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I Don't Know Him! - April 26, 2019

Judges 6.1-40; Luke 22.54-23.12; Psalm 95.1-96.13; Proverbs 14.5-6

We get Peter. In reality, he may the disciple most like us – quick to say something, even when it is wrong. 157 more words

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The story of Gideon is the story of the Lord at work.

The story of Gideon is the story of the Lord at work. This is summed up in (a) Gideon’s call – “The Lord is with you, brave man … You will rescue Israel from Midian with the strength you have. 64 more words


In the bad times, there is still some encouragement.

The book of Joshua speaks of a high-point in the history of God’s people, Israel. By faith, they took possession of the land which the Lord had provided for them. 99 more words


PMO vets potential judges with Liberal database

Inappropriate in many ways. But it would be good to have some comparative data on the processes previous governments used, if any, in their review of possible partisan links to know if this is new or just a more sophisticated version of previous practice (e.g., running names by regional or other ministers). 1,436 more words


Joyful Discipline - April 25, 2019

Judges 4.1-5.31; Luke 22.35-53; Psalm 94.1-23; Proverbs 14.3-4

I have been disciplined, if truth were to be told, more than my fair share in my life. 142 more words

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Overview Of The Old Testament: Judges

Judges 1-12

God commanded His people to ‘drive out’ His enemies. Again and again, they failed (1:19,21,27-33). In Isaiah 30:21, God says, ‘This is the way, walk in it’. 534 more words


We must pray for the triumph of God’s grace over human sin.

The sinful and shameful times, described in the book of Judges, are summed up in the book’s final verses of chapters 19, 20 & 21. “Never has such a thing happened or been seen from the time the people of Israel came out of Egypt until today” (Judges 19:30). 155 more words