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Where to JUICE In Hollywood: Part 1

JUICE Served Here, West Hollywood Location on 3rd St.

At first I resisted it… rebelled against walking into the “Cold Pressed Juice Bars” that seemed to be the next FAD replacing protein shakes, smoothies, and Pink Berry. 221 more words



Look at these cute little babies! First summer to plant radishes! I would recommend growing these to anyone wanting to give a green thumb a go! 294 more words


Thursday Green

Not much sleep last night. Three hours to be exact. No worries. My usual amount of energy seems endless. It is the eve of my born day. 51 more words


Review - Hoochie Berry by Spanked

Check out my review on Hoochie Berry by Spanked!! 👈🏼 Just click on the link and it’ll take you right there!

Please don’t forget to follow me! 12 more words


Overnight bircher for a super yummy brekkie...

taken from Madeleine Shaw’s new book ‘Get the Glow’ and slightly adapted…

The night before

Soak about 30g of oats in s jar with some coconut milk. 120 more words

Gluten Free

Bad Farmers - Sinsa

I’ve been trying to eat a little better lately, but in a city full of sugary, fatty, salty, and other flavors that get me out of bed in the morning, finding an actual honest to goodness healthy option isn’t as easy as you’d hope. 309 more words



Everyone has their own juice recipe but this one will make sure that your feeling the buzz after one cup. So what you will need for this juice is: 2 handles of Vodka, 2 gallons of water, some lemonade mix and keg beer and your typical Gatorade juice container. 80 more words