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Nope, not juice fasting. Moment by Now, day 38

Haha, so juice fasting went out the window. Doesn’t mean that I won’t be drinking lots of green juices, cause I love them, but full fasting seems like a bad idea. 79 more words

Juicing 101: Top 5 Secrets for a Successful Juice Fast

Below are the top 5 secrets to how you can productively complete your juice quickly:

one. Determine your intention for juice fasting

Whether or not you’re juicing for weight reduction, for cleansing and cleansing or basically for beginning a much healthier lifestyle, knowing… 216 more words


Kids vs. Adults | the difference in conversation and culture

I’ve been called an old soul by enough people that I’ve started to truly see myself as one.  By definition, those who consider themselves to be old souls are people who love wisdom and truth and who also understand the… 694 more words


My 9 tried-and-true tips for a successful Spring cleanse

Melting snow, rising sap, budding trees…spring! Do you feel it in your bones…that restless energy calling you outside? Digging in the snow, on a treasure hunt for those first adventurous seedlings to burst into the full sun? 522 more words


Live and Let live Diet for Life…weekly update! March 8th 2015

Four point two pounds gone in a week…what is this, I hear you ask?

Well, after my last post I decided to shift gear and begin a Juice Fast based on the Joe Cross, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” movie, free to watch on the web! 116 more words


Getting on the juice - a detoxer's experience

Samantha, my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (side note: does that make her my girlfriend-in-law?) recently did a 4-day, organic juice cleanse in order to get started on losing weight, getting in shape, and just being healthier overall. 1,558 more words

【大爺愛分享】Juice Cleanse 冷壓果汁排毒新概念 我的⌈輕飲食計畫⌋

年假過得很開心,也難免天天吃得豐盛又油膩。我這人熱愛美食,毫不懂得忌口,但也是挺在乎健康和體重。所以今天來跟大家分享我先前的 ⌈冷壓排毒果汁⌋體驗日記。打算這兩天再來訂一組,好好讓身體休息一下♥

這幾年在美國很紅的排毒果汁(Juice Cleansing 或稱 Juice Fasting),終於在去年開始,陸續於台灣萌芽,品牌一家一家冒了出來。這個被某些好萊塢明星、名模強力推薦的⌈新飲食計畫⌋,說的是在一定的時間裡以冷壓果汁取代正常飲食,能幫助排毒,並為身體帶來一系列的正面效益。 59 more words

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