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Sanhedrin/Mount Zion Group Prepares Oil for Third Temple From Amona Olive Trees, Proving Claim to Land

The oil-making is part of an ongoing effort to recreate Temple rituals and become familiar with them in every detail so they can be reinstated without delay. 126 more words

Christian Interest

A true Israeli breakfast of champions

Lest I leave you with the impression that if you go to Israel, you’ll come back with a high bilirubin count, let’s talk about the food. 522 more words


Fourteenth Epistle: Jewish Environmentalism

In his article “The Emergence of Eco-Judaism,” Arthur Waskow writes that there are three Jewish responses to the environmental crisis, which is driving thousands of species to extinction. 2,474 more words

Manna rains on Marblehead interfaith project


Pictured left to right: Rabbi David Cohen-Henriquez and Pastor Jim Bixby

When Temple Sinai’s Rabbi David Cohen-Henriquez and Pastor Jim Bixby from Clifton Lutheran Church first met at a Marblehead Ministerial Association meeting last summer, they both sensed a spiritual connection that went beyond them being among the youngest in the room. 667 more words


The Deepest, Darkest Winter

All things must live in darkness before they are born.  Seeds sprout underground, hidden in the dirt and animals live either in their mother’s wombs or in eggs until they are ready for the world.  191 more words


Jesus on the Day of His Crucifixion: “Rejoice and Be Glad”

By David Ettinger

Just a brief meditation today.

As I was listening to the radio driving into work today, I thought to myself, Though I already prayed this morning, I should turn off the radio and just thank God for this beautiful day. 394 more words