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The Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Being a journalist, especially one in the position of covering a tragedy, means taking part in a delicate and often uncomfortable balancing act. Journalists are meant to be an objective eye providing facts on (often difficult) situations to the public. 897 more words


Response: Angels and Ghosts: Anatomy of a Story (by Diana Sugg)

Diana Sugg’s essay Angels and Ghosts: Anatomy of a Story was a life changing story to read. I am a computer science major, I was always buried in the fields of maths and sciences so my view on journalism was a skeptical one. 459 more words

The Role of a Reporter

Media has a bad reputation. Is it deserved?

Diana Sugg, in her article, Angels and Ghosts: Anatomy of a Story, reflects on her series about a dying child and the overall idea of caring for one. 395 more words



Vultures. A term that I knew without really knowing. Everyone knows the stereotype of the journalist who will do anything for a good story, will ask anybody any question as long as they can get to the front page of their publication. 365 more words


Reporter's Judgment

“I could hear the voice of  Sun photographer Monica Lopossay, small and shaky on the phone, “What if we hurt him? What if he didn’t want it?” 547 more words


Can journalists be vultures?

I, myself, have asked myself this question before. Can journalists be vultures? Sometimes, it feels as if maybe we should not document and photograph and analyze every tragic event that happens in the present and in the past. 578 more words

In-depth Reporting

In this blog post, I would like to talk about the story of a Baltimore Sun reporter name Diana Sugg and her article “The most difficult journey”. 709 more words