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Why I Juice?

Hey Everyone,

I juice almost daily. I use it as a meal supplement, a detox or sometimes just a healthy snack. I started my juicing journey when one of my parents suffered a life threatening stroke and another loved one had a really bad battle with pneumonia. 166 more words


#juicyjarswithjho [1]

3 beets

4 carrots

1 Apple

xoxo, jhoanne 💜

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Day 5. Final Day! | 7lbs In 7 Days 

Weight: 99lbs

As I’m fazing in a meal, my weight isn’t decreasing as much. By tonight, I reckon that number will go up another couple lbs. 421 more words


Day 4. | Juicing Cleanse 

Weight: 101lbs.

I’m wasting away! No, but seriously. I love love love my stomach right now. I’m pretty sure my arse is getting smaller though and I barely have an arse as it is, so back to the squats for that I think. 291 more words


Day 3. | 7lbs In 7 Days 

Weight: 106lbs.

Losing weight really quickly! I honestly think I’m going to have to stop this soon. I know you gain a few lbs back after you’ve juiced, but this is getting out of hand. 386 more words


Day 2. | 7lbs In 7 Days 

Weight: 109lbs.

My weigh-in this morning shocked me a little. If I continue to lose 3 or 4lbs every day, I’m going to be seriously underweight. 262 more words


Day 1. | 7lbs In 7 Days 

Weight: 113lbs.

First day of the detox. I’m actually excited to start this!

I’ll be judging the taste of each juice on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest/tastiest. 226 more words