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JSONP with Mendix REST Services

Mendix is an exciting platform because it simplifies something that tends to get overly-complicated: web-facing, record-based systems.

Because of Mendix’s platform ideology of rapid development, it isolates the developer from the guts of the java code it generates and compiles. 676 more words

Angular Promises vs Observables vs JSONP

There are 3 type asynchronous http call methodology in Angular.

1- Promises
2- Observables

A Promise handles a single event when an async operation completes or fails. 529 more words



Introduction to JSONP, JSON formatter, the server file, the JavaScript function, and creating a dynamic script tag


JSONP: a method for sending JSON data without worrying about cross-domain issues. 419 more words

JSON Guide

Multiple Vulnerabilities in ASUS Routers


Various models of ASUS RT routers have several CSRF vulnerabilities allowing malicious sites to login and change settings in the router; multiple JSONP vulnerabilities allowing exfiltration of router data and an XML endpoint revealing WiFi passwords. 1,534 more words