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What is Gehenna?

Jesus’ use of Gehenna is a primary argument for annihilationism. Adherents to this belief claim the historical and prophetic use of Gehenna as proof that the punishment of the wicked results in their physical and spiritual erasure from existence. 446 more words


Not Married, Working at a Church, & Pregnant!

Yup you read right…

Soooo this post has been on hold for quite some time now…although I find myself thinking about it a lot. Many will have their own views, opinions and the like based on their own up bringing and perspective in life, so have mercy ;) 871 more words


F*CKING: Screw Your Definition of Sacred

Image: Matthew Gaynor

“Sex is kicking death in the ass while singing.”

Charles Bukowski

It seems since the page has taken a different route lately that I am being met with a lot of resistance, and back lash from my readership; both males and females alike have been up in arms over the sexual content and discussions happening regularly now. 903 more words

My Chaos

Rash Judgment

Archbishop Ullathorne asks the question: “How can anyone, having the light of Christ, think any other really worse than himself?”

“To form true judgment of any soul, we must have the sum of all these elements of knowledge before us. 309 more words


A censer to censure: the impact of the saints' prayers

If our prayers are in line with God’s will, they can have a powerful impact throughout the Earth, even when we may not notice it or may take it for granted. 421 more words


This Side of the Whirlwind: Still Listening

Still Listening

IN several of the previous posts we discussed the “Go up there and look for land on which to buy and live” prophecy. Below are several potentially pertinent elements which helped to decide if the “Word” was actually from the Lord or not: 1,254 more words


Scary Jesus

Most of us are familiar with merciful, loving and forgiving Jesus…

But there is a side of Christ we often overlook, a side that is justice, holiness, judgment, and power. 527 more words

Jesus Christ