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Riverdale Season 1 Review

Riverdale is the new CW show, its a darker take on the Archie comics we grew up on. These characters are the ones you know but so much better.   964 more words


The reason I hate 'riverdale'

Before I want you to read this I just want to warn you that if you are a fan of ‘Riverdale’ and you know that you can be quite easily offended, that I will be sharing an extremely negative view. 3,897 more words


If you haven’t had a clue, the famous Jughead Jones of Riverdale aka. Cole Sprouse has been providing us with visual aesthetics for years now. Cole’s love and passion for photography is no secret, and it’s made evident through his very own… 186 more words


Jughead 15

Today, Ryan M. and Patrick are discussing Jughead 15, originally released May 17th, 2017. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Ryan M: If fiction is to be believed, magic is dangerous. 1,428 more words

Alternating Current

On Sexual Orientation...

I want to start by saying that I’m not an expert on almost anything, just a person who’s done my best to become less ignorant on the important stuff. 491 more words

Thwip! Review - Jughead #15

Ah Jughead, food is both your love and your downfall.

An interesting way to begin this new storyline as Sabrina comes back into Jughead’s life to accidentally wreak more havoc. 175 more words


Riverdale Season finale shockers!

This Netflix show has been wowing audiences with the drama of a group of teens and their way wood parents. The season starts with Jason Blossom being murdered and as the season moves on different evidence appears. 116 more words