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Facing Perception and Rejection

During the time in my life I consider my spiritual awakening, everything I had come to know was transitioning. I had surrounded myself in high school and college with very judgmental people who loved to gossip, chase wealth, party, and position themselves as elite in many ways. 751 more words


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The only thing in life that is assured is that if you wait long enough, it will change. How you survive that change and who you are after change is down to you. 183 more words


Its too late...

Even if you were a genius,
your caliber would be just short to understand her.

She is messy and loving
vulnerable and raw
The only one of her kind. 107 more words


Judging Others

It’s  easy for everyone to judge other people👤,  creating other names for someone👤, talking behind other peoples back👥 and even throwing a couple of judgemental looks👀.  202 more words


Race Roles- Fall in Line

So I have come up with a new concept. Remember gender roles? How women are raised to follow suit and act like women and vice-versa for men. 566 more words



Malcolm Gladwell is easily one of my favorite authors. Like, top three, for sure.

He does a fantastic job of taking tons of information and presenting it in bite-sized, understandable pieces. 729 more words

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Ashley Madison

As far as I know, there wasn’t one single person at our weekly gathering this past Sunday whose name was revealed through the Ashley Madison data hack.   557 more words