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The Courts of British Columbia

About the Supreme Court of British Columbia

The Supreme Court of British Columbia is the province’s superior trial court. The Supreme Court is a court of general and inherent jurisdiction which means that it can hear any type of case, civil or criminal.

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Is it Alright to Say I'm Starting to Lose Faith in the U.S. Judicial System a Bit?

Follow up. That’s all I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. Just learned today, however, that there is literally nothing else I can do at this point in time to help the divorce go through. 403 more words


Trump's dictatorial instincts come to the fore

President Trump increasingly seems to regard the normal checks and balances of USA politics as unreasonable. In particular he seems to want to be able to order politically motivated prosecutions and investigations of people and companies he takes a dislike to. 173 more words

Bathtub Donkeys and Grinchville

The Romans, Jupiter bless their collective souls, had a famous maxim: Dura Lex, Sed Lex, which translates into “The Law is hard, but it is the Law.”  522 more words


Why Terrorist Conviction rate is low in Pakistan?


Pakistan is facing ferocious terrorist activities across the country. State’s legal institutions are failed to effectively convict the terrorists on legal grounds. Pakistan is front line state in war against terrorism but its terrorist’s conviction rate is too low. 389 more words

China Sets Up Communist Party Committee For Lawyers, Tightens Grip On The Judicial System

China has set up a Communist Party Committee for lawyers aimed at implementing the instructions of the Party’s Central Committee.

The decision comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping consolidated his authority at the 19th National Party Congress that took place between October 18 and October 24. 290 more words


Who you mad at?

People are so upset at the NFL. They are mad at the owners who don’t want the players to protest and seem even more upset at the players who don’t protest. 306 more words