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White Supremacist Jeff Sessions is Using his Position to Escalate a war against Minorities

If you are a black man or woman, or of Hispanic decent, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions believes that you should not be a sheriff in any county in America. 285 more words

In The Case Of The FISA Memos, Transparency Is National Security

Below is my column on the ongoing controversy over the majority and minority memos from the House Intelligence Committee. President Donald Trump has sent the Democratic memo… 1,125 more words


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The arguments here make a lot of sense, especially given the selective leaking that has occurred so far

Rich and Commit a Crime, no Jail Time: Maximum Time if you're Poor and Commit that Same Crime

Our nation’s judicial system is a mess. Minorities are treated differently than whites by law enforcement. Our prisons are filled with a disproportionately large number of African Americans; many of whom were convicted of drug possession. 431 more words

I Am Left With More Questions Than Answers After The SC Judges’ Press Conference

These days, I come across a lot of articles which say that the Indian democracy is in danger. Recently, a new incident was added to the list – the press conference by four senior Supreme Court judges. 760 more words


Should Judges Push For Arguments By Female Lawyers?

There was an interesting article in the ABA Journal this week discussing how U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Wolford has responded to a New York State Bar Association report on women participating in court arguments at a lower rate than men.  405 more words


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This judge should be sanctioned.Actions unacceptable.