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7 days juice fasting - days 2-3

So so so, today is the third day of my juice fasting and I feel wonderful :)

As long as the body rests, fasting is a very good time to work with our spirit and soul. 69 more words

7 days juice fasting - Day 1

Good morning,

Today I have started a 7 days juice fasting. I feel very excited.

For the breakfast I used apples, carrots, ginger, and beetroot. It was tasty and very colorful :) 20 more words

7 Day Signature Detox Ubud, Bali 2015

7 Day Signature Detox Ubud, Bali

Thanks for showing interest in our 7 Day Signature Detox in Bali. We are inspired daily by people like you that are either about to start an amazing journey or who are continuing on a journey towards optimal health via nutrition and natural holistic practices. 383 more words

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Fasting - The Best Detox To Improve Your Health

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To be without pt 2

I am presently on a liquids-only fast, primarily to foster spiritual clarity. I go into it in slightly more detail in my previous post.

Day Two… 712 more words


To be without

Because I’m a totally rational and normal human being, the first thing I decided to in order to¬†explore whether or not I can have faith in Catholicism is fast. 1,018 more words