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Kenya: Negative ethnicity and not elections triggers political violence

By James Okong’o

After the ethnically driven post-election violence of 2007-08, the divisive polls of 2013 and 2017 election crisis, why do Kenya still underrate the dangers of negative ethnicity? 827 more words

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It’s Downhill From Here For DP Ruto

After placing a man in State House for the second time in five years, Deputy President William Ruto should know this is as good as it gets. 1,160 more words


Jubilee Mauls NASA

To all intents and purposes, this was a whipping, a flogging, a mauling, a shellacking, a trouncing, a downright comprehensive defeat. Only six hours after polls closed, President Uhuru had put Raila to bed without supper we wouldn’t be here if Kenyan media was allowed to call poll results based on preliminary figures. 936 more words


Skipping Debate Shows Up Uhuru's Failure & Cowardice

If eighty percent of success is showing up, President Uhuru’s no show at a debate named after the title and office he holds puts into perspective what a disappointment his first term has been. 686 more words


Why UHURU & RUTO'S Sudden Outbursts Against Judiciary Might Be a Cover For a Bigger Scheme

The opposition shouldn’t fall for Uhuruto’s latest tantrums against the Judiciary hook, line and sinker and start defending the courts the way Jubilee has been defending IEBC. 505 more words

The Jubilee Promise- What about Quality

By Liz Busisa

Creation of 1.3 million jobs in the country every year and the establishment of at least one industry in every county encourages the principles of development and survival of the child, which indirectly affects children. 955 more words


The Promise of Education

By Jennifer Kaberi

The NARC manifesto in 2002 that promised free primary education is one that has been a bench mark for many political manifestos. I agree that promise provided a solution to the increasing number of children unable to attend school because of lack of school related cost. 550 more words