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Blood Moons In Biblical Prophecy Incredible Year Ahead In 2015! (Link to part 1)

This is a quick, and generally good overview of current events I think. “The statement about new consciousness is a little strange”, I should hope it is referring to –  297 more words


Getting Pumped for Judgment Day: From Fundamentalist Fear to Extraordinary Grace

If I had to choose a least favorite hymn, it would probably be “It Is Well With My Soul.”

As a child, I would sometimes sing this song at school or at a summer camp at the Baptist church. 1,241 more words


Judgment Day (Revelation)

Listen to Judgment Day (Revelation) here:


(Our) Time is up

The hour’s comin’ for the Lord’s return

Jesus is ridin’ on his enemies

And hearts will burn… 870 more words

Christian Hip Hop


Accomplishment, achievement, attainment, success. You sought, you strove, you worked hard and then you achieved, you were successful. Is that you? A future you that the present you is working towards? 571 more words

Self Perception


Published on Feb 3, 2015

Could we have got things a bit wrong? Beware…..


Indeed, we cannot know until he shows us, but all the signs are pointing towards the “end of the book”. 27 more words

Disciples Of Jesus Christ.

Talitha Cumi Part Two

I know how hard it is to have faith in others. If someone hurt me once, chances are they’ll do it again. I can forgive them, but then I need to have faith that they won’t repeat their mistake. 2,695 more words

Bible Essays

The Best Attorney There Is!

Hello friends!

I apologize but sadly I do not remember when or where I first received this story as a gift or who it is written by, but I encourage you to share it and pass on this wonderful message all the same!! 804 more words