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Rules Regarding Priests - Lev 10:6-20

We left off with Nadab and Abihu dying as judgment. Immediately after, God starts speaking commands concerning the priests. First, Moses tells Aaron and his sons not to mourn for their dead family, and not even to allow their hair to become unkempt (or to uncover their heads). 1,684 more words


Preparing For Judgment

I think that the second half of Ecclesiastes 11:9 offers a pretty clear warning about “following your heart”:

Follow the ways of your heart
    and whatever your eyes see,

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Satan and the Holy Trinity

Jonathan Tobias, an Eastern Orthodox priest, said in a recent talk, that the devil and other evil powers are ignorant of Trinitarian and Christological theology because it can only be known by revelation of the Holy Spirit. 967 more words


On Discretion:

Jokes about the better part of valor aside; In most facets of our lives we largely impacted by the decisions of others, here in the U.S. 1,054 more words

After School

It Is The End of The World!

Read 363.) Revelation 8:7 thru chapter 13. We have read of the first 6 seals of judgment, and how that the 7th contains the next 7 judgments upon the earth. 382 more words


How Do You Mix Love and Judgment?

I always hear it on TV and read about it on Facebook posts–don’t judge. And they add: “You have no right to judge me because you don’t know where I’m coming from.” Then they garnish that with exhortations to love people instead of judge them. 439 more words



It is sad most men major their lives on the minors, the unimportant, leaving the reason for their being unattended to. They live the lives of other people and fulfil the expectations of others, not being what they were created to be. 331 more words