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Annual Fall Freeze Picnic

(Read and Follow the Directions)

Today was our annual family Fall Freeze Picnic. This annual tradition came about because we always procrastinated our family canyon picnic until it was nearly too late. 248 more words

Read And Follow

"Come, Follow Me" by Practicing Christian Love and Service

by Elder Robert D. Hales

I like it when things are made plain and simple for me.  Break it down.  Make it clear.  Help me with the takeaway. 71 more words

Spiritual Sustenance

Welcome to Martyrdom

A few times in my life, the concept of martyrdom has come up. I’ve read a few books on people who became martyrs, or close to it (including a book I reviewed… 819 more words

Regarding Others

Jesus wants me to view others like him.  Not as the people who push my buttons or as those who please me and serve me.  Rather than judging people based on what they can do or have done to us, view people as those loved by God for whom Jesus died… 331 more words

Marc Kinna


Morals are what defines our characters in life and how we respond to everyday living.  They are our standard operating procedures, our moral compass.

Each of us are raised to think and believe a certain way by our parents about many things in life such as; right and wrong, religion, education, debt, family, generosity, happiness, and love.   610 more words



Every person in the world is an individual with their belief system.  Our belief systems are first started by our parents or the way we were raised.   479 more words