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Generating a Thread Dump of JIRA with Jstack

Occasionally, JIRA may appear to ‘freeze’ during execution of an operation. During these times, it is helpful to retrieve a thread dump — a log containing information about currently running threads and processes within the Java Virtual Machine. 120 more words


How to capture Thread dump? - jstack, jvisualvm

Thread dump is a snapshot of all the threads that were executing at a moment in time. It shows the stack trace of each thread, the locks they have obtained, locks on which they are waiting, their priority, current java memory utilization by each space… In nutshell it’s a vital artifact to diagnose any Java memory, CPU related related problems. 448 more words


How To Troubleshoot a Java program with high cpu usage?

Sometimes a buggy java program may consume a lot of CPU. In order to troubleshoot it, you need to identify which threads in the java program are taking up so much cpu time. 155 more words

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JDK Tools for your application

In this post, I will talk about various tools that help you analyze your Java application’s behavior when something has went wrong. This is not an exhaustive list but just the tools that I have used at some point of time and found useful. 340 more words


Scheduled Thread dump

Its been a while since my last post. Held up with so many works !! finally got some time

I am a performance analyst now So my main job is to tune and monitor my java application to assure its not breaching SLA & System resources like CPU, Memory and Network. 425 more words


Analyzing deadlocks in Java applications with thread dumps

Recently I was given the task to analyze a problem with some multi-threaded Java application that got stuck if you run that application within a batch script again and again. 248 more words


Debug Cassandrar JVM thread 100% CPU usage issue

Recently, one of our cassandra nodes run into an issue: one CPU thread utilization is 100% while the others are almost idle. The node shows “Down” in the nodetool now and then. 736 more words