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Caching Web Service Response Data in iOS

Many iOS applications obtain data via HTTP web services that return JSON documents. For example, the following code uses the HTTP-RPC WSWebServiceProxy class to invoke a simple… 510 more words

IOS Development

Deserializing with GSON

For a project I’ve been working on I needed to deserialize a number of objects from JSON and because I’m lazy I wanted something that would let me do that easily. 128 more words


A new syndication standard : JSON Feed

With Atom and RSS being the major syndication formats since more than a decade, there’s not much room for another one. In fact, trying to introduce a new one in 2017 is a real challenge as those XML-based formats are used by billions of websites and known by every web developers. 232 more words


jOOQ Tuesdays: Gerald Sangudi and Keshav Murthy Reveal the Secrets of N1QL (SQL on JSON)

Welcome to the jOOQ Tuesdays series. In this series, we’ll publish an article on the third Tuesday every other month where we interview someone we find exciting in our industry from a… 1,389 more words


Operations that can be performed using JSON Pointer

This post explains the operations that can be performance on json data with the help of new JSONP 1.1 api.

As we know from our previuos post JSON Pointer is a string syntax used to identify and locate a particular field or property in a json file. 448 more words


Binding Bootstrap Dual ListBox with ASP.NET MVC

I have use duallist box from http://www.virtuosoft.eu/code/bootstrap-duallistbox/  to populate list of staff entity from controller that come back from a json request.

To load unselected and selected staff at the same time and display… 242 more words



Minecraft custom server implemented in C++, work in progress.

Currently implemented status checking, basic login with encryption and trivial chunk data upload. Socket listening on both IPv4 and IPv6. 149 more words