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Through the Bible in Just Over a Year – Malachi

Chill the champagne for when you’ve read this: we’ve done the OT! Sadly it’s downhill from here on as we tackle what my OT tutor at college used to call ‘The Appendix’. 515 more words

Through The Bible

The Difficulties of Breastfeeding, a Special Needs Perspective

In honor of breastfeeding support week, I would like to share this with all of you. I wrote it a good while ago and decided to shelf it indefinitely. 580 more words


Judge less, love more.

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People will tell you that life is about choices. While I’d agree with that, I’d like to take it a step further. Our choices are based on judgements. 330 more words

To be wrong

How do you know what you’re really feeling? I mean if a person makes you happy and you have fun with them why aren’t they right for you? 101 more words


It is God's Will! Really?

I really and truly hate the expression, “it was God’s will.” Really? How do you know? To be fair, the overwhelming majority of people living in the United States were brought up on one of three basic belief systems: Jewish, Christian, and Islam. 537 more words


Places that I have put a ban on going to in chronological order

The Chatsworth, Action
Effective: August 2014
Reasoning: Venue is littered with drunk Australians.

Update: This venue is now permanently closed. No loss for society or residents of Acton. 218 more words


Reality Hits When I Hide My Smile

In life I feel you are given challenges for a reason. I understand that we are given certain situations to deal with and there are reasons for it all. 661 more words

"Investigative Ink"