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The story of the fool women

The sound of Mother Nature awake her

From the reality of the judgemental world

That have swallowing her

Into the deep mad cruel world

This is the story of the fool women… 639 more words



Christian belief has it that there are two basic resurrections, the “Judgment seat of Christ”, and the “Great white throne”.

These are taken from the book of Revelation.   1,036 more words


Daily Tarot Card: Judgement

Daily Tarot Card: Judgement About the Deck:

The Radiant Rider-Waite deck is one of the most popular decks on the market today. It is a more vibrant recolored version of the traditional Rider-Waite deck, originally published in 1910. 423 more words

Daily Card

Death - Life a New Love Affair!

World changers, life changers, evolution coming thru those who are constantly evolving themselves, the light that keeps my own personal world spinning, changing, stretching… ALL YOU, every one of you.   1,504 more words

The Shift

Life and Mind never touch

Life is intelligence

Mind is stupid absurdity

Life is self sustainable

Mind is self destructive

Life is ease and flow

Mind is disease and stagnation… 89 more words

Spirituality For Fun Project


This verse typifies God’s nature because he is unchanging and constant.  Before we were born he gave his answer on the cross, the answer to our plight of death, frustration and futility. 373 more words


Walking Through Fear

My intention when starting this blog was to produce a shift within myself. Each time I walk through fear I grow. Regardless of whether or not I succeed or fall on my face, I grow. 855 more words