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Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Slow she walks and slow she talks,

but slow is not what they call her.

Retard. Idiot. Weirdo, spaz, freak.

That is what they call her. 79 more words


Releasing Self Judgement

We are on the path of changing our lives through our thoughts and there is something important to be aware of as we do this. 302 more words

Potential to Shape the World

Who wouldn’t want to be successful? Yet not everyone can succeed in everything. Some are more naturally inclined in tasks, others learn very quickly.

Most  of us are awfully mediocre, so that includes most of us. 217 more words


Slow Holler, for healing and waking up

I’ve been messing around with various potential posts for this blog because there are so many things happening inside me that are not getting written down anywhere. 660 more words


Judgment and Tolerance

Christians invented tolerance and practice it as a general rule, even though world history may have some specific exceptions.  Of course Hitler claimed to be a Christian, but clearly he was not. 367 more words

Christian Life


She felt unleashed as she heard those words. She almost cried. At last, she could give it all up for the one she loved.

“The baby shall live.”



​You can not just open her book to page 726 and think you know her story.

Before you judge what you think you know, take a step back and re-evaluate what you do know rather than what you’ve heard. 40 more words

Mental Health Journey