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16 Elul and Prayer

Prayer. It’s an interesting concept.

Are we talking to God when we pray? Is it like picking up the telephone? “Are you there, God? It’s me, Shocheradam” (hat tip to Judy Blume)? 187 more words



“The ox knows its owner,and the donkey its master’s crib, but Israel does not know, my people do not understand.” – Isaiah 1:3

“One who — is more lowly than even the animals and beasts — whose instinct it is to protect themselves — and who therefore flee and attempt to escape from anything that they perceive as potentially harmful to them.” – from Mesillas Yesharim (The Way of the Upright) 459 more words

Intelligence or Understanding? A Lesson in Biblical Translation and Biblical Etymology (Part 2)

Yesterday we began a short series of three posts about the special qualities of Betzalel, the chief artisan of the Tabernacle and its vessels. We started with the biblical meaning of “Choch’ma” (Hebrew for wisdom) and today we will discuss the next quality in line – intelligence, which can be found in Exodus 31:3. 227 more words

Hebrew Bible

If I am not for Myself, Who Shall be for Me?

If you had told me freshman year of college that I was going to graduate having spent a good portion of my time at Tufts in the Chabad house, I would’ve probably said, “nope, no way.” 1,335 more words

Just like you

Hello, I write stuff and sometimes I listen to stuff and they jam 
together in a nice way.  We are all the same, you know, a Shard of 
Divine Light in a broken body. 213 more words

Why Ruth?

Why did I choose to name my blog after Ruth?

That is simple, really.

Ruth, David’s grandmother, is probably one of the most famous converts to Judaism. 339 more words


The Two-Faced God

Both Paul and John wrote that God was an invisible spirit. Yet, other parts of the Bible say otherwise. So which is right?

According to the Bible, you have any number of people who physically encountered God, starting with Adam and Eve and including Ezekiel, Daniel, Abraham, Isaiah, Joshua, Moses and Jacob (who supposedly wrestled with God) and then, of course, there is Revelation. 456 more words