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Existential Dread

I love my life; it’s all going really well. I’m scared of saying that out loud for fear of dying. I am a dyed in the wool atheist, and my complete absence of faith in a higher power than myself is absolutely unshakeable. 1,136 more words


Happy New Year 2018

There’s a numerological formula you can use to work out your Tarot Card of the Year. This card represents the type of experiences you can expect to have during that year. 365 more words


Building the Temple of God. pg. 28

No! He is NOT resting there.

We are Christians who have followed the prophets from the time of Abraham. We have read and believed their Scriptures. 511 more words


The Four Elements spread

The second weekly reading in the Little Red Tarot Alternative Tarot course is the Four Elements spread.

One card to represent the current situation, in the middle, and then four other cards, each representing one of the elements which in turn represent a different aspect of the situation. 773 more words


The Boredom Artist

Ennui, stasis, liquefying putrid decay. The drip drip drip of the tap in your head. Replace the parts, flush out the system with corrosive rage. Break, smash, burn. 429 more words


Mama Cantik dan PPD

Sepekan ini media ramai dengan pemberitaan meninggalnya seorang wanita muda yang diduga bunuh diri dengan melompat dari lantai 10 sebuah apartemen di pusat ibukota. Wanita cantik yang usianya masih seperempat abad lebih sedikit itu meninggalkan seorang suami yang masih terpukul dan bayi kecil yang bahkan usianya belum ada satu tahun. 353 more words


M/s. Sunwhite Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. V. Kindle Developers Pvt Ltd, CP No. 40 (ND)/17 (decided on 23.08.2017)


The petition was filed by M/s Sunwhite Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the petitioners”) against Kindle Developers Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the respondents”) Sec 241… 1,249 more words

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