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Conscious practice

I posted a Vlog on conscious practice. For me conscious practice is making every movement in a practice session an intentional action.

One of the key ways I’ve learned to do this is to visualize myself performing the movement perfectly, then verbalizomg the movement as I physically take action. 41 more words


Wing Chun: Raw gums and half remembered science

He was missing his four front teeth. This seemed to make life more inconvenient. He infrequently slurped saliva back into his mouth, limiting the trail from dribbling down his beard. 513 more words


Framing and opportunities

Today’s vlog is about framing and using framing to create opportunities to access tools. I’ll post more on this later as I think this is one of the most important aspects of in-fght weapon access.


Página em construção

Nós do Centro Treinamento Estilo Marcial estamos construindo nossa nova página e agradecemos sua visita. Em breve, a página estará mais completa e cheia de novidades!


A little more on conditioning

In this Vlog I mention the approach I take to anaerobic threshold drills. I thought I would take a few moments to flesh this out a little for you folks. 333 more words