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My Mission and I Accept It - Do What I Can to Tackle This Idiotic, Ill Informed, Ideological, Illegal (acts), Network of Imbeciles ( gangstalkers)

While not being the most “conventionally” religious person, I believe that somehow I am here and I am one of the best people suited to fight the Vigilante Network that exists in Sonoma County, California and the rest of the country. 739 more words

The motherhood chronicles: "Don't be quick to judge"

Most mothers will be familiar with this, “judging a mother or father consciously or unconsciously before you became infected by the parenthood bug.” When I take a look at myself now compared to the era of BK ( Before kids), I see a significant change in my perception to life and I have had to let go of certain habits to be a better mum and person. 765 more words

Aspire To Inspire


Seek to understand, not to judge

Reach out to hold a hand, not a grudge

Luke 6:37

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. 15 more words


Judge Not, But We're Judging

One of the jobs I’ve taken on in the last two years is that of a writing contest judge. It’s been a fun, challenging and personal growth type of assignment. 596 more words


Give Someone a Break

In Stephen Covey’s famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the following story is told:

I remember a mini-paradigm shift I experienced one Sunday morning on a subway in New York.

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Good news

Unconscious men evolve through a series of shocks and calamities. Conscious men evolve through a series of easements.

It’s good news all around.

And the worst thing that happened was the best thing.

From The Counsellor

No exceptions

All men do the best they can. If a man could do better, he would. But he can’t, so he doesn’t.

This is just how it is. 12 more words

From The Counsellor