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The one where we went to the Highlands (part 1)


You’ll never guess where I’ve been!

Him stuck me in the van last week and we were in it all blooming’ day! Him kept huffing and puffing and whinging about the traffic or something and “this is s’posed to be a motorway not a car park.” No idea what he was going on about but anyway, it took way longer than it normally does to get to the park and then when we got there it wasn’t the park at all! 389 more words


sigh.........just walked block twice...

once with Cat in stroller and Mushu on leash, then once with old dogie in stroller and Mushu on leash.

I hope Mushu is now tired, she is driving me crazy!  16 more words


Comedy (not required)

A Commedia Christmas Carol by Lane Riosley was performed by the JRT Players. The JRT Players are a traveling acting group based out of the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre. 377 more words

Jonesborough Repertory Theatre

waiting, and writing, for my perfect reader

My Jack Russell Terrier, Dixie, stares at a block of sunlight in the tile entryway. Her stubby, little tail moves in anticipation, waiting for the moment when a small, dark shadow will zip across the floor. 509 more words

Where's the problem, there's the solution.

Few days ago I was in a really bad mood. Hugo was grumpy, pulling on a leash and more tense than usual. I was tired of walks because we were bumping into enemies all the time, fortunately not arch-enemies but still – pain in the ass.  400 more words

My Life With Jack Russell

Brilliant and the Best

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, directed by Janette Gaines and Pam Johnson, runs at the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre from Sept.8 to Oct.1. The choreography was pretty good and was composed by Lindy Ley. 301 more words

Jonesborough Repertory Theatre