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West Virginia's appellate court crisis

Odd things are happening on the West Virginia Supreme Court.

On February 16, Chief Justice Allen Loughry was demoted and replaced as chief by Justice Margaret Workman. 450 more words

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Counting on the Low-Information Voter

The LSE Blog features some interesting new research by University of Texas Professor Brent Boyea on the intersection of partisan elections, campaign contributions, and professionalized courts. 258 more words

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Voting for Judges: It Can Be a Matter of Life and Death

By Anne Swanson
ACE Federal and State Budgets Team Leader

How do you vote for judges? Look at the names and pick someone who sounds good? 1,115 more words

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Georgia judge faces contested election after prominent local attorney promises "blood sport"

Georgia Superior Court Judge Ralph Van Pelt, Jr., a twenty-year veteran of the bench, will be opposed for reelection for the first time after a local attorney threatened “blood sport” against him. 179 more words

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ICC Assembly of States Parties Symposium: Day 2

Voting filled the second day of the 16th International Criminal Court (ICC) Assembly of States Parties in New York. The voting procedures for the ICC are intentionally complex – see the explanation by… 383 more words


North Carolina judges try to stay neutral on selection fight

I have tracked the ongoing legislative battle in North Carolina over the selection of state judges. The judges themselves are caught in the middle, unable to comment in any direct or meaningful way. 72 more words

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