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An AI has been taught to make moral decisions like humans

Researchers aggregated millions of human responses to teach an AI how to behave when faced with an ethical dilemma

17 October 2017 | Alex Lee| Alphr… 594 more words


Postpartum & pressure/judgement

Throughout my pregnancy I swore I wouldn’t develop Postpartum Depression. Bryce would even ask “Are you going to miss not having the baby inside of you?” or “Are you going to miss the attention you received when you were pregnant from strangers?”. 1,583 more words


The Lake

Calm exterior 

Masking a lake of fire 

Eternal pyre

(C)- Vivian Zems 


Ronovan Writes Weekly #171

Real Toads,  Tuesday Platform


Worthless things will burn

A drug addict lies on the cold ground in a seedy back alley, wallowing in his own vomit and piss in a drug-addled stupor. The malnourished and febrile wretch, maddened by psychotropic substances, temporarily attains to the heights of paradise. 1,282 more words



We used to frequent a home to pleasant words flirting with the breeze amidst poplar branches spreading like a web across the purple sky. Before we entered, a sign may as well have said “Leave disdain at the door.” and so I left it behind like sandals on the steps but you… you brought it in like trudging mud across the door mat and… 15 more words

The Broken Art Series

Finding God

I needed silence, stillness and the Clarity of God so I took myself off to the Anglican church round the corner. Despite the flashing lights on the scaffolding that the men were working from, noisily … despite the wedding couple and their photographer constantly moving lights and camera and chatting incessantly … despite the couple with their baby, talking with the priest about their upcoming baptism while the baby was babbled and splashed water on everyone close by … despite the constant flow of tourists babbling in admiration at the quietness of the grand space … no, despite nothing at all! 217 more words