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Bearthday Love <3

Finally! The day has arrived! Yes, today at 1:50pm will make it new year for me, but today Resplendent Anatomy transforms …or something like a rebirth I’ll call it, taking on a life of its own. 333 more words


Juice Press

I checked this place out during my smoothie/juice phase, which I am totally unashamed of. I never got into the whole juice diet cleansing plan, but I can understand the people who do it. 377 more words


कलिंगड ज्युस  (WATERMELON JUICE)

कलिंगड ज्युस

Recipe type ……Beverage
Serve ……….       3-4 glasses
कलिंगड . . . . . . . . १ लहान
साखर किंवा मध . . .चवीनुसार ( साधारण २ चमचे )
आइस क्युब . . . . .  १०-१५
सोडा वाॅटर . . . . . .  १ बोटल
मीठ . . . . . . . . . . .  १/२ चमचा
चाट मसाला . . . . . .  आवडीनुसार
कलिंगड स्वच्छ धुवून कापून घ्या . वरचा हिरवा भाग काढून टाका . लाल गराचे लहान चौकोनी तुकडे कापून त्यातील बिया चमचा काटा च्या सहाय्याने काढून  टाका.

मिक्सर च्या भांड्यात कलींगड तुकडे , बर्फ , मीठ व गरज वाटल्यास थोडीशी साखर टाकून गर अगदी बारीक होइस्तोवर मिक्सर मधे फिरवा.

कलींगड गराचे चमचा वापरून गोल लहान आकाराचे बॉल सजावटीसाठी काढून ठेवा .

काचेच्या ग्लासमधे अर्धा ग्लास ज्युस

व त्यावर  सोडा वॉटर ओता.

आवडत असल्यास चाट मसाला टाकून गार्णीशींग करा. कलींगड बॉल ग्लासला लावून झटपट सर्व्ह करा.

Author ……Suvarna Nitin sali

The morning after the night before juice!...

After a lovely relaxed Sunday with friends browsing the local farmers market and taking in a few drinks with my girlfriends i woke up suddenly feeling a bit sluggish on Monday morning. 54 more words

Clean Eating

Hydrate Healthfully with Fruit and Herb Infused Water

Most Americans typically consume 22-33 teaspoons of sugar daily. Most if this sugar is in the form of juices sugar-sweetened beverages, or energy drinks. The new dietary guidelines for Americans recommend limiting daily sugar intake to 10% of the total calories or 12 teaspoons of sugar per day by hydrating with water rather than relying on sugar sweetened beverages. 263 more words



In Jackson ms, the Saint patty’s day parade is one of the most looked forward to days of the year for most. Green hair, green lips, green shirts, green beer, name it, and it’s probably green. 334 more words



Try a healthy breakfast or energy boost in the afternoon.


1 cucumber

3 carrots

1-2 celery stalks

1 apple

1 orange

2 kiwis

Blackberries (I grab a hand full) 222 more words