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Converting JSON to a Slice in Golang

*This tutorial does not cover coding up a simple webserver, but that is implicitly part of my explanation. However, you do not need a webserver component to use the instructions below. 460 more words


Deconstructing JSON: Super Secrets

“Psst… Hey buddy, want to keep your plain text password in your source control?”

Hopefully, you answer is “No”, but if you’d been following along with this JSON/ARM template series of posts, you will have noticed that I’ve defaulted to deployments with straight up, plain text, username/passwords in my template examples. 497 more words


Jackson : Make the most of POJO versus Immutable Objects

There is a simple dilemma that comes into my thoughts :
-> I have an object, right… class A { String b;int c}
-> It must be filled automatically thanks to unmarshalling from a json string… 221 more words


Multiple File Upload to Google Drive Using Google Script

Multiple File Upload to Google Drive Using Google Script – Christopher Furton’s Personal Website

Originally posted at:


This script and form was developed for a project facilitating photo upload by professional photographers for a non-profit organization.  670 more words

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JSON Schema to Go Struct Generator Roundup

I had some complex JSON to deserialize into Go structs and a matching JSON schema file. The JSON schema is likely to change a lot over the next few weeks, so I wondered “Is there was a way to create the Go structs automatically based on the JSON schema?” 359 more words

How to convert a String into JSON object in NodeJS

Just a few days ago I needed to do this and I found this useful function. Very simple:

var jsonStr = "{"firstName":"Siry", "lastName":"Mazari"}";

console.log('JSON String: %s', jsonStr);

var jsonObj = JSON.parse(jsonStr);

console.log('First Name: %s', jsonObj.firstName);
console.log('Last Name: %s', jsonObj.lastName); 49 more words
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An Easy Way To Get Your CSV Data into Mongo DB

Do you have a bunch of CSV files laying around that you’d like to be able to run queries against? This post is going to discuss an easy way to accomplish that. 1,070 more words