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Outside Justice Patricia DiMango Reduces Bronx Court Case Backlog

New York Supreme Court Justice Patricia DiMango has been been working with the Bronx courts since January, and is making major changes.  The Bronx Courts currently boast the largest number of cases that are two years or older in New York City.   389 more words


How Important is Consistency in an Expert? Rembrant Vision Technologies v. Johnson&Johnson

Rembrant Vision Technologies recently received a $47M award from Ciba along with an undisclosed award from Bausch & Lomb. Shortly after, Johnson & Johnson became Rembrant’s next target. 240 more words

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Spotlight on Utah's Newest Federal Court Judge David Nuffer

In June 2011, President Obama nominated Judge David Nuffer to serve as a United States District Judge for the District of Utah. In March 2012 the Senate voted 96-2 to confirm Nuffer. 296 more words


"Red Flags" to Look for in Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses exist in the courtroom as valuable resources of knowledge, and with such expertise may alter the verdict of a given case if the expert witness is persuasive, or not persuasive enough. 338 more words

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New Reviews of California Superior Court Judges

Reviews of three California Superior Court Judges were recently posted on Courtroom Insight.  Be sure to check them out and provide additional reviews if you have worked with any of these judges! 64 more words


Second review of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Maria Stratton

Another review of Judge Maria Stratton was recently posted at Courtroom Insight!  The Los Angeles County judge was rated by an anonymous reviewer who commented that: 154 more words


Review of Texas Judge Ana Lisa Garza

A Courtroom Insight user just posted a review of Texas Judge Ana Lisa Garza.  Judge Garza resides in the 229th District Court in Rio Grande, Texas.  134 more words