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Book Review: How's Your Soul?

Every day we are greeted by people asking how we are doing. It is so common that we give a standard response and then we keep moving. 368 more words


How's Your Soul by Judah Smith

“How’s your soul?”

It may seem like an odd question, but it’s what pastor and bestselling author Judah Smith chooses to ask his friends, rather than “How are you?” It’s a way to look past the externals and consider what’s going on inside, in that essential part of us that is often overlooked in the struggle to make our way through everyday life.

324 more words

The Modern Cardinal Sin

“Feelings are the language of the day. And telling someone that what they feel might be incorrect is a cardinal sin in our society.” – How’s Your Soul? (Judah Smith)


2 Ways to Fight the Urge to "Pretend to Have it All Together"

“Instead of looking for help when we need it we pretend to have it all together.” Judah Smith, How’s Your Soul, p. 51

Wow. How true these words are. 568 more words

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Pastor, Seahawks chaplain Judah Smith on The Jake Brown Show

Pastor and Seattle Seahawks chaplain Judah Smith joined me in studio on The Jake Brown Show. We talk about his new book How’s Your Soul, Tim Tebow, Justin Bieber, Seahawks, and so much more. 21 more words

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Judah Smith: Jesus Is Loving Barabbas

Judah Smith preaches about the time Pilate offered to free a rebel and murder or the son of the Living God to the people.

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(05/21/16) 34. Home is where your heart is (United States of Arizona, part 3)

I got back from the States earlier this week and I absolutely can’t find my place now that I’m back. The feeling when you’re torn between two worlds is unimaginably painful, and you just look up standing there completely naked and lost and there is God who makes everything bearable. 735 more words

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