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Slow growth (part 2)

Thanksgiving was everything I hoped for.  Relaxation, coffee and conversation.  And food, of course.  But I don’t look forward to the gorging as much as I used to.   1,137 more words


The Segregated Gospel

Racism. The word, the idea, the movement… it makes my blood boil and my stomach twist in knots. It rips at my soul and crushes my spirit. 997 more words

She Writes Truth

Resolve: Judge Not...

Imagine the scene…..a courtroom, the judge, the attorneys, the defendant, and the jury. What should be an orderly scene is made disorderly because the players are a bit confused. 481 more words


Should Christians Judge?

In these days of burgeoning confusion on the Geo-political front often impacting the theological front in which Christians struggle to make sense of current events, the need was felt to clearly state the meaning of the term “Judge Not” as mentioned in the scriptures, but which has been loosely and callously used by one and all without a clear understanding of what the Scriptures teach and mean by the term. 2,126 more words
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Why Do I Judge Myself???

Why couldn’t they see I was an angel and they were acting like Lucifer himself?


Why Do I Judge Myself???

“Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.”

What a difficult lesson to learn!  Unless you’re living in a cave and have no contact with the outside world, then you’re fully aware that the problem of judging is alive and well.  1,146 more words

Mysterious Flow

Peabody's Rescue

And she stood alone at the edge of the cliff overlooking the drop off that had recently formed after heavy rains.  Her tears washed over her face until her whole body was sobbing.   480 more words

Mom Would NEVER Have Told Me This!