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Fucking (B)rothschilds Wars Ruining Peoples Lives

I am a strong warrior for our fight Ladies and Gentlemen, but even I am human and every time I see one of these videos, I shed a tear. 192 more words

Free Speech

Moses as a Model for Effective Leadership

Just as leadership is essential for effective management, successful management depends on effective leadership. While each role is important to the proper functioning of any organization, a leader, whether of an entire enterprise or a part of something greater, is a rise above a manager and must possess particular attributes that managers, and those who report to them, should respond to favorably in order to achieve collective aspirations for organizational success. 592 more words



Today I ventured out into the garden to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I continue to prune and cut trees, uproot weeds and wild roses.  I was totally enjoying myself until the enemy crept in unaware. 995 more words


The Movie "Denial" and "Alternative Facts"

I’m not attacking freedom of speech. I’ve been defending my right to stand up against someone who wants to pervert the truth.

Undoubtedly the social justice-oriented movie most on my mind this Academy Awards season is the based-on-history film Denial.

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EXTRA: Ancient Judea and Samaria explained

After reviewing my original post on Jewish settler ideology, I don’t think I adequately addressed the critical question, what is ancient Judea and Samaria? And furthermore, what is the… 1,101 more words

Culture Wars

We Are Living in a 'Post-Truth' Era

By Richard Edmondson

Recently Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made an interesting comment. He described the time we are living in as a “post-truth” era. It’s a very apt, on-target description. 1,022 more words