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Various Religions on Kindness

Kindness and a regard for others are at the very foundation of the spiritual practice and life of every major world religion. While some verses of the Quran can be taken out of context to give the… 1,520 more words

A Baby, a Cradle, and a Torah that survived the Holocaust

People are the most valuable finds.

Although the Temple Mount Sifting Project focuses on ancient finds, many of the finds we retrieve are also from the modern era and we are studying them as well. 664 more words


It's Not Enough: In Pursuit of a Life on Fire

You may have a nice job, good friends, and a happy family life. You may be fortunate enough to peer out of your bedroom window as the sun peeks out in the early morning. 405 more words

A Prayer


For He protects the righteous

From all their adversaries

And shield His followers

From humiliation and defeat.

A Prayer


For granting us knowledge

And infusing us with wisdom

Sufficient to behold the truth

And follow His commandments.

Who lives who dies who tells your story

My school’s Holocaust remembrance program today centered around sharing stories. As we moved around the room talking about family members who we hold close on Holocaust Remembrance Day, I immediately thought about the woman who I called bubbe but everyone else knew as Eva Winston.   1,107 more words


Guest Post: Muhammad hijacked Judaism to create Islam

It is said that the Jews and Muslims are the descendants of Abraham. Judaism predates Islam by two thousand years but Islam claims in the Qur’an that Islam came before Judaism and was a faith practiced by Abraham(3:67-68) The Qur’an says several times that Islam is the religion of Abraham (2:130,135,3:95,4:125,6:161), it declares that the…

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