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A betrayal planned

10 Then Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, went off to the chief priests to hand him over to them. 11 When they heard him they were pleased and promised to pay him money. 311 more words


The worst thing Judas did wasn't betraying Jesus

The worst thing Judas did wasn’t betraying Jesus, because someone had to betray Jesus “to fulfill the scripture; ‘He who shares my bread has lifted up his heel against me,'” … 431 more words



But maybe the people will confess their sins. And maybe they will confess the sins of their ancestors. Maybe they will admit that they turned against me.

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The Judas Within

An interpretive study of the first, most-recognized man named Judas (Iscariot) written in biblical testament – and its relevance to the human struggle.

Most know the story of Judas. 291 more words


Ytringsfrihetens kår i et islamfryktende samfunn

Vi har ikke behov for flere martyrer, men bør kanskje begynne å tenke på hva vi vil med samfunnet vårt og på hvilken måte vi ønsker å forsvare den ytringsfriheten som mange av oss fortatt betrakter som hellig og ukrenkelig. 602 more words


Re-enacting The Ides

You sit gathered in

Robes wielding knives

From your sleeves;

How determined are you?

Did you agree this death

Behind closed doors?

Assassins in closets, 51 more words


Judas' Betrayal: Predestinated or Not? - Pastor David

The question has often been asked, “did God predestinate the fate of Judas?” If by this we mean “did God arbitrarily foreordain that Judas could not believe and be saved”, we are sure that no one who knows the God of the Bible would believe in such predestination. 687 more words