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Recorder competition - delayed launch date

The JAC website now confirms that the Recorder selection exercise will launch in April 2015, not March as previously indicated.  Numbers will be confirmed but they currently anticipate that vacancies will be across all Circuits and in both crime and family. 6 more words


The 'Dirty Downside' of Global Sporting Events: Focus on Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

The ‘Dirty Downside’ of Global Sporting Events: Focus on Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation written by R. Finkel & M.L. Finkel in Public Health Journal describes some of the most important truths of human trafficking in the world today… 70 more words


Understanding the Children Law of United Kingdom.

In western nations, there has been given a significant importance to the young citizens within the jurisdiction of law. The government of the United Kingdom has taken special measures in form of… 508 more words

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GMLA Phase Reminder.

Phase 1: Close every government door and their supporting businesses along with the Untied Nations and Vatican. If there are other Sovereign State claims, the other GMLA knows of them and they will shut down too. 547 more words


For My Judicial Branch. The Never Changing Goal In Settlement.

Your only mission.

Both/all parties walk away better off. Nothing less is acceptable in any settlement need. People are worth the time and expense here. I order it always. 113 more words

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Are America and the West Free ?

It is a long standing rule of thumb that a free society allows whatever is not prohibited and that the list of prohibited things and actions is kept to a size small enough to be obeyed by reasonable people of good will. 137 more words

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How to Prepare a Court Brief

How to Prepare a Court Brief

*sample created by Ryan Timothy Jacobs for North Carolina standards

April 2nd, 2013

Click here to view the sample in PDF format:  25 more words

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