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Find Your Perfect Training Partner

Darren Higgs, Quantum Martial Arts Head Instructor, with some thoughts on the perfect training partners

Many of us enjoy our martial arts training. It is a great way to learn new skills, get incredibly fit and have fun, all at the same time. 1,201 more words

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[Lent 2015 - 41 of 44] Not a coach yet

I have a little lie to admit to. I could have posted yesterday, but felt soo tried from the course and then driving back, that I decided to let the pre-written one post anyway. 228 more words

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[Lent 2015 – 38 of 44] Drained

*Right before I start, I messed up earlier. Instead of hitting the ‘Save Draft’ I hit ‘Publish’ before I have even written anything down. Such a good start there. 259 more words

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A Darker Path: Part 6 - Into Senior Years

Things got a little better in Part 5

Now don’t go crazy. I haven’t skipped a few decades or anything. I am talking about senior high school. 980 more words


A Darker Path: Part 5 - Out of School

So, anyway, continuing on from Part 4...

In writing these posts, I have stirred up a swarm of old forgotten emotions and memories. It is rather incredible what the human mind can store, and what it takes to trigger it. 1,435 more words


[Lent 2015 - 22 of 44] Finally a reply

In just under 3 weeks time, I may have to use my Pre-Written post, as I will be going back to the WJJF HQ in Liverpool for the Coaching Seminar to become an Assistant Coach. 366 more words

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Baby MMA

I like a good get-rich-quick scheme, as much as the next gal and now that I have a baby, I am constantly coming up with new ideas to make money. 277 more words