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Keeping Up Appearances

“For the apparel oft proclaims the man,…” Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

“Clothes make the man.” Mark Twain

Question: Do clothes and appearances make the Christian? 1,445 more words


A bad kind of butterfly

A bad butterfly? Is there such a thing?  When I was very young, I had a love (ok, an extreme passion) for collecting butterflies. During my summers in Virginia, I’d get out of bed, quickly eat breakfast and grab my butterfly net. 424 more words


Why We Don't Need to Fix People

The realization came as a blow to both my pride and my false sense of control. He did not want me to fix it. He wanted me to let it go. 477 more words

Spiritual Growth

Jury Duty and the Question "Isn't Christianity all about Forgiveness and Redemption"

“Isn’t Christianity all about forgiveness and redemption?” was the question I was asked last week, as I sat as a potential juror in a courtroom in Hennepin County’s Government Center. 727 more words


The weight of the sum

We were talking. The three of us. Actually, true to form, the two of them were talking and I half listened and half zoned out. That’s what happens when there are more than two to a conversation – I tune out and become bored. 275 more words

Side Stuff

When We Choose To Believe The Worst

She was funny. Kind. A go-getter. She definitely knew her stuff … and was nothing like the horror stories I’d been told. And trust me … the stories were not good. 885 more words


Three Learned While Standing In Jury Line (2015)

1. Stay crime free.
2. Patience.
3. Likes of me judging others?