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Ju Jitsu and Aiki Ju Jitsu with Prof. Marty Brzykcy

We are very excited about this!  The Saturday portion (11am-6:30pm) is open to all, beginners, other martial backgrounds, etc.

Prof Brzykcy is an open book of information gleaned from his 30+ years training in martial arts. 17 more words

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I am a coach, but not yet

I need experience.
The events of last week are still playing on my mind. I’ve been reflecting on what I actually do during the class and what I have done regarding learning to be a coach, and I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I’m not really a coach yet. 644 more words

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A kick in the head

This actually happened last night but at the time I was too pissed off about what happened to write about it properly. I tried to calm down writing about my granddads visit as that was a happy subject, but this I need to vent. 947 more words

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Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome!

The perspective of people with disability or dwarfism is much different today than it was when I was a child. All too often people mistook me being physically disabled to also being mentally disabled. 719 more words

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A 2nd thought from Monday

This is a follow up to my previous post.

My cousin has just moved to university. She’s not too far away that she can’t come home and go back in a day, but she is out there on her own. 431 more words

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Making noise

What’s the phrase? It’s something on the lines of “Advertising is the art of selling you something you don’t need.” I’ve probably butchered that quote and I can’t find the original on Google, so someone let me know what the proper quote is please. 370 more words

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