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I am ashamed.

I am a proud Australian writer, a proud Australian woman and an avid believer in supporting our unique Australian culture and stories. Yet I have not discussed any Aussie works in my blog. 1,719 more words

A Vingança Está na Moda

A Vingança Está na Moda (The Dressmaker). (Drama); Elenco: Kate Winslet,  Liam Hemsworth, Judy Davis; Direção: Jocelyn Moorhouse; Austrália, 2015. 118 min.

Dentre os trabalhos de Kate Winslet na temporada 2015 está “A Vingança Está na Moda” de Jocelyn Moorhouse. 550 more words

Crítica Cinematográfica

THE DRESSMAKER – You can’t hide from style… and revenge

The Dressmaker  is a 2015 drama directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, starring beautiful and talented Kate Winslet (widely known for Titanic, Revolutionary Road, Finding Neverland and many more) and young… 851 more words

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She Who Watches #9 - The Dressmaker (2015)

*MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD* Please if haven’t seen this film go watch it I promise you’ll enjoy it! Then come back and read this review after! 762 more words


The Dressmaker (2015)

Director: Jocelyn Moorhouse
Writers: Jocelyn Moorhouse & P.J. Hogan
Cast: Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving.

An impeccably well dressed woman struts her way into an Australian desert village, or rather just a smattering of wood houses, ready to wreak havoc and bring about profound change to the small town. 691 more words


Husbands and Wives

Film Title

Husbands and Wives


Woody Allen


  • Woody Allen as Gabe Roth
  • Mia Farrow as Judy Roth
  • Sydney Pollack as Jack
  • Judy Davis as Sally…
  • 1,008 more words
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Movie Review: The Dressmaker

Think of quirky Australian comedies and movies like THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT; “CROCODILE” DUNDEE and MURIEL’S WEDDING should come to mind. Yes, the Land Down Under is good at making this genre of film. 691 more words