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Easter Parade (1948): Judy & Fred Together At Last

There’s a slight disclaimer that must go with Easter Parade. It has very little to do with Resurrection Sunday. More so, it’s a premium excuse for a lavish musical. 1,064 more words


The Harvey Girls (1946): The Painted Desert Meets The Musical

It was during a pit stop along a cross-country trip through the Petrified Forest that I first became aware of The Harvey Girls. Because you see, The Painted Desert Inn is a bit of a relic of the past, and it preserves a history of the famous waitresses who helped pave the way for a certain brand of civility in the Southwest. 982 more words


Judy (2019)

Directed by: Rupert Goold Written by: Tom Edge

In my experience biopics often suffer from one of two problems. In some cases they proceed despite lackingĀ  story, assuming the charisma of their leads alone will carry the film. 381 more words


Dorothy in Pastels

Been playing with my new pastels today. The Pitt pastels by Faber Castell. They are absolutely brilliant.
Created this portrait of Judy Garland as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Ziegfeld-less Follies

Mr. Ziegfeld, I presume…

For someone who was the pinnacle of Broadway success, Florenz Ziegfeld didn’t actually appear onscreen all that much as an actual character. 1,176 more words


Ziegfeld Girl (1941): See It For The Stars

Thank you HOLLYWOOD GENES for having me in the Ziegfeld Blogathon!

Few would claim Ziegfeld Girl to be anything close to a landmark masterpiece, but it’s got star power in spades thanks to MGMs robust lineup during the war years and that alone, followed up with a few spunky numbers, backstage melodrama, and minor laughs, is a fine starting point. 878 more words


Alone (Words Fail)

Here alone

That drowns

the tender reed

Words fall through me


I wish upon a star

Live a life

you’re proud to share.

Which one, … 21 more words