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Judah Smith: Jesus Is Loving Barabbas

Judah Smith preaches about the time Pilate offered to free a rebel and murder or the son of the Living God to the people.

Rays Of Light

(05/21/16) 34. Home is where your heart is (United States of Arizona, part 3)

I got back from the States earlier this week and I absolutely can’t find my place now that I’m back. The feeling when you’re torn between two worlds is unimaginably painful, and you just look up standing there completely naked and lost and there is God who makes everything bearable. 735 more words

238 Days Of Blogging



My name is Brandi and I believe in Jesus. Chances are, we’re friends because you do too, but I wanted to be clear about something, so I’m writing you this letter. 615 more words

A Life Moment

Barabbas with Judah Smith

A friend recommended this video, and it is worth the few minutes. With today being Good Friday, this is a relevant message. Be refreshed in the gospel by the scene of Pilate, Barabbas, and Jesus.


Jesus is Loving Barrabas [ Transcript ]

Hazel featured a sermon jam video featuring the words of Judah Smith for Day 12 of the #30daystothecross Challenge. Please check out the original post… 1,163 more words


Blog Bite: Be a Man...

This sermon clip is hilarious….at least I think so anyway. Pastor Judah Smith talks about how men should be the initiators and we as women should be the responders. 94 more words


Jesus is __________.

I’m reading Judah Smith’s book titled Jesus is ________. Here’s a section from Chapter 2 that I thought was particularly insightful.

Here’s what I do. I make up laws or rules to fit my standard of living, then I judge you by them. 120 more words