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August 26


a terrific day to remind ourselves that God loves even the worst of us.

“Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? 458 more words

"TODAY IS....A Gift From God"


My LinkedIn account asked me, for the second time, to connect to my old boss.  And I just don’t know what to do.

I worked for her for seven years, and rose through the ranks.  1,229 more words

The World is Full of Good People: Focusing Our Energy On What We Want

My daily routine includes scrolling my Facebook feeds of pages I’ve liked. All of these pages are there to surround me with the good energy I want in my life. 357 more words

Self Discovery

One of the many things that I'm overly irrational about.

Up until college, every school that I had attended was very small, conservative, and Catholic. All of the families that went their had sent their children there for generations and it was predominantly wealthy. 334 more words

Adult Bullies Hiding Behind the Subtlety of the Internet

There’s a lot of talk about bullying in the news. I pay attention because my children were bullied, my daughter IS bullied and I was bullied in school and in my neighborhood. 1,356 more words

Don't judge others

I’ve written on this subject before once.  Maybe twice.  I don’t remember.  But that’s the problem.  It is a life-lesson that I keep forgetting.

So what is wrong with judging others?   310 more words