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Lemony Sweet Potato Juice

Sweet potato juice always reminds me of sherbet for some reason and this is like sherbet lemons! Well, that’s what I think, anyway, don’t hold me to it. 63 more words

My Top 20 Tips for Juicing - updated to 25!

Poor Thalia of Backpacking (and eating) my way around the world┬áis suffering with a nasty flu-like virus at the moment and we’ve been chatting about juicing in order to try to clear her sinuses. 1,785 more words

Super Juicy Prize Giveaways!

As many of you know, I am doing the free Juicemaster 7 Day Guided Big Juice Challenge* this week. I bought the new Retro Super Fast Juicer (see… 725 more words

I've Been and Gone and Done It AGAIN!!

So, this parcel arrived this morning. You’ll never guess what was in it! I’m feeling a bit guilty and very over-excited. Also a little embarrassed, not sure I dare say… but let’s open it up and you can share the surprise… 635 more words

Juicing While Watching Le Tour De France

It’s that time of year again – I can’t believe we’re into July already and I’m still wearing my woollies and putting the heating on! (Even the telly has a scarf on!) Anyway, as I said, it’s that time of year again when our house and our family become completely overtaken by all things Tour de France (TdF): wall to wall cycling everyday, all afternoon, and the highlights in the evening! 369 more words