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The Kewpie Brigade

For reasons I don’t want to go into now, I found myself at the Self Defense Forces Central Hospital today. It was surreal.

Sitting in the window of the second floor cafeteria over a bowl of curry rice, I watched men and women wearing camouflage uniforms and army boots come and go. 88 more words


Japanese Self Defense Forces Canteen, 1965

The canteen shown in the accompanying photographs is the Japanese Self Defense Forces (JSDF) aluminum canteen. In the post-WWII years, the Japanese Army redefined itself as a Defense Force. 260 more words

Kochi high school set to launch Self-Defense Force training course, government totally unaware

In a recent interview, the head of Kochi Chuo High School, Masahisa Chikamori, announced that the school would be starting a Self-Defense Force Course in 2016… 374 more words


What I Am Watching, Summer 2015 Edition


I realize that my military experience colors my assessment, but I am really enjoying Gate so far this season. In fact, it is the only new anime I am following closely. 391 more words


New anime Gate entertains, tries to recruit you to the Japan Self-Defense Forces at the same time

We’ve seen the Japanese Self-Defense Forces get quite creative with trying to entice new recruits, but never before have we seen them do an all-out official collaboration with an anime. 417 more words


GATE - Episode 3

Bam. Episode 3 and almost all the characters from the OP are introduced. Take note Danmachi.

We’ve met Rei Ayanami.


And Asuna.

There’s also Michelle Rodriquez. 119 more words


Life Imitating GATE: Diet Votes to Expand JSDF's Role

Rambling observational commentary follows.

The fictional Japanese military of countless anime throughout the years have been typically portrayed as serving in a strictly defensive capacity: only allowing the use of arms if directly attacked. 332 more words