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Factory humans?

Note to Readers: Much of the work we have done here at this blog over the last six months has uncovered twins. We have found them in movies and music even a set of twins playing the part of Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s fake murderer.

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Jill Stein Outrageously Censored by PBS

It is common knowledge by now, that the corporatized mainstream media (MSM) shamelessly and brazenly fails the American people in its brazenly biased coverage of events and interviews which powerful corporate and political elites do not want the American people to be informed about. 842 more words

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'PBS NewsHour' Co-Anchors Pick Conventions' Most Powerful Moments - TCA

You can’t get away from politics at today’s PBS panels at TCA. The pubcaster this afternoon connected reporters and critics with the PBS NewsHour co-anchor/managing editor team of Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff via Skype from Philadelphia, where they are covering the final day of the Democratic National Convention. 176 more words

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Politics is in my blood. I’d love to be involved in 2008, maybe even ‘06. – Judy Woodruff http://ift.tt/29pkctH

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Permission to Age

Botox has been good to me. Not that I’ve ever used it. But it has provided me with a couple of nice red herrings to cover up poisonings.* Fictional poisonings, I mean, of course. 505 more words

Pope Francis, Trump and Journalism Ethics: Looking for a Hail Mary

By Casey Bukro

Normally, AdviceLine considers the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics its highest source for guidelines and standards on ethics.

But we’re always willing to be open-minded about new and thoughtful ways to think about ethics and do the right thing in journalism. 745 more words