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ISIS was Not Ended by Trump or Obama – But by Muslims

Extremism was defeated by the Muslims. That should be the headlines. That is what Americans have trouble getting their heads around.

Raqqa, the capital of the ISIL phony “caliphate” 1,045 more words


Charlottesville: Is America Becoming the Middle East?

Our neo-imperial wars may be coming home to roost

Americans have been so entangled in the Middle East for the past few decades that they have begun interpreting their own politics in the terms of that region. 1,318 more words


G19 outmaneuvers climate Rogue Trump, ignores Donald and Ivanka

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – German Chancellor Angela Merkel ran rings around Trump at the G20 …

Source: G19 outmaneuvers climate Rogue Trump, ignores Donald & Ivanka

Informed Comment

Nation Mag: CO2 called the ‘other poison gas killing Syrians’ – Declares CO2 ‘a far more deadly gas’ than nerve agent Sarin gas!

Full The Nation article here: By JUAN COLE – Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan ( jrcole@umich.edu) The gas attack in Syria on April 4 consumed the world’s attention and galvanized the Trump White House, leading to the launch of 59 cruise missiles on a small airport from which the regime of Bashar al-Assad…

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Climate Matters

Perspectives: Juan Cole: Spurned Reporters should dump Trump Briefings, turn to Investigative Journalism

A TomDispatch posting of a Juan Cole piece regarding how journalist should treat Trump’s declaration that the press produces ‘fake news’ and is the enemy of the people. 14 more words