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5 favorite fashion trends

Eh, I don’t follow trends, but I do like Jughead’s crown beanie. That should be a trend.


Archie 18

Today, Taylor and Ryan M. are discussing Archie 18, originally released March 15th, 2017. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Taylor: There is an art to making conversation. 1,283 more words

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Drawing Jughead (Riverdale)

Okay but seriously who hasn’t been loving the new tv show Riverdale? I love it so much. I think the storyline is so interesting; there’s so much drama and I think the world has become infatuated by the character Jughead Jones portrayed by Cole Sprouse. 85 more words


I binge watched Riverdale...

Hello everyone!

Treat yourself to a Netflix account or borrow a friend’s, because you’re going to need it. Riverdale is a new series on Netflix starring some handsome young lads such as Cole Sprouse, aka Jughead, and KJ Apa, aka Archie Andrews. 254 more words


Riverdale - S01 E07

Last week was crazy and that’s why I didn’t blog. I wanted to keep up with I simple couldn’t! Anyhow, I’ll be recapping the episodes anyway. 201 more words


#Riverdale Reactions Chapter 7 from @kleffnotes

Protect Jughead 2017! This video is primarily about Jughead and everything going on with his character, but I talk about the rest of episode 7 of Riverdale too. 48 more words

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‘Riverdale’ Talk: Episode 7: "In a Lonely Place"

Episode Synopsis: After Polly escapes from Quiet Mercy, the tension between the Blossoms and the Coopers increases even more as each family hunts down Polly. 620 more words