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Japan launches its first military commsat, DSN-2

Japan has begun placement of its first military commsat constellation, which when complete will be a trio of geostationary commsats serving the Japan Self Defense Force and free them from dependency on commercial satellite operators, who currently lease bandwidth to them.   121 more words


GATE Series Review


This is as straight forward as it comes. A gate opens in Tokyo that leads to a paralell world and an army comes through it attacking the citizens of Tokyo. 996 more words

Anime You Should Be Watching: Gate

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was a kid, teen, young adult, and now older adult, I’d often fantasize about being able to go back in time with a modern military and just be some kind of unstoppable juggernaut.  1,270 more words


China slams Japan over close military jet encounter

​The Chinese Defense Ministry expressed “grave concern” over what it called “two Japanese F-15 fighter jets’ interference” in Chinese Air Forces’ training in the Western Pacific. 434 more words


Review: Akira [1988]

a review by the Azure-winged Magpie.


(ಠ ‿ ಠ✿)

Hello-hello! Hello one! Hello all! Welcome you lot! Today on The Corvid Review, this Magpie’s gonna break down one of her all-time favourite films: … 1,001 more words

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Japan's Ministry of Defense unleashes the power of "Moe Marketing"

Are anime girls on aircraft and recruitment posters enough to moe-tivate you to join the Japanese Self Defence Forces? 589 more words


The Japanese have every right to be paranoid about Russian & Chinese military activity

Japan has every right to be nervous about its borders. Many people point to the biggest threat to Japan being Nth Korea but it is Russia and Japan. 396 more words