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To Each Their Own.

It is not my job to judge people. I hold myself to a very high standard of living and of character. This standard is largely important to me. 447 more words

Editorial: "We Must Pay Much Closer Attention To What We Have Heard..." (July/August, 2015)

A few years ago, during the Twilight craze that was sweeping the nation and the world and causing teen girls to violently debate the merits of “Team Jacob” versus “Team Whoever” (I can’t even remember the other guy’s name), I had the privilege to teach teens at Palmetto Bible Camp and later at a youth rally at a church in the Raleigh area. 1,019 more words

Jon Mitchell

Love Is the Law*

Golden rule, schmolden rule. It comes down to this: In absolutely every situation, love ought to rule. If you have a decision to make, choose the more loving path. 483 more words

Life Lessons


Only freedom can allow us to be who we truly are…pure and simple…only freedom can define our true selves


"I'm offended because you're judging me, you hypocrite!" (Prelude)

We have all felt judged. We have all been offended.  We have all been called hypocrites, whether directly or veiled behind insinuations and innuendos.

We have all judged.   837 more words

Judging Others

Try this on…Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the most loving, compassionate, caring person in history. Jesus started the church to continue His work until He returns.

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Christian Testimony

Daily Bible Verse & Commentary, July 24, 2015


How can you think of saying to your friend, ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? 100 more words