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Jesus and the Mummy !!!!!!

Even though it has been a couple of weeks since we celebrated Passover and Resurrection Sunday, I wanted to share something that came across in my reading today.  441 more words


SkepSun #135 (04_19_2015)

We learn from Annie Laurie Gaylor, flying solo on Freethought Radio this week, about recent FFRF state/church separation activism and how the the pious Attorney General of Oklahoma is on the warpath against them.  260 more words

John Henry Newman thoughts on the Mosaic Law, the Catholic Church, and "legalism"

Now it is a very common charge against the Ancient and Catholic view of the Gospel, that it throws us back into a Jewish state, and subjects us to the dominion of the Law. 662 more words


The American Taliban

Warning: the American Taliban is on the move. Tamara Scott, a Republican National Committeewoman just made the case in Iowa for teaching Christianity in public schools during an address to the Republican Presidential Forum: 762 more words


David Vose: Proof Ancient Hebrews Lived In New Mexico And Colorado

I’ve got a big problem with the ancient Hebrews as they were presented in the Old Testament, and with their bull god El, who was largely a god of cruelty and carnage as can be clearly seen by any objective observer. 544 more words


A Tale of Two Encyclopedias

One thing you hear a lot of in the Catholic blogosphere is how the church is an antidote to the moral relativism that is supposedly rampant in our society. 808 more words