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Feminist Fridays: Can Women Ever Really Win?

Today the French High Court ruled that the ‘burkini ban’ as it has been dubbed is illegal. After images of a woman being forced to undress on a beach in France made headlines around the world, it lead me to think about whether a woman can ever really win in terms of what they wear. 359 more words



She just has a Mom-Bod, give her a break.

Said no one, ever.

He just has a Dad-Bod and a beer belly, how cute.  “Dad-Bod’s” are totally in right now. 558 more words

does every question..?

Does every question have a presupposition?

Well it seems that one does. It’s worded to suggest they do. It presupposes all questions, without exception. It presupposes you know what a question is, or a presupposition indeed. 222 more words

Calamities – August 26, 2016

The world is in turmoil, some places more than in others. Calamities are increasing. It is the time that you are in. I know the end from the beginning. 213 more words

What stupid question have you heard someone ask (or asked yourself)?

I was always under the impression that there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you have a question, ask. It’s better to know than to be left in the dark. 41 more words