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When We Choose To Believe The Worst

She was funny. Kind. A go-getter. She definitely knew her stuff … and was nothing like the horror stories I’d been told. And trust me … the stories were not good. 885 more words


Are We Listening or Telling?

In my last blog I talked about three things- judge not, fear not, resist not. Let’s go a bit further into the topic of judging. When we judge others it actually means that we feel we have THE answers not only for ourselves but for them as well. 627 more words


Endangered Species

Watching the outrage on Facebook is often frustrating. It amazes me how many people make assumptions that are complete fallacies and they have no idea they’re doing it. 1,721 more words


Judging Others: The Right & Wrong Way To Do It

Unbelievers and nominal Christians often label people who strive to live by the commands of God and teach others to do so as “judgmental”.  In this accusation we are… 696 more words

Distraction.... Look a Squirrel

The Distraction, look a Squirrel

The church or should I say Christians have taken up all manner of social issues of late. Some are old fights and some are new fights. 458 more words


Monday's Wisdom

I just had a chat with a friend and it’s funny that one simple statement he made struck something in my brain. Not like a lightening strike but more like striking a matchstick against the matchbox and birthing a subtle yellow flame. 175 more words