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TLQ: Searching for a Voivode of Visuals

After procrastinating about this for months and months, I bit the bullet.  After a post of a fellow guildie in the Game Designers (HabitRPG) about getting some art done for his game, I finally had a place where I could post up a job for the character art I wanted done for Hunters: … 374 more words


Stella Glow

Here’s a teaser for the new 3ds game.


What I Want In...Persona 5

I Freaking Love the “Persona” games. While they are only one part of the “Shin Megami Tensei” mega-seires (that includes the “Persona”, “Devil Survive” and other game sires with in it), this is a franchise I can;t get enough of. 458 more words


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition Review

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD had me right from the get-go. Even thought the beginning was more cutscenes than it was gameplay, it was the cutscenes with the Chocobo that probably stayed with everybody in the beginning. 944 more words


Legend of Mana

In 70 AD, the Romans sacked and burned Jerusalem. This was at the end of a several year long siege, which had left the inhabitants dying in the street from hunger and thirst. 2,197 more words

Video Games Of The Oppressed

Lost Odyssey and My Seeker of the Deep Woes

So, after roughly 75 hours, I’m finished playing Lost Odyssey. That game had me engrossed like few other RPGs before it. I could’ve beaten the game around the 50 hour mark, but thanks in no small part to achievements, I found myself compelled to eke everything I could out of the game. 362 more words

Video Games

Criminal Girls: A Game About Trust

Criminal Girls, one of the more controversial Japanese titles to make it over to the West in recent years thanks to its semi-explicit depiction of BDSM-style “punishment” scenes, actually proved to be one of the more interesting games I’ve played for a while owing to its exploration of a concept we tend to take for granted: trust. 1,999 more words