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What I Am Watching, Summer 2015 Edition


I realize that my military experience colors my assessment, but I am really enjoying Gate so far this season. In fact, it is the only new anime I am following closely. 391 more words


Transportation | Doomsday plane

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By Jormungand

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New anime Gate entertains, tries to recruit you to the Japan Self-Defense Forces at the same time

We’ve seen the Japanese Self-Defense Forces get quite creative with trying to entice new recruits, but never before have we seen them do an all-out official collaboration with an anime. 417 more words


GATE - Episode 3

Bam. Episode 3 and almost all the characters from the OP are introduced. Take note Danmachi.

We’ve met Rei Ayanami.


And Asuna.

There’s also Michelle Rodriquez. 119 more words


Life Imitating GATE: Diet Votes to Expand JSDF's Role

Rambling observational commentary follows.

The fictional Japanese military of countless anime throughout the years have been typically portrayed as serving in a strictly defensive capacity: only allowing the use of arms if directly attacked. 332 more words


GATE - Episode 2

Mixing scenes of politics from both sides of the gate and several scenes of medieval armies getting obliterated by machineguns and mortars, the first ten minutes was a blast. 110 more words