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El Ciclón de Jerez, El Pirata: Juan Jose Padilla Bullfighting Short

Juan Jose Padilla is the best bullfighter in the world, right now. He is blind in one eye and is known as El Ciclón or… 54 more words


Padilla in The Pamplona Post

It may seem churlish as The Last Arena receives its 50.000th visitor to send them to The Pamplona Post, but since the extract from my book… 43 more words


One-Eyed Bullfighters

The lovely folks over at Entropy published my non-fiction piece “A Bloody Affair.” It explores my first experience watching a bullfight in Spain and I’m hyped my story found a home. 50 more words

SPAIN BOOK REVIEW: 'Into the Arena' by Alexander Fiske-Harrison

Alexander Fiske-Harrison spent a season studying and travelling with the matadors and breeders of famous “fighting bulls” of Spain (and France and Portugal. ) He ran with the bulls in Pamplona and found himself invited to join his new friends in the ring with 500lb training cows. 1,034 more words


My favourite One Eyed Matador

Bullseye! Etc … This monocular man is fantastically courageous. He lost his eye during a bullfight and has come back to the ring for more. He is incredible to watch and unlike many bullfighters he displays a tremendous sense of humour and style.