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Certain decisions may give a life long impact disturbing the present as well as the future.

We left with nothing, but with a strange, disturbing feeling which  keeps on running till date. 335 more words

Christ Consciousness

Christ speaks about Christ Consciousness many times in the bible. Christ is not a single image, that ignores the magnitude of it.  He is in everyone as described by this passage: 634 more words

Global Witness Posts

Girl Code

                         My friends who partially inspired this post. Actual girls who support other girls.

I know to the majority girl code is following a set rules or ethics we have created amongst each other especially when in a friendship with one another. 1,147 more words

Female Unity

Mob Mentality, Armchair Judgements, & Journalistic Integrity

A modern phenomena is the increasing velocity with which people seem to judge the actions of others. This can be seen on social media posts and many news articles that focus on a single video recording made from a witness’s mobile phone. 391 more words

Tibetan Buddhism

Christian Music Video | "Thanks and Praise to Almighty God" | Live in the Light of God

Christian Music Video | “Thanks and Praise to Almighty God” | Live in the Light of God
We have been brought before God. His words we eat and drink. 229 more words

The Truth

Every Difference Has A Silver Lining

If you ever find yourself feeling different to those around you, be thankful that by breaking the mould you have found freedom to be yourself. 362 more words


Unscrewing the Lightbulb

I saw this graphic on a friend’s Facebook page last week, and I’ve been thinking about it off and on since then.  I messaged her to ask if I could write a blog post about it, since the image stuck with me so intensely. 494 more words

Life Notes