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Ezekiel 19 – 23

If this is starting to sound repetitive I understand but I want us to stop and consider why it is beginning to sound repetitive. 867 more words

Bible In A Year

God's Pursuit for His Own Glory in Ordaining Sin

God, first and foremost, is jealous and consumed for His own glory. Nothing that He has created in heaven or earth has any worth even close to that of the supreme worth of His glory. 2,370 more words

It Is Almighty God Who Saved Me | How Was I Conquered by the Word of God

It Is Almighty God Who Saved Me

Li Tianhong

Lingbao City, Henan Province

     I believe that every brother and sister in the Lord is expecting the Lord’s coming and is expecting the Lord to take us to heaven and into the glorious and beautiful home soon. 3,696 more words

Almighty God

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth - Oh My!

I would guess that the average Episcopalian is cool with the Parable of the Talents all the way up to the final verse.  Sure, there are some who will embrace the imagery of the outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, just as there are some Socialist Episcopalians who will balk at the whole premise of this parable, but, by and large, most of us feel like we can understand what Jesus is up to until we hear those words of judgment.  458 more words


Don't let fear win!

Fear = paralysis and causes people to stay in bad situations due to familiarity. Compromising values, goals, and dreams because you are too afraid of what may go wrong, or what people will think are every day examples of how we let fear win. 58 more words


Something about Self-doubt

I cried for about an hour today. Then I called a friend and talked to her for another hour. Two hours of unrest and kiddish bellowing is what it took, for me to come back to my normal self. 540 more words

All Things Random

Being Judgemental

Two colleagues and I were discussing whether it is good being a non-vegetarian eater or a vegetarian eater. I, because of my weakness of seeing red blood, was of the opinion that it is better to be a vegetarian. 605 more words