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I Love Facebook. I Hate Facebook.

THE AVERAGE FACEBOOK user now has about 338 friends, though the median number, 200, is quite a bit lower. This means that while half of all Facebook users have 200 or fewer friends, many of the billion-plus Facebookers have quite a few more. 636 more words

Borger Church Of Christ

Some (painful-for-me) Thoughts on Letting People off the Hook

I’ve learned something recently, something that I know will change my life if I can get my head around it, something I wish I would have realized 20 years ago, but nobody was talking about things like this when I was 30.   596 more words

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Judge Not

I now Release my fear of being condemned for being wrong. (Enneagram Transformations, 32)

I do not require judgment for making mistakes.

Condemnation for imperfection is not something I allow in my life anymore.

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Despite Judge Rightly - Wolves Rebound

Hollywood, Hillary, and Homosexuals repeat the phrase like a mantra, judge not, judge not, judge not, until the masses are mesmerized. Jesus did not intend this.  150 more words


The Wise Surgeon

The surgeon’s secretary deeply apologised over phone specifying the need to re-schedule the surgery, although a minor one. The patient’s husband was obviously angered as they had spent huge volumes travelling all the way for this treatment. 251 more words

Short Story

Look into the mirror and judge

I wonder why you can’t see your flaws.

You can see mine and everyone else’s.

You can judge and whip up words to try and cut. 335 more words

A Gentle Reminder

Images are powerful things.

As I posted yesterday:
A virtual rendering of the weight I have lost.

On the left – January 2015 on the right is me this week (and also January 2016). 131 more words

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