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'Canada's game' brings Jewish, Arab youth together

Yousef Haj wants to play in the NHL one day.

The 14-year-old is getting ready for a game at the Max Bell Centre, and bounces back and forth from one foot to the other outside the dressing rooms. 453 more words

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7 schizophrenic traits every startup CEOs must adopt

The role of CEO is often described in gauzy, glowing terms espousing passion mingled with ambition that runs deep enough to change the world. All this noble ambition belies the uncomfortable reality that the inner world of a start-up CEO is often a constant state of conflicting realities that can distract from the mission at hand. 684 more words

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A time of gratitude.

The life in a startup world is intense.

Every event takes on qualities of epic proportions. Good meetings become the makings of great deals. Great meetings are like pixie dust creating a confection of billion dollars exist fantasies. 332 more words

Judy Shapiro

The “turning point” moment that harkens a new beginning.

The life of an entrepreneur is an emotionally volatile one. The ups and downs are extreme because often so much is at risk.

As a newbie entrepreneur, I was especially battered recently by the wild swings of bad news and good news so as to make me ill with startup sea sickness.   468 more words

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What's the Billion Dollar Experiment?

I am founder of a marketing tech startup called engageSimply and like any startup – it has its ups and its down. Overall, despite the insanely vulnerable nature of any startup, we are incredibly fortunate. 237 more words

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Why the “cha ching” of the $1B Instagram sale might actually bankrupt Boomer parents.

By now, most of you have heard of Facebook’s $1Billion sale of Instagram, an app developed by a bunch of young 20 somethings that lets users post photos. 742 more words

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The surprised entrepreneur – The last moment I can allocate GRATITUDE Grants

I am surprised how fast shares go in a startup company that people are excited about. Our plan is mostly done and the investors have begun to make overtures. 485 more words

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