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Building a Cross Platform, Salesforce Powered, Contact List App

Recently I was tasked with building a new proof-of-concept app, which is nothing new for me as I’m all about building POCs. It’s a lot of fun, a great opportunity to hone my coding skills, and to show-off just a bit :) 203 more words

Web Development

Object Oriented Javascript : ECMA Script 5 : Summary


JavaScript is famous for being the world’s most misunderstood programming language. JavaScript is now used by an incredible number of high-profile applications, showing that deeper knowledge of this technology is an important skill for any web or mobile developer. 1,133 more words

Ruby On Rails

BizTalk JSON Decoder - representation of XML attributes

I recently had to expose a web-service as a RESTful JSON one using BizTalk 2013 R2 using the WCF-WebHttp adapter and a JSON decoder in the pipeline.   305 more words


Problem of the Month: Monkey in the Middle

This month I deal with being the monkey in the middle. When you want something and two other parties try to keep that something away from you, you are the monkey. 387 more words


Download Random Giphy Images and Save to the Media Library Via a Custom Content Editor Image Field in Sitecore

In my previous post I created a custom Content Editor image field in the Sitecore Experience Platform. This custom image field gives content authors the ability to download an image from outside of their Sitecore instance; save the image to the… 2,063 more words


RESTful Web Service Libraries

Problem: We want to build an application that works with database through the internet. There are many ways to do that. We chose to use… 1,059 more words


Implementing a BookStore as a MicroService in 40 Lines of Code

MicroServices are the new trend in web service development. Much has been written about their architecture and benefits, but when it comes to actual implementation, many developers are using the same underlying technologies that they have used before. 484 more words

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