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Buddha Day celebration aims to promote communal harmony

By Rishabh Chakravorty

Buddha Day and Multicultural Festival was celebrated on the 14th and 15th of May, 2016 at Federation Square, Melbourne to mark the most important festival for a Buddhist while promoting communal harmony. 554 more words

Connecticut Dreams


Well, well.  This morning I find myself at a crowded rest area along the Connecticut Turnpike.  It feels like a return to the scene of the crime. 1,070 more words

Documentary - Farewell Israel

Joel Gilbert has pulled off a remarkable tour de force: in “Farewell Israel” he has produced a technically sophisticated, visually imaginative, scholarly documentary that manages in the space of 145 minutes to investigate the belief system and history of Islam, the development of the Arab-Israel conflict (more accurately the Muslim-Jewish conflict) and the aftermath of 9/11. 459 more words


Why Aren't You Pagan Anymore?

My mom asked me that the other day. Why aren’t you pagan anymore?

And I just kinda made a noncommittal grunt in response, mostly because I have a hard time discussing my spiritual beliefs with my parents in general but also because my mom is pretty against organized religion (which includes Judaism) so although she has attempted to be supportive, she’s made her opinions on the matter pretty clear. 810 more words

Spiritual Path

The Seder

This year we are having our Passover Seder, commemorating the deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt thousands of years ago, at my brother-in-law Danny’s house.  815 more words

Michael Bradley: The Neanderthal Roots Of Today's Khazarian Jews

I saw this on the YT sidebar, and at first I thought it was a joke. Well, it isn’t. Author Bradley went there in 1978, and again in 1991, publishing two books on the subject. 274 more words


Why I am not a Messianic Jew

Why I am not a Messianic
Yeshu (Jesus-Yeshki) said, “Before Avraham was born, I AM.” And they took up stones to stone him but Jesus hid himself and went out of the Temple. 1,420 more words