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Getting on the juice - a detoxer's experience

Samantha, my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (side note: does that make her my girlfriend-in-law?) recently did a 4-day, organic juice cleanse in order to get started on losing weight, getting in shape, and just being healthier overall. 1,558 more words

【大爺愛分享】Juice Cleanse 冷壓果汁排毒新概念 我的⌈輕飲食計畫⌋

年假過得很開心,也難免天天吃得豐盛又油膩。我這人熱愛美食,毫不懂得忌口,但也是挺在乎健康和體重。所以今天來跟大家分享我先前的 ⌈冷壓排毒果汁⌋體驗日記。打算這兩天再來訂一組,好好讓身體休息一下♥

這幾年在美國很紅的排毒果汁(Juice Cleansing 或稱 Juice Fasting),終於在去年開始,陸續於台灣萌芽,品牌一家一家冒了出來。這個被某些好萊塢明星、名模強力推薦的⌈新飲食計畫⌋,說的是在一定的時間裡以冷壓果汁取代正常飲食,能幫助排毒,並為身體帶來一系列的正面效益。 59 more words

Stay Pretty Stay Chic 時尚 保養

Live and Let live Diet for Life…weekly update! march 1st 2015

After feeling so good from losing over a stone in weight, I have decided to adopt a Juice fast for sixty days.

I am very much inspired by Joe Cross and his Juice Fast of a similar length of time. 108 more words


Behind the Scenes with Lee Barbour

In the Holy City of Charleston, South Carolina, locals and even tourists are swimming in a sea of creative minds who are generally considered the fringes of society’s norm. 1,482 more words

Wealth Of Music

Earthing, Lamenting, Lent....Is change about to happen?

I woke up this morning feeling different.  Less afraid.  More settled.  Somewhat refreshed.

My Aunt B bought me this earthing kit for my birthday.  It’s powerful stuff, so I have no doubt it contributed in part to my feeling better this morning. 466 more words


Diet & Lose Weight Through Fasting - Discover the Perfect Diet to Lose Pounds Fast

Fasting has always been around and it has a lot of purposes. It is for observing and respecting various religious beliefs; for protesting unjust and unfair practices; for attaining enlightenment and self control; and for… 267 more words

Weight Management

Juice Fast Update: Day 16

Remember this?

I’m there again. Good feeling is gone and my hunger has returned with a vengeance. Coupled with boredom, this is not good.

I’m on Day 16. 153 more words

Veganism And Homeopathy