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5 Totally Scandalous Shows You Should Be Watching This Summer

1. The Bachelorette 

Just because Rachel Lindsey got eliminated from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor doesn’t mean she has stopped looking for love. She is back with her very own season, and she is stealing hearts AND making history as the first black Bachelorette.  427 more words

Memories in the Moment in Archie 22

by Ryan Mogge

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Most of Archie 22 takes place in a moment after Betty’s heart stops beating and before the doctors can get it going again. 424 more words

Ryan Mogge

Dailies 7/7/17: When in the chronicle of wasted time - Jughead @ mid-life - Randall Mann @ mid-life - No One & Syria’s struggle to sleep

Hillary S. Jacqmin – Jughead, Mid-Life

In Tokyo, the long dream of Riverdale fades
*******like spilled Hitachino Nest. Who was I back then?
Seventeen, my stomach an empty eel, 125 more words

We Can't Handle KJ Apa & Cole Sprouse's Bromance

With Archie and Jughead being such iconic friends on the page and the screen, you must be thinking that their respective actors couldn’t possible be as close as the inseparable duo… … 164 more words

Fandom Life

JUGHEAD: The HUNGER Gets New Ongoing Series This Halloween

This October, fan-favorite writer Frank Tieri (THE HANGMAN, Wolverine) is teaming up with artists Pat & Tim Kennedy (THE DEATH OF ARCHIE) for a brand new ongoing series 193 more words

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Inspiration: Jughead

So, this is a post I never expected to be writing.

It’s a little embarrassing, talking about the dumb TV shows I watch.  Stuff that I only watch when nobody else is around.  441 more words


16 Burning Questions Riverdale S1 Left Unanswered

Riverdale may have wrapped up it’s main mystery by the end of the first season, but that doesn’t mean all our questions were answered! Here are ten things that still have us scratching our heads into Season Two: 790 more words

Season 2