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The work of the Trinity in the life of Jesus part 11: The Betrayal

If anyone were to betray Jesus, someone who was not a faithful follower would have been a more likely candidate, certainly not someone as close as one of his own disciples. 621 more words


Tuesday March 3, 2015 The Kiss

While Jesus was still speaking, a crowd approached Him and in front was one of the twelve, a man named Judas. He went up to Jesus to kiss Him. 277 more words

About Judas ...

It always come to my mind that somehow we must appreciate Judas for giving up Jesus to the cross. So in my logic if Judas did not betray Jesus, Jesus would not be in the cross, and thus there will be no redemption. 109 more words


Picture Lent ~ Reject

Sunday’s Scripture ~ Proverbs 31:8-9

This week’s #PictureLent theme is Reject. When we marinate on the word reject during the season of Lent, our minds might move to several characters in Jesus’ passion narrative: 649 more words


JAUNT. A, no, the humanitarian organisation, lead by none other than Stephen Grant. The news called him many things: the 21st Century Messiah, Savior of the People, or other grandiose titles. 2,182 more words



When one shifts focus and trust, it leads to conflicts. Be careful of shifting your gaze from truth due to temporary events.

It doesn’t matter when or where…do not forget that those with us are greater than those against us. 379 more words

The Judas Test

by Os Hillman

The Judas Test is God’s graduate level course in faith, designed to reveal the truth about ourselves: Are we willing to trust Him enough to forgive theJudases in our lives? 326 more words