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In which languages, besides Arabic, are Jews referred to as “Yahud”?

In ancient Persian—as spelled out in Old Hebrew Script on every modern Israeli sheqel coin, which is based on a Judean coin when Judea was part of the Persian Empire: 122 more words


A Case for Jewish-controlled MSM as Hate News or Ministry of Hate

The MSM has been called lots of things. Recently, the media have been mocked and ridiculed as ‘Fake News’ in light of all their lies & propaganda, conspiracy theorizing(about Russia Hacking), utter bias(in favor of Democrats), and spinning stories to fit the Narrative of PC rule-book compiled by Jews, Homos, and their cuck minions. 5,158 more words

Israeli innovation aims to protect Judea and Samaria residents from rock terror

Judea and Samaria residents are well-acquainted with rock terror that threatens them on every journey – whether they are driving to work, to school, to pick up their kids, or are heading back home. 240 more words


Ein Gedi: Ancient Synagogue

About a month ago, I had the privilege of taking a trip to a popular site that has been missing from my blog for years: Ein Gedi. 1,085 more words



I’ve dreamed about visiting Israel for almost forty-five years, so when I got the chance to visit there recently, I jumped at it.

It’s a funny thing about dreams, especially those you’ve held in your heart for almost a lifetime. 586 more words


"Taking Authority Over the Temple" - Homily by Fr. Cristino

This homily was preached in the parish of Sacred Heart, Strathmore, at the start of the Lenten Mission there, delivered by Fr. Cristino.

3rd Sunday of Lent (Jn. 15 more words



After wandering around for 40 years in a primitive wasteland, where God provided both food and water when none could be found otherwise, the chosen Hebrew nation was at their defining moment once again.  650 more words