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Express.js and jsonp

Express.js has a very good jsonp handler, the key is to use it in the right way =)

The first step is to ensure the callback name. 177 more words


Using JSONP with AngularJS

AngularJS’s $http service is capable of sending JSONP requests. The normal AJAX calls can only send requests to URLs within the same domain as the HTML page sending the requests was loaded from. 788 more words


JavaScript, JSON and AJAX

The next stage of development in JavaScript and JSON is JavaScript, JSON and AJAX. This area covers Parsing JSON data with AJAX, Communicating across sites with JSONP and Using jQuery to parse JSON feeds.


From json data to responsive design example


Somebody (your boss or customer) comes to you and says:
‘Create a web page which displays this data and the design must be responsive. 409 more words


understanding and using jsonp

JSONP is really a simple trick to overcome the XMLHttpRequest same domain policy. (As you know one cannot send AJAX (XMLHttpRequest) request to a different domain.) 665 more words