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An Answer for Today

Traditional institutions like marriage and family are under attack like never before.  The home, the nuclear family, the church, faith in God, even God Himself, are the target of a systemic and focused campaign to undermine their value and rightful revered place in society.  1,653 more words


Day 16: "Pray for Your City"

You’re approaching the end of your three weeks of prayer and fasting and your prayer life has intensified. You are freer than you were a few weeks ago and you’re looking beyond your own needs and asking God to work in your family, your workplace, your church and your neighbourhood. 192 more words

Impossible People: Os Guinness

Recently, a group at church decided to read Impossible People by Os Guinness. I didn’t need a lot of convincing. Some liken him to C.S. Lewis because of his intellectual clarity on matters of faith. 699 more words


The FFRF and the Separation of Church and State

The Freedom From Religion Foundation catches a lot of flack from religious people. No surprise there. Given their name, they sort of describe their mission right from the word go. 365 more words

Critical Thinking

Trump Announces Embassy's Move After Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital. Palestinians and Pearl-Clutchers Upset.

“I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” – President Donald J. Trump, 12/6/2017

The Los Angeles Times…

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The new Museum of the Bible from Hobby Lobby owner, Steve Green - Opens!

The Museum of Bible officially – and finally – opens to the public.

The Green family, who own the craft supply chain Hobby Lobby and advocate for evangelical Christian causes, spearheaded the creation of the museum and supplied much of the funding. 522 more words

The House Of The Nazarene Posts

Why Climate Change is an Ethical Issue

Climate change has always struck me as an issue that has been unnecessarily (and unfortunately) politicized.* The politicization of climate change along with rampant scientific illiteracy has led to the outright dismissal of the many alarm bells sounded by biologists, environmentalists, and politicians alike. 1,321 more words