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GATE - Episode 1

So if you haven’t heard yet, a transdimensional gate opens up in New York Tokyo, and orcs and romans begin pouring out, and attacking civilians. Yes, it actually shows some of them dying. 166 more words


Chinese news broadcast shows Japan's "military might" by airing video of Gundam 【Video】

It’s no secret that Japan and China don’t like each other very much. So when the official government news channel in China aired a segment discussing Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, it comes as no surprise that there would be… 360 more words


Japan escorts 13 ships off Somalia in March

From IHS Maritime 360, by Hisane Masaki, Apr 2015

The Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) vessels escorted 13 commercial ships in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia in March to protect them against pirate attacks, the country’s transport ministry said on 10 April. 183 more words


Tokyo Boys Collection teams up with Japan Self-Defense Force to parade their fine men in uniform

Everybody loves a man in a uniform – a fact that was clearly evident at the Tokyo Boys Collection fashion and entertainment event held on March 12… 405 more words


Consequences for Japan's Constitutional change

I explain and analyse Japan’s recent changes to the constitution and discuss the consequences and impact on regional international relations. 2,631 more words


Mountain lodges, covered with volcanic ash near the peak of Mt. Ontake

Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) soldiers and firefighters make rescue works among mountain lodges, covered with volcanic ash near the peak of Mt. Ontake.


Japan Self-Defense Force and the Japanese Constitution


It occurs to me that despite having the words ‘culture, politics, misc.’ confidently bannering my site, I’ve yet to deliver on any political commentary. 266 more words