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A Soldiers Return From Rothschilds Wars

A little girl sits at the back of the class room as the teacher welcomes home some troops from the war, as a show and tell segment.   93 more words

Free Speech

It Takes One to Know One - Vayetzei 5777

As this morning’s Torah portion opens, Jacob has just left the land of Canaan.  He is fleeing home after deceiving his father and stealing the blessing meant for his brother Esau.  1,100 more words

Divrei Torah (Weekly Sermons)

Lectures: What Does Torah Say About Presidency? - Rabbi Yaron Reuven (5777/2016)

Shalom everyone! The following is an excerpt from lecture given by Rabbi Yaron Reuven about the Presidency of the United States. While many either celebrate or mourn at the outcome of the recent U.S. 56 more words


Non-Jews in Israel must keep Noahide laws, chief rabbi says

Jpost Israel News

By JEREMY SHARON \ 03/28/2016

Jewish law bans non-Jews from living in the Land of Israel unless they adhere to the seven Noahide laws, Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said. 629 more words


American Jewish liberals have lost the plot

This is a good article to read to understand the continuing and expanding alienation of Israel around the world, and that alienation includes Jews who live in the U.S. 1,532 more words

Signs Of The Times

The Pagan Origins of Purgatory

Many Protestants claim that the Roman Catholic doctrine of Purgatory (the Eastern Orthodox are mixed on the issue) comes from Paganism. For this claim, some people decline to offer evidence. 2,700 more words


Orthodox Judaism and the ordination of women rabbis.

Here is one interpretation of a development of considerable importance:

On 22nd March 2009, the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, an Orthodox synagogue in the USA, held a formal ceremony officially giving Ms. 571 more words

Interfaith Dialogue