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The Next Act

There are times when you can be super busy doing things but it never seems like 443 more words

Random Ramblings

The Parenting Train Wreck

It’s been discussed before and will be the topic of many parenting articles to come. I’ve written about it myself from an arm’s length away. Today, following a spate of articles written by people tut tutting parents while trying to appear like they are taking the high road in the interest of our children, I say enough is enough. 1,687 more words


Yes, I have Bipolar Disorder....What's your point? (Poetry)

Yes, I have Bipolar Disorder…tell me, exactly what’s your point?

Sure, my moods hit “highs and lows”…but I still aim to never disappoint.

Sure I have some internal “noise”….and I’m always “ready to go”.   296 more words


Fitting two love pieces

Relationship goals are probably the most stressful ones.

Goals are what you set for yourself to achieve

Relationships are supposed to be between two people where love feels like home.  229 more words

Who Are You?

our generation isn't growing up, and that's okay

Every generation has consisted of those that refuse to grow up. Look around you, you can still see those free thinking, world loving 60 year old hippies walking around with the biggest smiles on their bearded faces. 664 more words


Baby Stigmas

Why is it that when a woman is pregnant everyone feels like they have a right to add in their opinions on her life. It happens everyday. 585 more words