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Justice and Liberty Ain't For All

We’ll never know why Walter Scott decided to run from former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager. Maybe his delinquent child support payments had something to do with it. 338 more words


Iran: How the Judicial System is used to Target Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Five Iranian Christians were arrested by Iranian Intelligence (VEVAK) Officers on 26 August while picnicking with their wives in a private garden in Firouzkooh, an area 90 miles east of Tehran. 923 more words

Special Rapporteur

Observations of Assault System

Encountered this moving video on thoughts and critiques of the US legal and collegial sexual assault system.

Observations of Sexual Assault System

NATURE VS. NURTURE (Fact or Fiction)

I left off with a mention of a Neuroscientist involved in a research project at UC Irvine. The project involved reviewing anatomical patterns in the brain that had a connection with psychopathic tendencies. 650 more words


Doing My Civic Duty

Well, it seems that it’s that time again. This week, I’m doing my civic duty–jury duty, that is.

Having lived during my professional life in four different states, I’ve been called for jury duty in three of the four, and each state’s procedures regarding juries is a little different than all the rest. 334 more words

Giustizia riparativa e il sistema penale(Ing. & Fr.)

Restorative justice and its innovative potential in the judicial system. – “If the word ‘reformist’ is not used as a definition for the restorative movement, an abundant scientific production generated by experts and practitioners agrees to qualify it as a real new approach of criminal justice.[…] The characteristics of the judicial system would be therefore stigmatization and exclusion (given the importance of prison in the system of penalties) of an individual convicted of violation of the moral code of a society; consequently any one found guilty will be inflicted a pain (deprivation, coercion) proportionate to the gravity and the awareness of the act committed in order to deter and reform the offender and to protect the society. 3,547 more words


Black Lives Matter (BLM) has certainly opened my eyes to many shades of white racism.  I confess this with a large dollop of embarrassment. As a white, middle-class, middle-aged, man, someone who the college kids today would consider thoroughly privileged, I thought I knew white people. 

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