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Other mums, the Pavlik harness and me

I think loneliness is a feeling common to all career women when they become mums. Most career-driven people do not live in the area where they grew up. 638 more words


Good thoughts on Choice

1. God didn’t stop Adam & Eve in the Garden when they made the wrong choice. He had to let them do it. But He punished them, He rewarded them accordingly, according to their works & lies & evil doings & disobedience! 1,368 more words


High Self Esteem, Low Self-Esteem or Neither?

High self-esteem, low self-esteem or neither?  Our society says if a person is feeling bad about themselves all the time, talking down to themselves, insecure; they just need higher self esteem. 722 more words

No Assumption

I am the one who searches minds and hearts...“-Revelation 2:23

An assumption is a pre-conceived judgment, also known as condemnation. I remember a pastor who used to tell me, “Never assume. 321 more words

Do you struggle with this?

Especially in today’s age of social media, our mistakes can spread like wildfire. Even innocent mistakes can be blown out of proportion and a bombardment of judgement begins. 35 more words

I Believe In Christ

We criticize perfectly as if we are perfect

“She’s a hooker” they said. She needs attention, she’s depressed, they didn’t know.

“He’s a failure” they said. He’s the smartest and the most helpful, they didn’t know. 224 more words