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If you knew that blaming is what is keeping you from being happy, would you stop doing it? Well, it is. I’m not saying this is easy to change. 887 more words

Self Discovery

Where are your 3 fingers pointing?

Readers of my blog will know that I have referenced before two different parts of our brain that are responsible for making decisions.

One part is a rapid response “fight or flight”, quick-action  decision maker. 293 more words


God’s Not Dead 2 Movie Warns of Scary Judgment by God But What Is God’s Judgment Really?

One of the noted lines in the movie God’s Not Dead 2 is,

“I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God.” 672 more words

Growing In Fullness

Judging people is it worth it? 

The world today has been judging a lot people by the way they act or what race you are, but they aren’t realizing that we are all people. 600 more words

A Word From Your Editor

I try to never judge...

…because people judge me all the time.

Having mental illness. Being on disability. Not working. Taking seven medications a day. My avoidance of parties and bars. 227 more words


Welcome to d-church. We continue in our theme of looking at some of the things that Jesus said.

A bit of fun to start with. This media clip is called ‘Don’t Judge Too Quickly’. 299 more words


How Can I Be 54 and Still Fat? (part one)

“How can I be 54 and still fat?” During the weeks before my 54th birthday in January I asked myself that question every day. I pondered and framed it in my mind with a flashing light border adding “What the heck’s the matter with me?” 1,432 more words