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Misconceptions: OCD "doesn’t involve lack of faith"

Misconceptions: OCD doesn’t involve lack of faith

Warning: the next article is not meant to attack ERP therapy in it’s total context or to mark all therapists as liars, but to study on some aspects related with faith and OCD that usually are being ignored due to the spiritual nature it involves (and not so seen in the world of psychology, which usually focuses on the mental nature but not in the spiritual one) This article doesn’t encourage people to leave their ERP or CBT therapy, it encourages to people suffering OCD to pay attention to their spiritual lives through the times of suffering the mental illness. 5,659 more words


Stick in the Mud

Again, this morning, the rain fell at all the wrong times and fist-sized snowflakes taunted spring’s attempt to arrive. But spring will win in the end. 407 more words

Visits With God

Let's talk fear

The fear of public speaking:

Many years ago I used to train and present for a financial institution that I worked for. I can’t say I enjoyed public speaking but I managed to deliver what I needed to get across and have it over with before I reached the temperature of combustion. 1,230 more words

The more wisdom a person gains, the humbler he or she becomes

Whoever does not believe in all humility that his wisdom is the sum of all wisdom – that his judgement represents the highest judgement – will soon be able to observe that there are people apart from himself who have more wisdom and judgement , and he will listen to these beings and allow himself to be instructed by them. 169 more words


Acceptance transforms my fear

I used to go to a healer. The first time I met her she asked me why I came, what I needed help with and so on. 1,057 more words

Place Settings: Ensuring there's room

Found a 12- person dining room table on Craigslist for $100, plus 6 chairs to add to our 4 existing chairs (which were also free) for an additional $35. 1,152 more words

Biblical Future Prophecy –Part 10: The Resurrections and Judgments

In this series of articles we have discussed the resurrections and judgments as they appear in the sequence of future events; however, it is helpful to trace them through the timeline so that we have a clear understanding of their significance and when each event takes place. 2,595 more words

The Future (Eschatology)