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Frankenstein And The Throwaway Culture

What is a “throwaway culture”? What has Frankenstein to do with a “throwaway culture”? What can we learn from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel regarding the consequence of embracing a “throwaway culture”? 1,505 more words


A gentle reminder from a forwarded email...

This was sent in a forwarded email this morning…you know the ones that you normally delete before reading. Well something stayed my hand and I’m glad it did. 399 more words


Are Christians Judging you?

I often hear people say that Christians are judgmental, that people should not judge, and even the Bible says so. Well, whilst there are some Christians who are undoubtedly judgmental, it is not judgmental to merely point out when someone is doing something wrong, and simply to dismiss someone as judging you can be an excuse not to engage in their discussion. 13 more words

Healthy Living

IIW15: A Battle Between Visible and Invisible Illness

Why the Fight?

You may have seen it all over the news this year: Nasty letters left on the cars of those suffering with invisible disabilities. 1,417 more words

Chronic Illness

Conscientious objector

What your workplace does should be in accordance with your belief systems. Buddha speaks about this in his concept of “right livelihood.” It is a smart idea to get a job at a place that does things that are harmonious with what you practice. 1,038 more words


The Peeple App Let's You Judge Your Friends, Coworkers, & Lovers

Oh man, we just love judging people. I mean, we really, really, really, really LOVE judging other people. You know, because we’re jealous or depressed about our own shortcomings. 185 more words


Judging Others – are those thoughts really yours?

Most people reading this will have an awareness of themselves as the divine being that they are to some degree, and that they are existing in a human body in a dense reality that we call earth. 463 more words