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People and Judging

I took my daughter and nephew out for breakfast this morning.  We had just got our drinks when an older man comes up to our table and starts talking to me, commenting about the kids and asking if we live in town.  512 more words


Don't Judge Me

Image: Kristamas Klousch

“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

There was a situation that happened early this morning on NR’s Facebook page, and my initial knee jerk reaction was wrong, and I am now writing this to clarify some points, but most importantly to defend myself. 2,604 more words


All that matters is humanity

It was a fine day, the music player of my phone was playing all my favorite songs, as the player played a hit after a hit it came to a song by the band metallica- wherever i may roam. 699 more words


When Does A Sinner Become Evil?

By: Susan Bea Good


The Association of Biblical Counselors has come out with a checklist to differentiate between the “average sinner” or one who is “evil.” 267 more words


Come on!

Welcome to a new journey.

Are you just a bit tired of all the Don Quixote type behaviour of the human species?

How inordinately able and intelligent we are! 285 more words


Today's Thought: The Only Impartial Judge

Quote from The Prayer of the LORD: His judgment will be perfect, absolutely just. He must punish violations of His law

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