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thick as thieves

bust of Jonathan Swift – Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin



Among other figurative meanings, the adjective thick has the sense of close in confidence and association… 562 more words


Swiber defaults on bond payment again

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Beleaguered oil field services firm Swiber Holdings has defaulted on a coupon payment due yesterday for its 450 million yuan (S$92.3 million) fixed-rate notes – the second bond payment it has defaulted on since its judicial management application in July. 305 more words

Current Affairs

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day: America's Evolution from White Male Domination

September 17 is both Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. It’s usually overlooked, but it’s what we are all about. Before going ashore near present-day Salem, Mass., in 1630, John Winthrop gave a sermon urging his followers to always conduct themselves as if the entire world were watching their “city on a hill.” Ever since then, America and Americans have been a work in progress. 1,180 more words

David Offutt

Panem Senate unanimously confirms Justice Francine Ashland Brewster as Chief Justice

The Panem Senate today voted unanimously to confirm the nomination of Associate Justice Francine Ashland Brewster for the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panem. 72 more words


BREAKING: Pres. Mellark to nominate Assoc. Justice Francine Ashland Brewster as Chief Justice

BREAKING: President Peeta Mellark (Liberty-D12) has chosen to nominate Associate Justice Francine Ashland Brewster of District 6 as his choice to replace current Chief Justice Sean Wheeler (D10).  320 more words


NOMINATION WATCH: Potential SC nominees angle for leverage

Following the surprise retirement of Chief Justice Sean Wheeler, multiple potential nominees for his position are angling to gain the leverage needed to become President Mellark’s nominee for the position. 788 more words




Linda maestra! (Pretty teacher! – published in 1799) – by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828)



The noun fly-by-night, or fly-by-nighter, denotes… 445 more words