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What should be

Since man’s life on earth is a time of trial, and all who would live devotedly in Christ must undergo persecution, and the devil your foe is on the prowl like a roaring lion looking for prey to devour, you must use every care to clothe yourselves in God’s armour so that you may be ready to withstand the enemy’s ambush. 638 more words


The Ugliness of Who I Was…(Part 4)

This will be the last segment of The Ugliness of Who I Was… but they story is not over. There is a better story coming…I promise. 1,341 more words


If You Can't Say Something Nice -- Kerry - 7/1/2015

If You Can’t Say Something Nice

July 1, 2015

Dear Kerry,

Tonight, after putting the littlest members of the family to bed (for the fifth time), you sat to write while your husband and oldest daughter watched television. 227 more words


Judging With Right Judgment

I use to believe that John 3:16 was the most well-known Bible verse in the world, and at one time it may very well have been. 1,339 more words


In Hushed Whispers

It was as a teenager that I first heard about same-sex love. During the era I was youngster, there was no question about what was right and what was wrong in the family structure. 639 more words

Deserving Of Love

Judging Seldom Makes Any One Feel Better.

All my life I was proud of the fact that I could accept people for who they really were. I never felt I had to convince someone to think the same way I did. 414 more words


Quick to Judge

Sometimes in this life we have unexpected, unpleasant encounters with strangers who are quick to judge us based only on their first impressions of us. I was 19 when I first became a mother, and I remember walking into Kmart one afternoon with my baby in my arms. 1,063 more words