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Philadelphia, 2017

For my poem, I will be looking into William Blake’s “London”. I picked this poem because it is the one I understand the best. William Blake looked at the negative side of London and that is something most people overlook because, for many reasons, they would like to believe that they are living in a safe and comfortable neighborhood. 133 more words

The French Revolution (4/17-4/28)

Well done Serena - but please, folks, don't expect us all to do that

So Serena Williams won the Australian Open when she was eight weeks pregnant. Good for her. I did something amazing in the first trimester, too: some days, I even got out of bed. 589 more words

Different Prophet; Same Message


Friday, April 21

The job description of a prophet doesn’t vary much. Speak the words God has given you. Usually these words and utterances are judgement and wrath, Zephaniah follows the same pattern. 252 more words

Bible In A Year

Shortcuts in Judgement

Our shortcuts in judgment can be used against us.

Occasionally the behaviour of creatures can look ridiculously easy. Look at the mother turkey, which even assaults them or usually cares greatly for its chicks but left if they don’t emit their distinguishing “cheep-cheep” sound. 264 more words


A Few Inferences from Kalyan Dey Chowdhary Supreme Court Judgement

Currently a supreme court judgement on alimony is making the news headlines like “Alimony must be 25% of husband’s net pay”. While most of you may not have the time to deep dive into why such an order was passed, I have made an attempt to understand that. 669 more words


Fear Runs The Planet

Fear of the unknown, scary changes, things that are not the norm, and so much more tends to run the world. We are so scared of change. 2,103 more words


Gleanings from the Bible: Amos

Amos prophesied during the reigns of Jeroboam II of Israel and Uzziah of Judah, some time before both went into Exile. That might explain the unrelenting message of doom, calculated to shake both kingdoms out of their complacency. 367 more words