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Juicy Couture Pefurme Viva La Juicy Noir

Hello doll faces , so todays blog post is about the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir perfume which was released in July 2013 , this perfume is an extension of the original Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy but just a more bold and sensual version of the original . 166 more words


My Go To Spring Scents

Something I’m constantly being told on a daily basis is that I smell good. I pride myself in always smelling nice, whether it’s my perfume or my hand sanitizer. 442 more words

Teenage Girls

How Fashion Blogger Cara Loren Maximizes Her Sunday

Cara Loren isn’t your typical fashion blogger. At 24 years old, Loren has not only amassed an influential social presence for her approachable style sensibilities, aspirational workout regimen, and effortless beauty tutorials, but she’s also managed to carve out a successful self-made career while being a mother of two young boys. 74 more words


Weekend Outfit Review

Hey y’all! This has been, honestly (I think), my busiest weekend so far. By busy, I mean I actually had stuff planned to do and had to plan outfits accordingly. 676 more words

Fly On A Budget

How Lifestyle Blogger Tanesha Awasthi Unwinds on the Weekend

Tanesha Awasthi is a busy girl. Whether she’s writing about fashion, beauty, and home for other media outlets or for her own blog, spreading the gospel on living with curves in a body-positive light is a full-time job.  103 more words


Fashion Blogger Alicia Lund's Instagram-Worthy Guide to San Francisco

There are some fashion bloggers who have the luxury of experimenting with a variety of looks and wearing pretty much whatever they want. Then there are style stars like  128 more words