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Who made you judge...

He committed a crime, the jury pronounced him guilty and the judge sentenced him to die by lethal injection.

Why? Because he made some wrong choices in his lifetime and people got hurt. 72 more words


Judge not!

I walked into a beauty salon last month and saw a fake lady: fake cheeks, fake lips, fake eyelashes, and fake hair. In my heart, I judged her. 323 more words

Thoughts And Prayers

We all need love

I have virtually no sense of smell. Does this make me less of a person? Do people look at me like I am imperfect and somehow less than they are? 193 more words


Blind Leading Blind?

Luke 6:37-40 NASB … “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned. 429 more words

Words Of The Lord

For Judgment I Came Into This World.

We strive and long so passionately to not be judged.  We hate criticism, our egos shatter when someone disagrees with us, and we never want to be second guessed.   1,143 more words

New Testament

Judge carefully

When we pulled into this campground in Fort Stockton, Texas it was 103 degrees. Setup was done in near record time, luckily the site was flat so no leveling was needed. 208 more words


Revisiting "Sita Sings the Blues"

“Sita Sings the Blues” is a delightful way to pass a few hours, but the real delight is knowing why it exists, and why it’s so openly available to everyone.  341 more words