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Break things into baby steps

>>Just Saying about the sweet things about …>>
This sweet spot, just outside of my comfort zone, is the place where I can improve my performance and make greater gains in our work. 880 more words

My Insight


They won’t know where you’ve been
Nor where you’ve going
All they know is…
Where you are.

Judge all you want
What I say or do… 141 more words


Staying stuck

I have been thinking about this blog post for a while now but like every move I make these days,  I have been questioning how to word it so that it isn’t preceived to be about something it is not and that even if  “the shoe fits”, that it isn’t offensive. 1,328 more words


Body Conscious

Over the years I’d always been really body conscious, during summer in particular. On really hot days I was happy to wear things that revealed skin, like vest tops and shorts just round the house. 242 more words

Plus Size

Wrong Judgement 

He has tattoos. He smokes weed. “Oh, you deserve better”. I don’t want anyone else, I want him.

Just because someone has tattoos doesn’t mean they are a bad person. 328 more words

Transgender Shame

In accepting a nomination for the Liebster Award, I answered ten random questions from a fellow blogger (read the questions and my answers here). Several of those questions made me contemplate my own emotions in relation to my transition, and how transitioning has affected my perception of myself. 291 more words


The Imminent Danger (Pt 13)

It is but a brief and faint outline I have attempted to give of the present state of this nation, in the sight of Almighty God, and of the sins for which we are this day assembled to humble ourselves before Him. 217 more words

My Shameful Addiction - To Poetry