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How May 1968 Shaped Our World

One way or another, for better or for worse, we are all children of May 1968. But what was May 1968, really about? Delightful contrarian Michel Onfray – France’s foremost contemporary philosopher – correctly… 1,646 more words


Judeo-Christian value structure: 2. The Jesus Christ

For me, the Christ represents the ideal man, the man who is perfect because he chooses to sacrifice himself for rest of the mankind. How much greater could the sacrifice possibly be? 227 more words


Judeo-Christian value structure: 1.God the Father

How could this apply to you? An atheist or someone worshipping some other god? Think about it. You do not question the existence of God. Therefore the God is objectively real. 442 more words


Judeo-Christian value structure

Let’s talk about our core western values. Whether you agree or not, the most basic principles of western society are the Judeo-Christian ones. I believe that many atheists or even many people that say their religion has nothing in common with Christianity follow them and do not even know about it. 230 more words


An Answer for Today

Traditional institutions like marriage and family are under attack like never before.  The home, the nuclear family, the church, faith in God, even God Himself, are the target of a systemic and focused campaign to undermine their value and rightful revered place in society.  1,653 more words


Day 16: "Pray for Your City"

You’re approaching the end of your three weeks of prayer and fasting and your prayer life has intensified. You are freer than you were a few weeks ago and you’re looking beyond your own needs and asking God to work in your family, your workplace, your church and your neighbourhood. 192 more words

Impossible People: Os Guinness

Recently, a group at church decided to read Impossible People by Os Guinness. I didn’t need a lot of convincing. Some liken him to C.S. Lewis because of his intellectual clarity on matters of faith. 699 more words