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Ethics, Values, and the Framework of Belief

One of the more interesting points of discussion in religious and secular philosophy is that of objective morality. Here we would ask the question, “From… 704 more words


If we here at UNA were addicted to games of chance rather than alliterated headlines we feel sure we would be able to clean up should anyone run a book on the future trajectory of conservative politics in this country. 875 more words

Pauline Hanson

Through Eden's collapse by war (wip)

Through Eden’s collapse by war, and the sacrifice of Noah’s siblings, the fate of the world could be prophesied, and creation would only descend harder, to come crashing down until the floodwaters would set his family safely upon its shores.

Post Deluge Studios

Review: Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson

Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A friend recommended this a while back. Our library finally had it on Kindle so I could read it. 135 more words


Politics For Religion

There is a growing phenomenon in Western culture of the non-religious. Where it once was understood that God/gods created the world and everything in it, many people today are comfortable with believing… 1,146 more words

ENDNOTE: Kardashian disrespects Christians



Kim Kardashian sparks backlash over release of new Virgin Mary kimoji
et-online Published April 22, 2017

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While many of Kardashian West’s kimojis exist solely on her messaging app, the “Kim candle” is available in real, tangible, candle form — and will ship in one week for the price of $18. 195 more words


do you ever think

some people

were born

into a time

that was not


for them?

a woman in a man’s world

a bird in a concrete city… 19 more words