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Deconstructing the Difference: Monotheisms & Icons, Judaism & Hinduism (Reading Diana Eck’s Darśan)

On the economy of scale, I read Diana Eck’s short masterpiece Darśan: Seeing the Divine Image after Wendy Doniger’s colossal The Hindus: An Alternative History… 1,794 more words


I'm On Team Vashti

Why does the Book of Esther start with Chapter 1 instead of Chapter 2? What is the relevance of the story of how King Achashverosh fired Queen Vashti to the rest of the book, which tells the story of Esther’s rise to power and the king’s trust and the salvation of the Jewish people? 237 more words


Majority Rules...

Rabbi Eliezer was famous for his extraordinary powers of persuasion. One day, he was arguing his theological position in front of a group of 10 sages. 415 more words


Purim in the Office

Purim is a great fun Jewish holiday: a mashup of Halloween and St. Patrick’s.  Why hasn’t it caught on?



Feast the fruity trigon; gather there the seeds.

The time is ripe for plowing— sowing pleasure as we please.

Adar is come, the moon is high and ripe and full as breasts, 13 more words

Purim Sameach

The best holiday of the year began last night. It’s not the best-known Jewish holiday, but it’s the one where everyone dresses up in costumes, reads a story in the silliest manner possible, eats lots of delicious cookies, and gets drunk: Purim! 415 more words


Are you a grandparent looking to nurture the Jewish identities of your interfaith grandchildren

For many interfaith couples, navigating the challenges of an interfaith relationship extends outside their immediate family unit, especially when children are involved.

At Squirrel Hill Psychological Services… 287 more words