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Xanthias: “A dog is better than I am"

“A dog is better than I am, for he has love and does not judge.”

– St. Xanthias, in The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Religious/Theological Reflections

How Our Black and White View of the World is Ruining Our Witness

My seven-year-old has asked questions for as long as he could string sentences together. He is a sponge learning about the world around him, and he loves figuring out how things work. 230 more words


A Reluctant Blessing

On the Sunday following Pentecost,
I stood in white shirt and jeans
beside a white-haired woman
who was wearing a simple print dress.

She lifted her hands toward heaven… 306 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

Coffee with Wings May #3

Romans 14:4 CEV

What right do you have to criticize someone else’s servants? Only their Lord can decide if they are doing right, and the Lord will make sure that they do right. 14 more words


Judge not…..

We’ve all read it, heard it, said it to someone, or had someone say it to us. Maybe you’ve even been curious enough to research the passage and its interpretation. 1,318 more words

Non-traditional Christianity

True freedom

“Stop worrying about what other people think. They’re probably too busy worrying about what other people think, too! :)

– Cheryl Richardson

Throw Your Impressions Out of the Window

Today an impression I have had of someone for quite a while turned out to be very wrong. Past experiences and the general impression this person gives made me think I had their character all painted out in my mind, but after getting to know them today I was proved completely wrong. 323 more words