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Everyday Invalidations Abuse statements





what are you upset about?

You are exaggerating

You are just like your mother

That is not true

Why dont you grow up… 28 more words

Eschatology Is The End of The Old Covenant Not The New 

​The New Covenant does not have an eschatology of its own. Prophecies about the coming of the Lord, the end the age, the new heavens and earth, judgement day etc are all old covenant. 347 more words

Acts 23:30, 24

Sent to Felix

 30 And when it was told me that the Jews lay in wait for the man, I sent him immediately to you, and also commanded his accusers to state before you the charges against him. 291 more words


When the church makes you sick

“Many times during and after treatment I couldn’t help but think “stupid, stupid cancer. You almost took my life. You took my hair. I still feel like crap sometimes, probably from all of the chemicals I’ve been exposed to. 627 more words

The Dating Game

So the other day I was re-introduced to the world of online dating by a friend who was looking for a date. Her participation in the online dating game hit me hard because she shares the awkwardness that has plagued my dating life since forever. 623 more words


There's A Monster. Its Name Is "Age".

I’ll make a guess. I’ll gamble and say that one of the top things we are scared of is age. Am I right? I think so. 836 more words



“Ideally, the maximum circumference of a woman’s thighs should be 19 inches.”

I sit cross-legged in the Garden Room at the Holiday Inn surrounded by a sea of tall, thin, overdeveloped young girls. 1,442 more words