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Dear Judas,


I cannot believe in God

for all the ill his world produces;

for all the memory of your embattled figure.

aren’t we all the sons of man? 358 more words


A Scene from the New Gospel

Yehuda felt like vomiting. Was he really going to do this? Had he imagined Yeshua telling him to betray him? Part of him wanted to, most disturbingly. 266 more words


Jesus Is Anointed - John 12:1-11

Jesus Is Anointed – John 12:1-11
By Pastor Lee Hemen
July 26, 2015

When we graduate from high school we have a ceremony to commemorate the event; when we are married for a long time, live into very old age or have been at a job for a long time, folks usually commemorate the event; and when a ship is launched the event is commemorated as well. 1,968 more words

Sermon Notes

Dylan Plugs It In

Today is the 50th anniversary of Dylan going electric at the Newport Folk Festival.  Many of his fans felt betrayed that he would become just another Rock & Roll star.   209 more words


What price a soul?

“Send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.” How does one know if the direction is the same one the Lord desires for us? 861 more words


Kiss the King

Why does Judas greet Jesus with a kiss? (Matt 26:50) The Lord shortly after insists that everything happening to him is in fulfillment of the Scriptures (26:54) — might that include the betrayer’s kiss?  123 more words