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The Gospel According To β€˜Me’

Despite the frequent claim that we are living in a secular age defined by the death of God, many citizens in rich Western democracies have merely switched one notion of God for another β€” abandoning their singular, omnipotent (Christian or Judaic or whatever) deity reigning over all humankind and replacing it with a weak but all-pervasive idea of spirituality tied to a personal ethic of authenticity and a liturgy of inwardness. 1,342 more words

The Rainbow phenomenon on facebook!!

This post since we’ve been hearing a lot of chatter post the rainbow effect on Facebook.. After the United States Supreme Court passed a ruling that same sex couples have the right to marry in all 50 states – making June 26th, 2015 a historic day. 580 more words

Why We Have No ISIS Strategy

The slaughter of James Foley was a watershed moment. Going forward, it will be far more difficult to avoid framing things within a Clash of Civilizations… 1,053 more words

A Troubled Doubled Mind

For every great bite of steak there are fifty rotten apples. This is my new analogy for life. Our minds seem to be easily drawn to that persuasion as well. 296 more words


Prayer Over Christian Intercessors

Ever watch a movie featuring scenes of ancient methods of battlefield engagement? You can see the soldiers march forward x number of steps, kneel, lift their rifles on command, fire at one another, and repeat; as unprotected soldiers on both sides of the battle fall dead or injured with every command to fire weapons. 491 more words

Inspirational Teaching

C.S. Lewis, "The Weight of Glory"

I enjoy just about all of C.S. Lewis writings, especially his Christian apologetics, especially because I am able to recognize in my own life many of the experiences and thoughts of which he writes. 402 more words


The power of apathy

By Tom Quiner

Abby Johnson reminded us of a shocking story torn from the pages of the New York Times back in 1964.

Ms. Johnson is the former director of a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Texas. 449 more words