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"Narrative" by Jason S. Polley

My tattoos, or, rather, my single narrative tattoo, essentially charts the Eastward migration of Buddhism from its Hindu sources in India through its multiple manifestations / incarnations / influences in Tibet, Myanmar, Thailand, Indochina, China, and, finally Japan. 378 more words


[JSP | Servlet] 筆記備忘-JSP標籤與隱含物件注意


前陣子在寫Java Servlet的範例,作為提供給客戶參考如何以Java程式呼寫的WebService,但是到現場才發現客戶是使用JSP
於是不熟JSP仍硬著頭皮,在對方現有的程式碼大海中想辦法銜接,也因此遇到了這個問題,原來在寫JSP時,要依據使用的標籤,需要考慮到隱含物件的名稱,否則會衝突到,產生 Duplicate Local Variable,在這而筆記一下。 260 more words

How to pass variables from scriptlet to EL context

Sometimes you may need to pass a variable from scriptlet context to EL context in your JSPs, and vice versa. The following snippets could help you. 41 more words


Servlet & JSP Interview Questions

  • Why do we need servlets if we can write code in JSP using scriplet?
  • How servlet can handle multiple request concurrently?
  • What is httpRequestListner?
  • What is Two tier and three tier application? 
  • 220 more words

Google Map API

Hello everyone, recently i used this Google Map API in my project so i want to share my experience with you.This blog will address the usage of Google Map API in your web app. 291 more words