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Gleanings from the Bible: Zephaniah

It’s interesting that Zephaniah, who was probably associated with the royal line and appears to have been a man of some social standing, states about the people of the earth, … 388 more words


The Reality of Arts Disparagement.

As a 21 (22 in 16 days, oi oi) year old girl who has been involved in the Arts her entire life, I have faced my fair share of battles with individuals who do not understand the Arts. 1,409 more words


The ultimate is death. When you lose a loved one. You are stuck with a sense of reality. It is coming. It will happen. Will this now show you your purpose in the bigger picture? 175 more words


Soldier, take off your armor!

He was holding the Bible like a stone ready to be thrown…

-and put down the stone, please…

I froze…the whole church was starring at me. 769 more words


Judgment of Others vs Judgement of the Lord

Humanism throughout history yielded incredible advances to humanity, by promoting the rule of law, individual freedom and separation of church and state. We owe this revolutionary movement a lot of what is today taken as granted in developed countries. 643 more words


Public Shaming has no place in Christianity

Public Shaming (aka Forced Confession) has no place in Christianity!

Healthy and unhealthy Church is inextricably linked to the form of a marriage relationship, or a parent/child relationship. 661 more words


In the Eyes of Others

Tomorrow never came

No promise, no hope

A stagnant pond of memories

That wouldn’t form

Yesterday never left

No relief, no respite

An ocean of regrets… 38 more words