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Like Dante in Hell

Just like Dante in Hell

I sense a burning smell

Of criticism in my every step,

Passing judgment off as regret.


Day 15, Season of Lent

Readings:  Psalms am: 72  pm: 119:73-96Jere 3:6-18Rom 1:28-2:11John 5:1-18

Religiously Correct

Keeping the Sabbath the proper way ranked high on the Pharisee’s list. 407 more words


To the Agents of Hate and Evil:
You may be winning the minds of followers…

But remember this, you damned Agents;
Humans create hate, but love creates humans. 9 more words


Dear Mother Over There with Your Coffee and Sh*tty Attitude…

To the Mother who’s sitting with her group of friends judging me with your coffee, whilst your son pushes and bullies other children.

But you haven’t even noticed this because your too self-absorbed judging me and nattering away with your pals. 931 more words


Valuing the Gift of God's Presence

Today’s blog continues yesterday’s reflection on God’s presence. Our beloved apostle Paul says that in Christ we have been given access to God (Romans 5:2). Hebrews 4:16 exhorts us to come before God’s throne with “confidence” or “boldness.” … 501 more words


Sobering Scriptures

These Scriptures speak for themselves. It should make us evaluate our lives in light of how we will stand before God. We rely on His grace for sure but how we live our lives on this earth will be taken into account. 107 more words

Life In General

March Madness

As a basketball coach and basketball junkie, this is one of my favorite times of the year.  March Madness.  This is the time when teams showcase all of the hard work they have put in throughout the year.   1,502 more words