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Keep it in your pants.

Ok, so things are going to get a little awkward here.

Too many trigger warnings to list here. (If you understand that statement, fuck off and get over it.) 674 more words

From John Stotts' "The Cross""

“In Matthew’s words, ‘He knew it was out of envy that they had handed Jesus over to him’.There is no reason to question Pilate’s assessment. He was a shrewd judge of human character. 292 more words

When they Judged.

When they Judged.

My dear, I know you are hurt.
Shift, please let me sit by your side as you gaze at the shooting stars. 547 more words


Your Card for Today: Judgment

For today, we have Judgment from David Sexton’s Winged Spirit Tarot.

I didn’t remember this version when I turned it over today. At the time of buying this deck, I would probably not have realised that its imagery isn’t wholly traditional. 213 more words


What is the Gospel of Peace & Grace? ~ part 2

So I’m back after a busy week of kids, school and life! Here where I live Spring has sprung. The yellow pollen from the pine trees is beginning to coat everything and my scratchy, itchy throat and eyes tell me that everything else has also begun it’s new season. 1,013 more words


Writing Is Scary

“Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.” :Holley Gerth

You put your personal thoughts out there to be judged… … 260 more words