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Does Skin Complexion Matter In Today's Society?

So, the answer is clear cut..Of course it makes a difference in my society and it matters,in your society,in her society,in his society.Did you notice ever in your conversation , you guys always start to talk about people from their skin color ,Isn’t it ? 326 more words


I want to write science fiction stories

I am a scientist and I love science, medicine, drugs, technology and learning about their use and mis-use. I wrote two stories last year using science as a base and I enjoyed doing it. 167 more words

people watching.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than leaving my job of constant “I need everyone’s attention! Cristian, please stop making noises. Steven, over here please!” and going to my favorite spot, having a beer, and people watching. 971 more words


Resting in God's Forgiveness and Grace

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few months about “accountability” and forgiveness.  I think there are many Christians who have been taught that they will somehow have to face some sort of judgment by God for what they did or failed to do in this life.  1,656 more words

Is Jehovah Just?

    The Jehovah’s Witness view of Judgement Day strips God of his justice. The reader should know that I am referencing the Watch Tower article “What Will Happen on Judgement Day”. 578 more words

Being non-judgmental

Being non-judgmental , for me, is less about actions and more about the concept of free-will. I will definitely judge a person’s actions as right (as per my own subjective standards). 171 more words


Hello, can I borrow some spoons?

I am not in your shoes and you are not in mine, please do not judge people.