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My Aliyah

It’s sundown and the Hillel living room is so packed that the doors are propped open, allowing the night air to creep in. Chairs line the sides of the room and a table lit by two candles sits at the front. 938 more words


The Resting and Dwelling of G-d

7Let us enter His abode,
bow at His footstool.

8Advance, O Lord, to Your resting-place,
You and Your mighty Ark!     Psalm 132/7-8 Tanakh JPS 1985. 1,617 more words


Messiah is coming soon!

A Rabbi’s thoughts….


All Judaism is #Messianic. This unrefutable position is so well known it is pointless even trying to undermine it. Contrary to popular opinion across most of the world, the concept of a Messiah (Mashiach) has only Jewish soil to grow in, and without the Hebraic understanding which is drawn from the thousands of years of Jewish Scripture the figure of Messiah would have no definition and no function. 515 more words


August 23: Reflections on Living Together, III: Armchair Travel and Richard of Chichester.

NW Tower, Chichester Cathedral.

The spirit of discord and hatred that is evident today needs God’s grace to overcome it. With God’s grace we can be instruments of his mercy and peace at a personal level. 81 more words

Daily Reflections

Lectures: Where Was God During The Holocaust? (Beit Eliyahu New York) - Rabbi Yaron Reuven (2016)

Shalom everyone! The following is a lecture given by Rabbi Yaron Reuven called “Where Was God During the Holocaust?” This is a powerful lecture about the importance of obeying… 47 more words


Rabbi Tovia Singer Destroys Church Claim that 'Echad' and 'Elohim' Prove the Doctrine of the Trinity

A must watch!

(Published on 22 Aug 2016)

‘Responding to a Muslim caller, Rabbi Tovia Singer uses Scripture to demonstrate that the Hebrew Prophets opposed the core Christian Doctrine of the Trinity. 29 more words


Organizing the Bible and the Talmud

My latest blog post for The Jewish Journal:

Do you know what it says in the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 8, verse 3?

Unless you’re a rabbi or a savant, you probably don’t. 528 more words