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Barren Beginnings

Barren. She was barren. Infertile. Sterile. Unable to bear children (Judges 13:2).

And she lived in a land that was barren. Among a people in rebellion to the LORD who had brought them into a land of promise and potential, but a land that bore little fruit from their great calling as the people of God. 499 more words

Keep On Keepin' On

The end of Samson and Micah’s priest

Samson and Delilah meet in Judges 16.  She will be his demise.  She just wants to use him as he wants to use her.  The constant tricks that he plays on her make the Philistines hate both.  460 more words

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When God Gives a Time Out. Chapter 2

Last week I departed from this blog’s usual focus of applying the academic discipline of biblical studies to the church. Instead, I posted devotional material from my out-of-print book (2006), “When God Gives a Time Out.” I shared chapter 1, “ 1,370 more words


Samson the Nazarite

Judges 13 through 16 tells the history of the most famous of the judges.  Samson was born to a family from Dan.  Chapter thirteen explains that he was to be a Nazarite from birth.  267 more words

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Dissecting The Judges (Inquiry) Act and Why It Remains Dormant

Ever wondered what it takes to judge the Judge. Probably not. If you are from India though, you might recall the year 2018 when the Congress Party (Opposition), went on a witch hunt to impeach the then Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra. 804 more words

Jephthah of Gilead

Tola, Jair, and Jephthah are listed in Judges 10.  We only start the story of Jephthah.  The people of Gilead are looking for a leader because the Ammonites and preparing to attack them. 231 more words

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Daily Dose of Courage - 7 April 2020

Short daily devotionals for the socially distanced. These are thoughts from my daily time in the word. I use a bible reading plan that will have me in a different section of Scripture every day. 928 more words