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Comments in JSON files (Node.js)

I’m starting a new project with Node.js which will use JSON configuration files. The sad fact is that configuration files needs to be commented but JSON files aren’t allow any. 184 more words

How to retrieve table values in SAP UI5 Fiori

Define your table at view.js


var oTable = new sap.m.Table(“oTable”,{

growingScrollToLoad : true,

mode : sap.m.ListMode.MultiSelect,

width : “700px”,

columns : [

new sap.m.Column ({ 126 more words


XML and JSON (De)Serialization Tools

I’ve been working with a lot of external systems lately that have their own objects that they serialize into either JSON or XML, and have found some good to tools to rebuild those objects into C# classes that i can add to my apps. 542 more words

Azure CloudQueue, Get and Set Json using Newtonsoft.Json and Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage

The Microsoft Azure Cloud have a nice simple Queue mechanism in their Azure Storage where you can store up to 64 kb of data for up to 7 days. 830 more words


JSON support in SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 is around the corner. XML has been supported since SQL Server 2008. In SQL Server 2016 although JSON is not natively available as a data type, but, there are boat-load of functions and keywords that lets you utilize JSON data. 355 more words

SQL Server

Set null to empty in Webservices responce

Note : when API return responce  convert null value to empty value for avoid mobile app crashes

$json_params = array();
if (!empty($value[‘method’])) {
$params = $value[‘body’]; 223 more words