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Pension issues in SBI–Yet more of a meaningful material:

There is an ocean of views and opinions in regard to pension issues in State Bank as from the readers and also dexterously competent people like Ramchandra Upadhyaya and K R Saini. 566 more words


It’s official - the 1MDB money was stolen

It’s official – the 1MDB money was stolen

COMMENT The attorney general of the United States, Loretta Lynch, made it official yesterday. She said it very clearly. 831 more words


Call for Malaysia PM to step down over 1MDB scandal

Call for Malaysia PM to step down over 1MDB scandal

US officials allege $1bn siphoned from Malaysia state fund and used as “personal bank account” to buy luxury assets. 458 more words


BERSIH calls for PM and AG to immediately resign

MEDIA STATEMENT: Resign or face the rakyat

BERSIH 2.0 congratulates the US Office of the Attorney General brave statement on “United States Seeks to Recover More Than $1 Billion Obtained from Corruption Involving Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund”. 618 more words


1MDB Fraud in Three Phases - Bloomberg

The Malaysia fund is at the center of several international investigations into alleged corruption and money laundering by public officials. Prosecutors in at least four countries — Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the U.S. 847 more words


Four imminent spoilers of Erdogan’s Caliphate ambitions

There are four possible spoilers that Erdogan is busy dealing with right now; democracy itself, professional armed forces, independent judiciary and free-thinking intelligentsia

HUSSAIN SAQIB… 985 more words


MalaysianOfficial1 - A new, powerful pokemon monster?

Who is #MalaysianOfficial1?

One cannot help, but to note the amount of attention given to the press conference given by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) last night. 450 more words