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Deserializing very nested hierarchical JSON in C#

Most JSON to .C# tutorials process basic flat data:

Below is some really hierarchical realworld JSON , which was originally based on some production XML ,  This is a lot more complex than the tutorial samples, but it can be easily processed using : 1,047 more words

Web Application Development

JSON Parser: Part 1

For those who might not know, JSON stands for “JavaScript Object Notation”. It’s a pretty popular method for serializing objects into human-readable files, while still being easy to parse by an engine. 892 more words


Using JSON data with AngularJs

Many use JSON format for storing and exchanging data (simply because of its easiness). If you are in middle of creating your angularjs app and was wondering about storing your data somewhere in a way that it can be easily accessed, then JSON it is. 241 more words


DungeonTown Tools

Bug Reporter


Bug Reporter.

The bug reporter tool I made was designed to allow us to easily open, checkout and resolve bugs from a low profile tool that everyone could learn how to use. 1,502 more words


REST API design tips

For the server side of Pollable we iterated on the REST API several times and learned a lot the hard way. And this excellent article… 728 more words

Getting Things Done

Playing with Play Framework 2.3.x: REST, pipelines, and Scala

It’s an established trend in the modern software world that if you want to get something done, you’ll probably need to put together a web service to get do it. 3,003 more words