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Light yellow standards

The Bangkok Post reports on yet another (partial) victory for the yellow shirts of the People’s Alliance for Democracy.

In another example of double standards and a politicized judiciary, the Appeals Court reduced “two-year jail terms imposed by the primary court for their seizure of Government House in an attempt to oust then-prime minister Samak Sundaravej in 2008.” The court declared that their illegal occupation was “not intended to benefit certain groups or their own interests…”. 124 more words

He's not Black-- He's O.J.

O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday after more than eight years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel heist, successfully making his case in a nationally televised hearing that reflected America’s enduring fascination with the former football star. 609 more words

Trump and the law

On various occasions Mr Trump has been reported as saying that as President he is not subject to indictment. This link points up some of the issues… 78 more words

Eagles Wings

Crime is a side effect of imprisonment, an alternative to our incarceration in the
On Eagles Wings’ form of a bondage of mental illness or physical impairment limiting our reach or a prison cell sized realm of safety and security of being the victim of circumstance or environment. 1,170 more words

Grand Mufti congratulates Melbourne Muslim Man for judical work!

Cairo 15 July 2017−The appeal decision in the camel and fellahin case has just been handed down in Cairo by the Grand Mufti of al-Qahira. The unanimous ruling of the court is that the she camel must leave the village. 156 more words

Social Commentator

Jeff Sessions Seeks Expansion of Patriot Act and Additional Violations of Fourth Amendment Rights

Why does Donald Trump and his circle of sinners hate the Constitution. Is it because it is in the way of their despicable agenda? Trump made many poor decisions when he nominated his cabinet and advisers, and the worst is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 335 more words

Challenging Involuntary Psychiatric Cage Lock Via Writ of Habeas Corpus

I’m not a lawyer, but I do play one here on the internets, therefore you should probably not rely on the following absolutely brilliant legal advice I am about to dispense. 1,214 more words