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Good People Go To Hell, Matthew 5:3

Did that title get your attention?

Buddy sits by the front door to see what’s going on in the neighborhood but he’s looking in the wrong direction. 474 more words

Silky Terrier

Forgive Us, to the Same Degree That We Forgive.....

When thinking about being forgiven, then being allowed into “Heaven”, my thought process went like this….”I’m not THAT “bad”, I’ve seen worse…I forgive people.” Then I attempt to put names with the “forgiven”…the ones whose “trespasses” are all but forgotten. 135 more words


What Think Ye of Him?

Mark 3

21 [p]And when his [q]kinsfolks (His family) heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him: for they said that he was beside himself (was mad). 197 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

Living Differently

Many of us, being biblically saved Christians have noticed that the more we walk along this road, this Ever Narrowing Way, the harder life gets. 645 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

To Blaspheme A Human

Published on Apr 7, 2017

This is why church is so strong and determined to be right, even killing all those who are the Lord’s and speak against it. 8 more words

Disciples Of Jesus Christ.

Who Needs God? We All Do!

(Edward Payson, 1783-1827)

“O my people, listen to the words of the LORD! Have I been like a desert to Israel? Have I been to them a land of darkness? 417 more words

Truth And The Word Of God