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I Was Blind . . .

Saul was a Jew, originally from the Turkish town of Tarsus, and several years younger than Jesus (251).  He was raised as a devout Pharisee — a scholarly & rule-bound Jewish denomination. 233 more words

"Trump has given Netanyahu support as he has walked away from the failed policy paradigm of the Obama years"

Burying Obama’s Legacy
by Caroline Glick
June 16, 2017

It may very well be that this week was the week that Israel and the US put to rest former president Barack Obama’s policies and positions on Israel and the Palestinians. 78 more words

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When motive not fact becomes the basis for discourse

People complain a lot these days about the divisions in our society. Some put stickers on their car bumpers in favor of civility and say the world needs more love in the face of terrorist attacks and political infighting. 723 more words

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How do Elohim and Yahweh differ?

Elohim was the name of God for the Israelite (northern) tribes.

IHVH was the name of the God of the Judeans (southern tribe).

Since both religions were based on the belief in a single, Creator, God, the two traditions were knitted into one when the refugees of the northern kingdom were absorbed into Judea following the destruction of the northern kingdom by the Assyrians around 725 BCE, at the instruction of the Judean King Ezekiah. 141 more words


Revelation: The Four Corners of The Earth

When God was angry with a people or nation, He would send a prophet to warn them to repent before He would send judgment upon them.  2,790 more words

University Trip: Qumran

Some weeks back I attended a Bar Ilan University Archaeology trip led by Prof Eyal Regev to the area of Qumran, where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found. 963 more words


Intellectual Pride and Unbelief

In John 7, we find Jesus in Galilee and avoiding going to Judea, because the Jewish leaders were plotting to kill Him.  However, the Festival of Shelters arrives and Jesus goes secretly into Judea.   598 more words

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