy theorist. He has a growing following after some of his theories have turned out to be true. 257 more words


Joe Rogan & Robb Wolf

I’m paraphrasing here, so please check the podcast if you get time

Robb says that he uses the sauna for recovery after BJJ and it makes a massive difference. 266 more words


Crossing Comfort Zones: Episode 10



In this episode, Dan and I discuss the origins and reasoning behind our new podcast name. We talk about Joe Rogan Experience #936 with Colin Moriarty: click bate, fake news, and resigning over a tweet. 86 more words

Mind your mental diet

Six Minute Read

Mind Your Mental Diet

We are what we eat is a famous saying we’ve all heard over and over again. What if we should also add the observation that “Our minds our made of what we listen to and see”? 1,021 more words

Reducing Inflammation

Web Scraping with Java

What is Web Scraping?

Everyday a lot of time is wasted when you visit the same website again and again. What if you could write a few lines of code and get all the information you need instantly? 1,584 more words


His Woke level is over 9000!

I’m almost finished listening to episode 911 of the Joe Rogan Experience. Yes, this is the one with the infamous Alex Jones. It’s taken me a few days to get through it. 567 more words

Joe Rogan