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90 min

90 min til my appointment. And I feel like I’m gonna puke. Though going to Boma last night after three weeks of healthy eating probably didn’t help the nausea feeling 😝 🤢 47 more words


Jugs and nipples.

I can just hear most of my British readers now having a good bloke-y snort* as they read the blog header and see the title photograph.  1,848 more words

Blog Post

Schrödinger’s Mass

I have come to realize that in many ways, not knowing has been a blessing. It’s not cancer until a doctor tells you it’s cancer. There’s no panic. 83 more words


The Condo

I know it’s going to come up, so I might as well go ahead and explain it here. “Why are you buying a condo in Orlando? 711 more words


( . Y . )

Okay. So. Trying this out because I’m starting to forget who I’ve told what, so I want everything in one place. And apparently journalling is good for you. 601 more words


SF Made Week: Ceramics

If you’re not drinking your conflict free matcha latte with home-made coconut milk and collagen out of a hand thrown ceramic mug, do you even live in San Francisco? 357 more words

Bay Area

Kyle's Jugs and a Tomato,Revisited,Barbara Haviland


By Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist on 4/24/2018 7:30:56 AMComment on this

© Barbara Haviland-Texas Artist

My nephew does ceramics and very well. 41 more words