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Todo Application

A classic Todo Application with Crud actions. It also has a login requirement.

GitHub: Todo App

Used Technologies: Java, SpringMVC, Hibernate/JPA, JSP, MySql


301 - Servlet, JSP and JDBC with Database

The topic will discuss about using JDBC API to work with a database. It also presents the method to integrate JDBC to web application for better persistent storage. 236 more words

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206 - JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

JSTL is the tag to reduce the amount of scripting in web application –> the combination of JSTL and EL will remove almost scripting. 229 more words

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205 - Expression Language

Introducing to JSP Expression Language (EL)

Expression Language provides a compact syntax for retrieving data from JavaBeans, maps, arrays and lists that are stored as attributes of a web application. 290 more words

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204 - Session And Cookies

An Introduction to Session Tracking

Session Tracking –> Keep tracking when clients move around the website 625 more words

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203 - Developing JavaServer Pages

The section will enable your to develop your own JSP for your web application as well as maintain existing JSP for older web application. 395 more words

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102 - Apply MVC Pattern To Structure Your Web Application

Design Pattern is a standard approach for programmer to solve common programming problems. The two below patterns were described to give developers an idea to follow for future projects, note that the second approach is more preferable method to build a web application for commercial. 313 more words

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