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On Bone Spurs and Reckless Love

On one day five weeks ago, I made the decision to start living healthier. I would eat better, cut out the junk, and incorporate more healthy foods into my diet including fruits and vegetables. 694 more words


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Hey y’all!

Some people like to wake up in the morning to a book they’re reading, jamming out to some music, or a nice brisk run. 591 more words



Still sleeping on the couch…my wife let me know she can barely look at me let alone speak to me. I miss her! But I completely understand this is totally my fault in every way. 215 more words

Becoming Yourself
Judah Smith
Hebrews 12:3-11


  • Sometimes following Jesus can make things difficult.
  • There’s gonna be some work but it’s gonna work and He’s working.
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Your Life Looks Like A Race
Judah Smith
Hebrews 12:1-2


  • My life is a race. It has an order to it.
  • Life is an endurance race.
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Where Are You Headed?
Judah Smith
Hebrews 11:13-16; 12:1-2


  • We are headed towards eternity.
  • Life is a succession of decisions.
  • Don’t live for the moment.
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Easter 2017
Judah Smith
Luke 24:1-11


  • We are prone to drift from what is truly real.
  • When you let go of stuff, He just opens up doors.
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