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Bible Prayers: Praying with Psalm 4

The Psalms were the prayerbook for Jesus and the early church. May these contemporary prayer-a-phrases bring us a prayerbook now for us to pray as one in Jesus’ Name. 6 more words


“The Old Covenant and the New Covenant...."

“The Old is incomplete without the New, for in all its portions it is looking forward to its fulfillment, but the roofs and towers of a great cathedral in isolation and suggesting that the walls exist only that they may bear the roof.” H.L. 7 more words


Judaism by spiritual authorities and Judaism by spiritual people

The very essence of any religion is to define moral principles of human existence – what is Good and what is Bad in the human life, and what are acceptable means to strengthen Good and suppress Bad. 750 more words

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Bible Prayers: Praying with Psalm 3

In turbulent days, inside our country and out, the Psalms continue to speak to us and pray for us.

Source: Bible Prayers: Praying with Psalm 3


Bible Reviewer: The Complete Jewish Study Bible

On this last day of National Bible Week, let’s get to know the Bible as Jesus encountered it. The Complete Jewish Study Bible (CJSB) gives us that as well as deep insights into the Jewishness of God’s Word – a must-have edition for Christians, Messianic Jews, and all Peoples of the Book. 8 more words


A Racial Factor

Here is a comment I left on the Breitbart site, regarding a story about a recent interview with Steve Bannon:

Bannon gets tagged with the “white nationalist” epithet because (I believe) he is unabashedly “Judeo-Christian” and not a multi-culturalist. 143 more words


Trump Refuses to Accept a Presidential Salary!!

Please Pray for Israel and our Christian Earth and USA!!

Donald Trump Says He Won’t Take A Salary While President!! 353 more words

Pray For Israel