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IPython Notebook error: Unsupported JSON nbformat


I ran the IPython Notebook server in a directory containing a .ipynb notebook file:

$ ipython notebook

It opened the URL in my browser. 134 more words

Converting Nested Json files to CSV in java with reflection


convert nested json to csv. The csv header should contain fields from each level and separated by ‘_’.


  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Smith",
  "isAlive": true,
  "age": 25,
  "address": {
    "streetAddress": "9513 Key west ave",
    "city": "Rockville",
    "state": "MD",
    "postalCode": "20874"
      "type": "home",
      "number": "212 555-1234"
  "children": {},
  "spouse": null
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JSON.simple vs GSON vs Jackson vs JSONP | Takipi Blog

Source: http://blog.takipi.com/the-ultimate-json-library-json-simple-vs-gson-vs-jackson-vs-json/

Parsing speed isn’t the only consideration when choosing a JSON library, but it is an important one. Upon running this benchmark test, what we found was that there is no one library that blows the others away on parsing speed across all file sizes and all runs. 225 more words

Linh Tinh

Oracle 12c – In-Memory Option (Part 3): JSON Support

It is quite natural to view Oracle’s In-Memory Option in context of the relational model; however, the In-Memory Option supports the JSON model at the same time as well. 662 more words


jQuery : Proper use of $.extend

jQuery.extend( target [, object1 ] [, objectN ] )

Keep in mind that the target object (first argument) will be modified, and will also be returned from… 138 more words


I don't know. I ought to know. I'll go find out.

“You know nothing, Mackenzie Schultz,” I imagined Ygritte from Game of Thrones whispering in my ear all day. Today was my first day interning in a bioinformatics lab. 371 more words

Computer Programming

The Nomisweb API can be used both to discover (list) datasets, and to obtain one or more datasets once these have been identified.

The API supports a variety of formats including html, xml and… 230 more words