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One of my favorite ladies in the whole world is a young woman whom I met while working at a nursing rehab center.  She was a 29-year-old nursing assistant when I first struck up a conversation in the laundry where I worked.  580 more words



When one has a reoccurring problem, there is a reason the problem continues to reoccur. Too often we treat the symptoms, without getting to the root of the problem. 955 more words

Christ Would Approve of President Trump's "Hot" Faith and Message!

One of my favorite passages is Revelation 15-17.  John was admonishing the Church at Laodicea for not being fervent in their belief in Christ and not on fire to spread the Word of the Lord.  442 more words


Post 31: Steve Bannon’s Post White House Agenda- A Crusade for Ethnocentric Populism

Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times).

A race absolutely alien to God has invaded the land of the Christians, has reduced the people with sword, rapine and flame. 894 more words



by Gordon Bonnet

Our main character is Duncan Kyle, a man of indeterminate age or origin who one night falls through the floor of his apartment and finds himself in a dark and mysterious world, one of many within the Sephirot that he must journey through and return home. 374 more words


President Trump Is Steadfast On The Preservation Of Judeo-Christian Freedoms In The United States And Around The World As He Stressed In His Speech In Warsaw

If there is one topic that President Trump has stayed on message that even his critics admit as such is Trumps passionate resistance to the falling of the Judeo-Christian beliefs throughout the world. 562 more words