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Embedding React into legacy web pages

The product I am enthusiastically working on – Navigo3 – was historically written as combination of XSLT and JSP. Do you remember XSLT?

Short time before I joined it it was decided that is should be remade in React.js. 438 more words

Rich Text Editor in Java, JSP

Today my friend asking me to implement Rich Text Editor in Java. Their current application is standard Java web application.

Talking to my friend who use to talk using Ruby, he recommends me to use  383 more words


BPM/SOA Human Task: Java code in jsp source files is not allowed in ojsp.next mode by Antonis Antoniou

Today I came across an exception while trying to load one of my task details (v12.2.1).

Error: OracleJSP error: oracle.jsp.parse.JavaCodeException: Line # 14, oracle.jsp.parse.JspParseTagScriptlet@66e50889
Error: Java code in jsp source files is not allowed in ojsp.next mode… 145 more words


New Requirement! - Java Developer – J2EE, Servlet, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript - Northamptonshire, Contract

Skills: Java Developer – J2EE, Servlet, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Based in outside Northampton, Northamptonshire my client has a new requirement for an Java Developer for short term contract 6-8 weeks / start before Xmas to end of January 2017. 160 more words


JSP Super fast Tutorial- Part 1

What is jsp ?

Jsp is a technology that is used to develop dynamic web pages in Java. Jsp built on top of Servlets.

JSP jargon… 34 more words


What is JavaServer Pages?

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology for developing web pages that support dynamic content which helps developers insert java code in HTML pages by making use of special JSP tags, most of which start with <% and end with %>. 107 more words

Pemrograman Web Dengan Java

Java merupakan lingkungan pengembangan aplikasi multi platform. Pemrograman yang dilakukan dengan Java merupakan pemrograman berbasis OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Selain pemrograman untuk aplikasi bisnis visual, Java juga mampu mengerjakan pemrograman berbasis… 211 more words

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