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Because He Is Good

“…God will not acquit the wicked, because he is good.  What! Doth goodness demand that sinners shall be punished?  It doth.  The Judge must condemn the murderer, because he loves his nation. 96 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

Thirsty Thursday: Why the Gospel was never about you

What I read: Chronological Reading for the week (selections from Jeremiah and Ezekiel) has been completed early, so I am reading various devotionals from Spurgeon, Calvin, and praying through the Psalms. 760 more words


Bleeding trees

Et de ligno sanguis stillabit.

4 Ezra 5.5

The above verse is from the Fourth Book of Ezra, one of the Apocrypha, and it inspired a creepy depiction of the natural world on Judgment Day in the Old English poem…

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The Wicked Will NOT Go Unpunished

” ‘The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked.’ Nahum 1:3.  …The greatness of his power is an assurance, and an assurance that he will not acquit the wicked. 67 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

End of Doctrine

In this episode Swedberg argues that we humans must defend our brains.

Anders, Thea, Swedberg, and Griet take a tour outside Eastbridge inn and tavern. They see stars. 713 more words

Book Four: The Dwarf, Bedeviled

Fickle and Weak Humans

In this episode Swedberg, Pastor John, and Thea debate the necessity of certain punishment.

Anders squeezes in between Swedberg and Pastor John’s ghost, and Griet gets in next to Anders. 2,333 more words

Book Four: The Dwarf, Bedeviled

MORE GENIE PROBLEMS Sales Blurb (First Draft)

In More Genie Problems, the third novel about Marvin Harper and his genie Fatima, Marvin has more problems of every kind.

Shrill feminist Michelle LeClerc has been an occasional annoyance to Marvin in… 257 more words

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