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How to deserialize and serialize JSON(read json from file, write json to file) using C# and Visual Studio .NET Framework 3.5

Error message and syntax references: serializer.Deserialize, Invalid JSON primitive, C#, System.Web.Script.Serialization, Int32 depth.

This blog post shows you how to work with JSON in a Microsoft development environment like MicrosoftSQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) which, in my case, uses a combination of the .NET Framework 3.5 and the programming language C#. 561 more words


Exporting Ghost JSON into Text Files

A little while ago I tried out the Ghost publishing platform. It’s very nice, and works well, but unless you’ve invested significant time and energy into understanding node.js server installation, as soon as any updates appear for Ghost, it will lunch itself spectacularly. 571 more words

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Storing JSON objects in LDAP attributes...

Until recently, the only way to store a JSON object to an LDAP directory server, was to store it as string (either a Directory String i.e a sequence of UTF-8 characters, or an Octet String i.e. 473 more words

Directory Services

Object Repository in Json file

We have a JSON file that stores the web elements of AUT
Example: OR.json

{ “txt_username”:”name;username”,

We will use Json Path 2.2.0 for parsing a JSON file. 248 more words


Authentication Laravel 5.3 API using JWT

Apa itu JWT ?

JWT (Json Web Token) digunakan untuk mengirim informasi yang dapat diverifikasi dan dipercaya oleh sarana digital signature. Digital signature sendiri adalah salah satu teknologi yang digunakan untuk meningkatkan keamanan jaringan. 573 more words


Let DTM listens your JSON responses!!

It is more than over an year ago when I used to work for a retail client and my job was to create robust data layer for analytics on W3C standard while considering the ease of development. 336 more words