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Refreshing Flat Tummy Detox Recipe

Refreshing Tummy Detox

Hello World!

Again I was inspired by Marc’s week long adventure in Mexico. I thought I would detox his colon with this refreshing juice made from a few simple ingredients! 277 more words



Call me spesh’, but topping a juice of beetroot carrot ginger cucumber and apple with protein-dense bee pollen makes me silly.

Bloody delicious too. Bee pollen is naturally higher in protein than chicken. 132 more words


Watermelon Cucumber Lime Basil Refreshing Drink

Watermelon + cucumber + lime juice + basil + ice cubes refreshing drink!

It’s easy to make and so thirst quenching! Love this miniature elegant seedless watermelon that fits in  your hand just perfect! 20 more words


More Jason Vale's Juices

Sitting here, drinking my ginger tea this morning, I was thinking about all the things that have been going on lately. The country seems to be in some sort of turmoil on a regular basis, I’ve been to California for Independence Day, I’m going to be spending a lot of the summer vacation with my grandkids… and I’m still drinking juice. 821 more words


What mom always told you.

Eat your vegetables.

And maybe you’ve agreed with her as you’ve gotten older. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you think vegetables are the grossest thing to grace God’s green Earth. 134 more words


C h l o r o p h y l l 

Dark greens make your insides happy. Fuck off.
There’s that familiar disgust (albeit laced with wonder), most have when I propose a green juice for breakfast. 287 more words


4th of July Weekend and Juicing

There has been a lot of craze about people juicing or doing a “reboot” of their body maybe after eating kind of unhealthy for a couple of days just like this past 4th of July weekend. 559 more words