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The Japanese have every right to be paranoid about Russian & Chinese military activity

Japan has every right to be nervous about its borders. Many people point to the biggest threat to Japan being Nth Korea but it is Russia and Japan. 396 more words

Gate S2 Episode 19: Mage battle!

So given everything we’ve seen up to this point, Zolzal is still stupid enough to go to war with Japan?

Wait…isn’t he the emperor right now? 442 more words


Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri Season 1 Review

Before we kick this review off, I’d like to make a mini-announcement.  It’s not super recent news, but the kick ass crew over at Sekai Project… 1,020 more words

Formal Review

Gate S2 Episode 14: Diplomacy be damned

Romance already? We only just got back!

Sigh…I had forgotten about this.

I can’t tell whether the guards behind Pina are embarrassed for her or scared about the earthquakes themselves. 427 more words


A Less Pacifist Pacific: The Controversy Behind Japan's Expanded Military Role

By Travis Cady

On September 17th an uncharacteristic brawl broke out inside the Japanese parliament, the Diet. Ironically, the scuffle was led by politicians seeking to preserve Japan’s status as a purely pacifist nation. 869 more words

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The Kewpie Brigade

For reasons I don’t want to go into now, I found myself at the Self Defense Forces Central Hospital today. It was surreal.

Sitting in the window of the second floor cafeteria over a bowl of curry rice, I watched men and women wearing camouflage uniforms and army boots come and go. 88 more words