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Trailer: Judy Greer Behaves Badly in Addicted To Fresno

You probably know Judy Greer from Arrested Development (“Say Goodbye to These!”). Or maybe alongside Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30. Or as the voice of Cheryl on… 383 more words

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Nat Faxon and Judy Greer star in this comedy — now in its second season — as married couple Russ and Lina Bowman. While not as bright and sunny as other comedies about modern family life, Faxon and Greer are good enough to make you hope for the best for these characters. 27 more words


Take A Sneak Peek At Where 'Married' Is Going In Its Second Season

As Judy Greer says in the above sneak peek of the second season of Married, “Sometimes marriage is a horror movie,” but it can also be a comedy, a romance, and a drama, and the FX series has shown an aptitude for portraying all of those things in a relatable way. 107 more words


Ant-Man: Impressions

And with the coming and going of Age of Ultron, a new saga of the Marvel movies begins, with a new roster of heroes waiting to be introduced. 839 more words



Let me just say, this movie was so funny! I already heard about how funny it was but despite knowing that, it still made me… 278 more words


Movie Review: Ant-Man

I like Marvel movies, I do, but they tend to stick to a certain formula when making its origin movies, or really making any movies for that matter. 435 more words


Will Ferrell and Richard Linklater Make (Separate) Baseball Movies: Links You Need to See

Fans of Boyhood and the Before Whenevers will be thrilled by the day’s concentration of Richard Linklater-based news.  448 more words

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