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Basic HTML Editor

it is simplest html editor where you can type your code on left side of the screen and once you click on Submit button, output can be seen on right side. 20 more words


Interaction with client (1) -- How to use cookie

Cookie is a data stored by web browser. Web browser sends cookie when it requests to web server. Cookie can be generated by both web browser and web server. 361 more words


How to write an error page in JSP

If you specify an error page using errorPage attribute of  page directive, it will use that error page when an error occurs. You must specify the value of isErrorPage to “true” on the error JSP page. 97 more words


JSP implicit objects and scope

Web application has four scopes.

  • PAGE scope – scope used to handle one of the JSP pages
  • REQUEST scope – scope used to process single HTTP request…
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application implicit object (2)

Obtaining resources for web applications

You might want to use files in the web application directory on a JSP page. For example, let’s say there is a subdirectory “message” under jsp_practice directory, and you want to print  txt file in message\notice\notice.txt. 134 more words


application implicit object

All JSP pages included in a particular web application share single application object. Application object contains information to be used throughout the web application. For example, using application object, we can read the initial configuration information and the server information. 424 more words


pageContext implicit object

PageContext object is an object that maps to one of JSP page. It provides following functionalities:

  • Obtaining other implicit object
  • Processing properties
  • Controlling the flow of page…
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